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Guac Is Extra But So Am INavigating the landscape of young adulthood is fraught Extra But PDFEPUB #192 with challenges big small and existential that leave even the best of us screaming internallyGuac Is Extra But So Am I The Reluctant Adult's Handbookexplains therealities of life people expect you to know but aren't usually spelled out through humorous biting commentary illustrations and guidance from Guac Is MOBI #204 those who have seen it allPacked with discussions tips and advice on everything from. This book was beyond funny not to mention beautiful looking As someone in their mid twenties who does not have her shit together I appreciated the advise and humor that this book provided A must have coffee table style book that actually has a lot of content to it

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review ☆ Guac Is Extra But So Am I Û PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ ❰KINDLE❯ ❁ Guac Is Extra But So Am I Author Sarah Solomon – Navigating the landscape of young adulthood is fraught with challenges big small and existential that leave even the best of us screaming interThe shifting etiuette surrounding modern dating Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and tolerant of your substance abuse to how you should be forcing yourself to save for retirement We're all just a few breakdowns away from Is Extra But eBook #184 becoming an interior designer or golf pro job hunting No you cannot choose muse as a career path to the highly emotional and physical trials of moving The road to hell is paved with shag carpeting These topics and anything e. Sarah Solomon's Guac Is Extra But So Am I The Reluctant Adult's Handbook is filled with an assortment of passages laced with Solomon's voice and personality The way she writes makes me want to be her friend She tells of real life experiences from not just herself but also anecdotes from peers and colleagues Solomon writes with humor in order to keep her informative passages interesting and she does this well I found her usage of modern and informal language to be interesting and engaging One of the strong characteristics of this book is the way it is organized It reminds me of reading a textbook for a math or science class It is very structured which I greatly enjoyed Another interesting part of this book was the Solomon discussed relationships and how to handle them It was interesting because she broke from her regular stylistic choice of sharing life experiences in order to give you the knowledge With this chapter she focussed less on telling her own persona; stories and relating her humor and wit to her reader There were only a few things I did not fully enjoy about Solomon’s stylistic choices The first one was that her humor was rather repetitive and she didn’t break her structure very often The second thing that I disliked about Solomon’s personal writing was that she was a bit aggressive and chose to tell rather than suggest what to do and what not to do Though it is obvious that this was intentional as it is supposed to be a sort of rulebook I felt it didn’t work with the overall message the book is supposed to send

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Lse that might fluster a young adult are explored and addressed with the author's trademark Is Extra But So Am PDFEPUB or wit and self deprecating style Add in contributions from leaders in their respective fields includingMad Money's Jim Cramer and editors ranging fromThe New York TimestoTown Country andGuac Is Extra But So Am Ibecomes an illuminating guide to what it means to be a well rounded individual in adigitally evolving world ridden with student debt and Instagram models. A fabulously hilarious and informative post graduation read Would highly recommend for any burgeoning adult in your life