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Text Ê The Dragon Republic × R.F. Kuang

Text Ê The Dragon Republic × R.F. Kuang Forces with the powerful Dragon Warlord who has a plan to conuer Nikan unseat the Empress and create a new Republic Rin throws herself into his war After all making war is all she knows how to doBut the Empress is a powerful foe than she appears and the Dragon Warlord’s motivations are not as democratic as they seem The Rin learns the she fears her love for 1 The Poppy War ★★★★ Our world is a dream of the gods Maybe they have other dreams But all we have is this story unfolding and in the script of this world nothing's going to bring him back to life This was a masterpiece I really loved The Poppy War but this second installment was the book of my dreams I’m a bit speechless and I am not sure I can express exactly how much this story meant to be but I shall try Especially because that means I can start my ARC of The Burning God and immediately start crying for another 500 pagesThis series is an ownvoices Chinese inspired military fantasy and this seuel The Dragon Republic picks up after the dark events in book oneI am going to try to be a little vague about the plot in this review and just focus on the important themes and discussions while also talking about the characters who own my entire heart But this book very much focuses on shamanism and I was very invested from the first to last pageYou may also all call me president of the Fang Runin defense and protection suad I live my life for one sneaky snake and it is her Also Kitay my baby will love and cherish and protect at all costs Also seeing the way that this world has changed him has broken me beyond repair but his friendship with Rin means everything to me Not at the way I was praying for his life throughout the last half of this book thoughNext I was already sailing on this ship in part two of The Poppy War but let’s talk about how rinezha is my new OTP of all time Like I cannot believe I truly don’t want to get into spoilers for the middle book of this series but when I tell you the end of this book had me gasping for air like a fish out of water I’m not lying The forehead kiss will haunt me until the end of my days I promise youthe most breathtaking arc by paper ishSeeing Nezha try to live his life for his family for his country for something within him and for his immense loss that he is still harboring is just heartbreaking Rage and grief can take so many forms so very differently Carrying things you didn’t ask for can be the heaviest of all burdens but the way my heart breaks double for Nezha I think we all can feel like sometimes something is living inside us but seeing him and Rin both try to live these lives that they are now forced to live is very harrowing and you can’t help but feel all the empathy in the world for them And I can’t help but ship them until my last dying breathSomething that I really love how it was depicted in this book was Rin’s healing Rin is dealing with the aftermath of all the actions she committed and she is living with immense grief immense depression immense trauma and immense PTSD I feel like so many times in stories we get to see characters “heal correctly” or whatever our society deems is correct Yet we get to see Rin make “bad” choices in her healing process From drug addiction to denial to darker thoughts even Yet this is such a real depiction of trauma and grief and one that we normally never get to see especially in a fantasy setting Rin is so rightfully angry and her pain is so loud you hear it unapologetically and I loved it a lot She was afraid that if she stopped being angry she might crack apart The Dragon Republic really focuses on colorism than The Poppy War did Yes we got to see Rin getting treated as lesser because of her darker skin but in this second installment we really get to see how colorism runs rampant in this whole world not just in small towns or private school settings or military branches And Rin calls other characters out on this and my heart was soaring truly Also just the entire discussion of xenophobia at the heart of this story while also always highlighting colonization is so important and I can’t wait to see all of this discussed even in The Burning God Rin was so tired of having to prove her humanity Another thing that I also really loved about The Dragon Republic is that it really showcases how bad things don’t only happen on battle fields Humans are capable of terrible horrible evil things and they don’t need to use war as an excuse The backdrop of war will only ever be a backdrop and heinous acts can be committed in the safest seeming of cities and places Again not to get into spoilers but every scene with Petra left me shaken to my very core I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt so deeply uncomfortable over a character ever and it’s truly a testament to this storyI feel like at this point I am witnessing Rebecca Kuang become a literary legend The themes she isn’t only touching upon but she’s completely dissecting Her writing is truly so out of this world it’s mind blowing to think how this is her first series and how many series she will be able to craft if she wishes to do so Her characters are so beautifully flawed and raw and grey and real that I forget they only live between these pagesIt’s an honor to read and review these books Also I’m just so proud that a young Asian girl is putting all these old crusty white cis SFF men to shame And I truly believe this is a once in a lifetime series but I so even believe that Rebecca Kuang is once in a lifetime authorTrigger and Content Warnings genocide colonization racism colorism murder substance addiction grief PTSD depression talk of suicide suicide self harm abortion talk of rape rape forced medical examinations human experimentations humiliation animal death animal torture loss of a loved one genital mutilation to a character who was doing a bad thing abandonment violence gore and war themes This is a very dark book at times please use caution and make sure you are in the right headspace friendsBlog | Instagram | Youtube | Ko fi | Spotify | TwitchExtra special thank yous to my 2 emotional support bbies Maëlys May Who both got to laugh at me for spiraling about tridents got to listen to my heavy breathing over my OTP and also crying as every theme developed I’m sorry I love you 💕💕

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Download The Dragon Republic Ebook Ú 654 pages ✓ Gymapparel Æ ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✈ The Dragon Republic ⚣ Author R.F. Kuang – In the aftermath of the Third Poppy War shaman and warrior Rin is on the run haunted by the atrocity she committed to end the war addicted Nikan will drive her away from every ally and lead her to rely and on the Phoenix’s deadly power Because there is nothing she won’t sacrifice for her country and her vengeanceThe seuel to RF Kuang’s acclaimed debut THE POPPY WAR THE DRAGON REPUBLIC combines the history of 20th century China with a gripping world of gods and monsters to devastating effec OMG I’m so doomed WTH I just read SILENCE After I got frozen and motionless my loved ones or my haters took the control of my keyboard and wrote their impressions after I read this book I left it without editing changing deleting or adding anything My sister in lawWow 2 hours 53 minutes passed and she was still in the same position sitting cross legged on the floor like a yogi who is about to start her meditation practice I think she’s looking like Bear Yogi Look at her saliva dripping down on her chin I should record a video and share on my instagram account Let’s get a little closer ARRRRGGGHH Did she bite me? My husband dearestLook wife Nil I know you’re there playing hide and seek with me but you’re so damn lazy to move your body I forgive you nearly skipping our wedding ceremony to finish your latest Harry Potter book I also forgive you wrote the murderers’ identities in the middle of my all Agatha Christie books See how patient guy I am I don’t need to forgive you for burning our dinners when you only focus on your reading I’m actually thankful because you’re the shittiest cook I’ve ever seen If Gordon Ramsey would have accidentally noticed your cooking skills he would have forced you to cut your hands With the help of books I’m saving my stomach being pumped over and over again All ER crew call me by my name right now But please just get up You’re sitting on the remote control and I cannot turn on the TV for watching the soccer game Besties Dolly and AshleyShe will live I’ve seen the worst Remember Dolly she was bumping her head against the wall when she was reading Colleen Hoover novels because they’re so emotionalYes and she tried to throw her kindle from the window and cried like a toddler at the end of last GOT episode No you’re confusing her attempt to throw the television into the trash and write a threatening letter to GOT writersOkay OMG she moved I can see her legs Push Nily Sorry get up Nily Come on you can do itAND I GOT UP and pour myself some CHARDONNAY when I’m making a list why I loved this book so much One of my favorite tactical books about the nature of fighting and defeating your enemy is Sun Tzu’s Art of War And I caught too many references of it in this book which made me fall in love with it Actually I already fell in love with the first book but second installment was like ripen juicy well rounded detailed and perfectly developed The story is getting better It was one of my favorite debut novels of 2018 and the new one is already guaranteed its place on my top ten fantasy list I spent my time gritted my teeth when I read Rin’s part at the first book In this second installment she still got my nerves up but at least I saw some maturity growing up pains and toughening up process which made me hopeful about the evaluation of the character Blood is spilled Too many innocent people are massacred violently I know this is not a sweet soft reading but I felt like watching first 23 minutes opening scene of Saving Private Ryan over and over again Yes this book is a great test how far you survive with low pain tolerance There are so many uestions and cliffhanger left for the other book It’s brilliant seuel and I don’t know how my heart will survive with so much tension I want to read It was long reading but not long enough for meAs a summary Dark fantasy lovers this series are getting so much better I highly recommend this second book of this series Okay I finished my list it’s time to sip Chardonnay and steal my husband’s take outs

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The Dragon RepublicIn the aftermath of the Third Poppy War shaman and warrior Rin is on the run haunted by the atrocity she committed to end the war addicted to opium and hiding from the murderous commands of her vengeful god the fiery Phoenix Her only reason for living is to get revenge on the traitorous Empress who sold out Nikan to their enemiesWith no other options Rin joins WTFI was nervous going into this book that it wouldn't be as great as the first one but here we areLove the world love the magic system love the characters' development and where the story is going I really liked how the world keeps getting bigger and complexI can't wait to see what the last book will bring