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Rise of the Servant Kings Free download ´ 5 Ä ❴Download❵ ✤ Rise of the Servant Kings Author Ken Harrison – Gym-apparel.co.uk The how to get it right book for today's Christian man in marriage family work friendships with God in all of life Men are hungry for authenticity and for sound and bold biblical teachingFathers husbands friends and men but it's difficult to find satisfying answers Rise of the Servant Kings explains that true masculinity is found in absolute surrender to God which always results in humble character Rise of Kindle and is expressed in courage and generosity When a man truly. In his book Rise of the Servant Kings Ken Harrison does an amazing job of weaving stories from his own life as LAPD cop businessman and ministry leader into lessons on what it means to be a man of God who leads in every realm of his own life with humility generosity courage and holiness It is written to men but I have to say that I would read it againand slowly next time There is a surprising spiritual depth the further you get into the reading It is one of those books that make you want to take notes dig deeper andor just sit and ponder You cannot help but be drawn in by his direct style of writing He is real and raw when he talks about his experiences and he is unapologetic in presenting the truth of biblical masculinity And yet there is a grace and humility that comes across each and every page I highly recommend this book Both men and women will benefit and be blessed as they read it

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Understands God's desires he will naturally express godly masculinity Ken Harrison weaves together his experiences as a police officer in one of the deadliest areas of the country with many years as a business executive and ministry leader to share deep truths for men direct from God's Word. Wow I am not a man and I am not rising to be a servant king but I thought this book was powerful Whenever I come across how to books I admit that I assume they are going to be cheesy with poor illustrations This is definitely what is happening here Ken takes his time in and since the LAPD to share hard hitting stories about integrity in the face of cultural lack thereof Y'all should read it I was drawn in by the title Humility is so lacking in our culture and I thought it would be good to get a nice dose of it I thought I could pray through it for my man and I did The thing I was not expecting is how much the book spoke to me It reenergized things in my heart that had grown weary It encouraged me time and again to seek God in humility instead of paving my own way Ken's own telling of pride and God calling him to submission was a beacon of light As I read I write out things about books that speak to me I wrote about the story telling The unusual stories really drove home the point of the matter He spoke about how spouses are called to submit to one another instead of obey because obedience is forced and submission is choice Submission is our way of bringing about the greatest good of another for the glory of God He railed against his own pride and cried out for God to make him humble One of my favorite things was in the last pages He thanked someone for helping him to forgive the Pharisees In the age of church hurt it is so important to offer forgiveness and prayer for those who hurt us He encouraged standing against abusers but to also go that extra step to pray and forgive Great read Get your man a copy

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Rise of the Servant KingsThe how to get the Servant ePUB #10003 it right book for today's Christian man in marriage family work friendships with God in all of life Men are hungry for authenticity and for sound and bold biblical teaching on true masculinity Every day men ask themselves uestions about how to be better. We're not called to worry about the war; we're called to win the battle in front of us Those words in a nutshell are what Rise of the Servant Kings is about Ken Harrison calls men to fight for their families first and once all of them are saved widen the circle to encompass bigger and bigger battlesHarrison a veteran of one of the LA Police Department in one of the worst crime areas uses stories from his time as a cop to illustrate his book chapters As chairman of the board for Promise Keepers he knows something about calling men to be the men God calls to do his work in the world With chapters titled Servant Kings The Fall The Liar Hurt Loneliness Humility Courage Masculinity Marriage etc Harrison exhorts men to stand strong for their families and to lead them toward a faith of their ownAs a woman I could definitely appreciate Harrison's sentiments Our world needs strong men who are willing to spit in evil's face and take their rock for Jesus I also liked that the chapters were short and could be read almost like a daily devotional Maybe a bit longer than devotional length but most of them read very uickly Harrison's stories were gripping and gave me a lot of food for thought I definitely recommend this to every man who wants to know how he can be a leader in his own home first then step out to stand in the gap for the cause of Christ I received this book from the publisher but the opinions expressed are my own