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Summary The Victorians ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¹ [Reading] ➶ The Victorians Author Jacob Rees-Mogg – They made Britain Great Now it's our turn Many associate the Victorian era with austere social attitudes and filthy factories But in this bold and provocative book Jacob Rees Mogg leading Tory MP They made Britain Great Now it's our turn Many associate the Victorian era with austere social attitudes and filthy factories But in this bold and provocative book Jacob Rees Mogg leading Tory MP and prominent Brexiteer takes up the story of twelve key figures to paint a very different picture o. Note I’ve shelved this as Probably Will Not Read hence no rating My comments are based on reading a lot of excerpts plus numerous newspaper reviews and commentary on the book and the author Who Were the most Significant VictoriansLists can be fun and frustrating favourite novels top ten bands most loved holiday destination first choice food My own opinions change with time and context uite apart from how my choices differ from those of family friends and nemeses So choosing a dozen Victorians who forged Britain was always going to generate debate Were I compiling a list I’d have two main criteria• Influencers from a variety of fields such as science medicine engineering the arts politics exploration business and philanthropy • Lasting influence rather than who was famous at the time That would probably increase the number of women selectedRees Mogg evidently had very different criteria• 11 of the 12 “titans” he profiles are men • The only woman is ueen Victoria Her husband one of the 11 men gets all the credit for reinventing the monarchy and Rees Mogg says she “became no less of a woman when she learned to rely upon Albert as a partner and to trust him” Ugh• 4 of the 12 were Prime Ministers That’s 40% of all the Victorian PMs and 33% of people in the book• The only person not connected with government is cricketer WG Grace That’s because “cricket at its best captures the soul of the nation Fair play etiuette and gentlemanly behaviour” OK he wanted just political titans That wouldn’t be my choice but fair enough; he’s a politician and it’s his book Nevertheless how could he not include any early campaigners for women’s suffrage or other social reformsImage Mrs Fry reading to the prisoners in Newgate Prison Source WikipediaSticking to the political sphere so not considering Florence Nightingale Elizabeth Garrett Anderson the Bronte sisters Christina Rossetti and many others I suggest four women for consideration and unlike Rees Mogg history wasn’t what I studied at university• Elizabeth Fry a uaker prison reformer• Millicent Garrett Fawcett an early pioneer of women’s suffrage• Josephine Butler who campaigned against child prostitution and human trafficking• Annie Besant human rights campaigner especially but not exclusively women’s rightsImage Statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Suare taken at the Stop Trump protests 13 July 2018Who is Jacob Rees Mogg He’s a member of Parliament who went the traditional Conservative route Eton Oxford hedge fund Parliament I think he may be projecting with his description of Sir Robert Peel as a “self made man” a few paragraphs before adding that he was “born into a world of considerable wealth”Rees Mogg admires the “moral certainty of success” of the Victorian age compared with “society these days has so little faith in anything” an age of “cynicism and decline” and “moral relativism” where “all we can do is manage decline” Hence his passion for a hard BrexitHe revels in an antiuated persona lifestyle philosophy and accent that are encapsulated by his nickname the DisHonourable Member for the 18th or 19th century He’s well to the right of Boris but both wear the guise of an amusing but pompous eccentric which conveniently distracts from their actual policies and is used to excuse controversial behaviour and statements Rees Mogg is a wolf in Victorian aristocrat’s clothing and Boris a wolf in a clown costume Both are serious contenders to be Prime Minister Such is the state of Brexit era politics in the UKImage Cover of Private Eye magazine 9 February 2018 showing Rees Mogg in topper and tails saying We must throw off the shackles of the EU and trade freely again with Persia Mesopotamia and Cathay SourceSuzanne Moore in a 2017 Guardian article compared Rees Mogg to Boris Johnson Nigel Farage and Donald Trump suggesting that like them he embodies the three things that many people reuire of modern politicians a veneer of authenticity; an ability to cut through perceived liberal wisdom; and enormous privilege that is flaunted rather than hidden She also thinks he uses his Roman Catholicism to excuse his appalling bigotry he is strongly against marriage euality and would like to deny abortion even after rape though to his credit he’s consistent enough to be against reinstating the death penaltyHe has six young children but thinks it charming to be proud of never having changed a nappy in part because nanny wouldn’t trust him to get it right the same nanny who raised him now raises his own brood Similarly in interviews he boasts of not being able to cook anything at all and never having washed or ironed his own clothes But he does sometimes drive his children when they need to go places So there's thatEmpathy’s ShadowSchadenfreude is a deliciously nasty word But where Rees Mogg's sales figures are concerned it’s merely delicious and arguably closer to karmaIn the week this was published only only 734 copies were sold whereas Ron Geesin’s four year old very niche book Adjustable Spanners History Uses and Developments since 1970 apparently outsold it Given the amusingly execrable reviews for Rees Mogg in the broadsheet press that’s probably fair The publisher WH Allen an imprint of Penguin and Waterstones a chain of booksellers were reduced to uotes about the man rather than his book including• “One of the most important politicians in the country” The Economist True unfortunately• “The best dressed man in the House of Commons” The Spectator• “The bookie's favourite to replace the PM” The SunProfessional reviewers have been less kind and amusing• “Consists of a dozen clumsily written pompous schoolboy compositions What a staggeringly silly book this is” AN Wilson• “A sentimental vision of the past as the author wishes it had been half remembered anecdotes from a Boy’s Own story or perhaps tales told by his nanny” Kim Wagner senior lecturer at ueen Mary University• “Nothing can really prepare you for the sheer ignorance and analytical incompetence on display here Parts of it read as a sort of self help book on ‘how to be a good Victorian’ which is to say essentially white and male” Kim Wagner again• “Plodding laborious humourless and barely readable” Richard J Evans in The New Statesman• “So bad so boring so mind bogglingly banal that if it had been written by anybody else it would never have been published” Dominic Sandbrook in The Sunday Times• “Before I started the prospect of Rees Mogg in Downing Street struck me as a ridiculous idea But if this is what it takes to stop him writing another book then I think we should seriously consider paying that price” Dominic Sandbrook againGR Ratings two weeks after publication are interesting though not surprising not a single 3 rating but lots of 1 and 5 from an admittedly small number of reviews Politics is tribal and that's part of the reason our nation is so divided

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A preeminent global force As we celebrate the th anniversary of ueen Victoria's birth and as Britain prepares to liberate herself from the European Union it is essential that we remember the spirit drive and values of the Victorians who forged modern Britain as we consider our future as a nation. I found this book extremely disappointing The idea of aping the Lytton Strachey model of picking several prominent people from the Victorian period and arguing for their value and relevance is good although it has been done before eg by A N Wilson What lets this book down is a the narrow range of source material used to inform the book; b the limited and unimaginative choice of subjects; c the awkward prose style; and d the lack of depth of analysisThe chapters on such well known and obvious subjects such as Peel Palmerston Disraeli and Gladstone are little than indifferent student essays It does not get much better when the author considers ueen Victoria and Prince Albert There is some repetition and awkward cross referencing in many of the chapters which again read like the sort of thing an A Level student would write The essay on W G Grace was very convoluted in terms of constructing a narrative from the statistical careerIn terms of subjects although I found the essays on Sleeman and Dicey informative I found myself asking whether they were really worthy to be placed in the same category as say Gladstone or even General GordonI have a big problem with the fact that there are no women in Mr Rees Mogg's list other than the ueen herself There are several really prominent figures who surely deserve a place instead of someone like Napier For example what about either or both of the two Marys Mary Seacole and Mary Kingsley They brought a fresh and important perspective to the Victorian world view with their involvement in the care of those involved in the imperial wars and the way that they challenged assumptions about race and genderThis is miles from being an academic book If it were to work as what has been called entry level history then the reader needs to be properly directed to authoritative and up to date sources that enable further study This is not the case here The bibliography is very limited and does not even include the Lytton Strachey works that Mr Rees Mogg is at pains to criticiseThere are sadly a number of factual errors For example Gladstone is supposed to have fought and defeated the Boers in South Africa p283 He did not The Boers of the Transvaal defeated a British force at Majuba Hill and therefore won what is called the First Boer War in 1881 Four pages later General Gordon is given a knighthood wrong and in the essay on Gordon itself he is described as the leader of a small British force fighting against all the odds in the Sudan Wrong again Gordon was besieged in Khartoum with a garrison of Egyptian and Sudanese troopsI regret being critical because I uite admire the author for his courteous and considered demeanour but this is not a good book and the cynic in me feels that if it had been written by someone who is not a public figure it would never have been published Sad

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The VictoriansF the age one of bright ambition bold self belief and determined industriousness Whether through Peels commitment to building free trade Palmerston's deft diplomacy in international affairs or Brunel's incredible engineering feats the Victorians transformed the nation and established Britain as. A delicious read Rees Mogg writes with conviction and judgement He celebrates that moral purpose and self belief the Victorians possessed that is so rare in today's confused postmodern worldMost of the negative reviews of this book are by people who have not taken the time to read it simply because they dislike the author's politics Disregard them