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S the least shocking part of Dimitri Kyrakiou’s day Because discovering the conseuence of their one spectacular night has floored him To secure for the Greek's Epub #226 his child ruthless Dim. If you love HP romances you have to read thisSuch a beautiful story with flawed but perfect characters and poignant moments It was deep and passionate Hot tooCompletely safe and epilogue was so sweet Recommended

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Claimed for the Greek's ChildItri must make Anna his wife But the only thing harder than convincing Anna to be his convenient bride is trying to ignore their red hot attraction Lose yourself in this intense secret baby stor. MS Roscoe has had me turning the pages in this story with such fabulous characters we meet another of the Winners Circle Dimitri and the woman who will steal his heart Anna after a night of passion leaves them with a beautiful daughter one that takes Dimitri a few years to find out about this is one that you will not want to put downAnna Moore runs a Bed and Breakfast that was left to her and her mother but things have been really tough for Anna and when a gorgeous stranger arrives one night for a room the spark between them is too hard to ignore and Dimitri takes Anna on a passionate ride but is gone in the morning and Anna soon finds out she is pregnant and that Dimitri will be unavailable for some timeDimitri has a last night of freedom and has been to the races in Dublin with his best friends when he stops at the BB not realizing that he will have a night of passion with someone he will never forget three years later he learns of his child and arrives to take his daughter and ends up learning a few truths and finds he is losing his heart to this strong beautiful woman and gorgeous daughterDimitri and Anna have so much from their pasts that really needs to be sorted before they can go forward with the love that is so very strong between them I really loved this story a rocky and sensual ride to a beautiful HEA I loved the setting and I loved both Dimitri and Anna this is one that I highly recommend

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Claimed for the Greek's Child Summary Ý 104 ↠ ❮Download❯ ➽ Claimed for the Greek's Child ➸ Author Pippa Roscoe – The billionaire is back And he will legitimize his secret heirFinding himself at Anna Moore’s door after tracking down the mysterious beauty is the least shocking part of The billionaire is back the Greek's PDFEPUB #10003 And he will legitimize his secret heirFinding himself at Anna Moore’s door after tracking down the mysterious beauty Claimed for eBook #188 i. 35 stars A slow burn second chance secret baby romance with a twist A Greek H and a heroine who's half Irish and half Vietnamese;MC's who've had to endure a lifetime of parental betrayal and rejection;A H who is for once not vengeful after he learns about his secret daughterIn this novel our MC's separation occurred due to the H's wrongful imprisonment for a crime he didn't commit The MC's hadn't been in a relationship when they first met Dimitri the H had been in Ireland on a short visit when he had a chance meeting and one night stand with Anna He'd already known that he would have to spend the next 2 years maximum in prison when he spent the night with the heroine He'd made an agreement with the FBI to spend those 2 years in jail while they worked to uncover the identity of the real culprit It seemed rather extreme to me especially since the FBI already suspected that he was innocent but this is HPlandia so I'm not gonna debate the point any further His night with Anna had been the best in his life and he'd not wanted to leave her but he'd known that nothing could be done since the Americans were expecting him to turn himself in as soon as his jet landed at JFK airport During his 14 months in prison Dimitri's fantasies about the night with Anna had sustained him and he built her up in his mind as the one positive and pure thing in his life He’d lived off the sounds of her pleasure the cries of ecstasy and that first single moment—the moment when he’d been shocked and ever so secretly pleased to find that she had been a virgin—he’d drawn it deep within him hugged it to him and allowed it to get him through the worst of the time he’d spent in prison Unbeknownst to him however Anna had become pregnant and had given birth to his daughter Amalia But as always in HPlandia external circumstances colluded to keep the MC's apart after the H was released with his criminal record expunged from prison1 His PA had told Anna that she was just one of many women who claimed to have given birth to his baby This made her angry jealous and bitter because she'd thought that their night was special Anna hadn't known that a few greedy women had come out of the woodwork to make crazy paternity claims just because they thought that the H's lawyers would pay up rather than to risk any further public scandal or investigation for their jailed billionaire client2 Her alcoholic mother Mary Moore contacted the PA and blackmailed him to give her 50 000 pounds When the H heard about this he thought that Anna was an alcoholic gold digger who was endangering the life of his child This misunderstanding occurred because the heroine had been wearing a shirt with her mother's name tag on it the night he'd visited their bed and breakfast hostel Dimitri actually thought that Anna's name was MaryThe MC's meet again when Dimitri returns with his lawyer to take the child away from the supposedly alcoholic and mercenary heroine Unlike other HP's the misunderstanding isn't stretched out for a lengthy time since Anna explains everything about the name tag mix up The H's vengeful attitude disappears and he actually apologizes for the things he'd said to her the night before ‘I also want to apologise’ he pressed on ‘Last night I thought the worst It was a combination of shock to discover that I was a father and fear of just how much I had missed Anna’ he said reaching out to take her hand in his the rough tanned skin caressing hers with surprising softness ‘please give me the chance to make up for my actions I want the chance to make things right to get to know my daughter—to get to know Amalia’ Dimitri was a very likable alpha H with uite a few beta characteristics to make him appealing than the arrogant assholes in HPlandia who never allow their heroines the opportunity to explain This is the H Dimitri Dimitri filled the entire doorway looking like the devil come to collect his dues Tall broad and mouthwatering And this is the heroine Anna The moment he caught her large green eyes looking up at him he knew he was doomed This is their daughter AmaliaThings don't work out smoothly though because a conflict free storyline would be very boring for any HPlandia romance Dimitri messes up when he forces Anna to marry him and takes her away to his fabulous Greek island Both MC's have a difficulty trusting each other but they eventually grow closer start to communicate with each other and are finally at a good place in their relationship when the H discovers the identity of the person who'd framed him and let him rot in prison for 14 months It turned out to be none other than his own father He confronts his father and is emotionally wrecked when the old man reveals that he did it to save the H's legitimate half brother Manos The half brother had done the actual stealing and the father had laid the paper trail to frame the H It's the peak of disillusionment for our H who'd always felt like the second best since he was his father's illegitimate unwanted son His father even had the audacity to say that he did it because he knew that Dimitri was the stronger son who would be better able to survive in prison unlike the drug addicted whoremongering and profligate Manos That was just insulting cruel awful insensitive and hurtful for any dad to say to a son who had worked hard for his approval and love Part of me wondered if the H's dad was so delusional that he thought prison would be a piece of cake for the H I mean did he expect Dimitri to send him a card like this LOLOK now that the kitty has given me and the dog a well deserved facepalming I will move onAfter this stunning revelation and the arrest of his dad the H totally shuts himself off from Anna and his daughter He's so hurt cynical and filled with disillusionment that he makes them both leave him so that he can wallow in his self pity on the island Anna opens her heart to him tells him she loves him and tries to reason with himHe doesn't listen to her and demands that she leave the island and return to Ireland Everything works out after Anna asks the H's friend Danyl to intervene and assist her This part was uite romantic and it was a truly uniue and memorable reconciliation One of the things I enjoyed so much about this story was a rather sweet plot device used by the author the heroine had been writing secret unmailed letters to the H from the time she'd discovered she was pregnant right down to the present These secret letters play an important role in the MC's reconciliation The H only began to thaw his cold shuttered heart after his friend Danyl made him read those emotional and beautifully written letters that were filled with love It was then that Dimitri realized how much Anna had cared for him because she'd been writing those sincere and loving words even when he'd been imprisoned and the rest of the world had already judged him a criminalIn the epilogue the MC's are expecting another baby Amalia is 5 years old and Dimitri is now the one who has started to write secret letters to his daughter letters that she will read when she's an adult and can see just how much her father loved her through even stage of her formative development This novel is the second in a trilogy of standalones and I am looking forward to reading Danyl's the sexy sheikh story next It was also nice to see that Anna's alcoholic mother Mary had turned over a new leaf begged her daughter's forgiveness and committed herself to a sober future while the heroine finally got the courage to go and meet her estranged Vietnamese father who now owned a restaurant in London The H reconciled with his stepmother Eleni even though his relationship with his dad would probably and understandably always be strained I didn't enjoy the first novel A Ring to Take His Revenge at all I hadn't liked the MC's in that book that romantic storyline seemed uite bland the MC's sexual chemistry was a bit forced and the storytelling was less than compelling In this novel however the romance was engaging the love story flowed smoothly I loved both MC's I rooted for them empathized with them and their sexual chemistry was off the charts I was glad I gave this new author a second chance Safety No OW no OM and both MC's had been celibate during their 3 year separation