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Free download The Vacationers ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Á ➿ The Vacationers Free ➶ Author Emma Straub – For the Posts a two week trip to the Balearic island of Mallorca with their extended family and friends is a celebration Franny and Jim are observing their thirty fifth weBut all does not go according to plan over the course of the vacation secrets come to light old and new humiliations are experienced childhood rivalries resurface and ancient wounds are exacerbat. Find all of my reviews at Stars “Secrets are no fun for anyone Keep that in mind” When my husband asked what I was reading about over the weekend the answer was simple Nothing He followed up that response with “uh oh so it’s a 1 Star book then” I surprised him by saying no and here I am giving The Vacationers a solid 35 I still stand by this being about “nothing” when compared to most other books I read but I remember a certain television show which I still watch whenever presented the opportunity that was about nothing as well I’m trying to figure out how this one even got on my TBR Did the Goodreads spam generator pop up put this on the feed awhile back I can’t think of what else would have made me put my name on the library wait list aside from those subliminal messages Whatever the reason I somehow ended up with The Vacationers on the first weekend where it was in the 60s rather than during the summer when I probably should have read it due to the fact that I spend my free time ingesting baseball field dirt rather than soaking up the sun at a place like Mallorca Even though the timing was off I somehow still enjoyed this book from looking at the 314 general GR rating I probably read it wrong As I said nothing awesomely dramatic or monumental happens in this story but I still couldn’t put it down What we have is the Post family’s vacation Jim has been fired from his longtime magazine job for banging a co worker His wife Franny is left dealing with her feelings regarding this betrayal and also non refundable tickets Daughter Sylvia is counting down the minutes until she escapes to college especially since she’s become a social pariah with her former friends due to a drunken make out session with nearly every boy in school Son Bobby has some financial woes he’d like to discuss with the parents if the parents can stop judging his significantly older personal trainer girlfriend long enough to listen And poor Lawrence and Charles are trying to figure out if adopting a baby is the right thing to do when it seems dysfunction is inevitable at some point in timeSo there you have it A book that takes place over the course of two weeks that is simply a snapshot of the goings on during that time period This is most definitely not a book that will change your life and the characters are all pretty much unlikeable too If you know me that might explain why this worked for me when it failed for so many others shrug

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For the Posts a two week trip to the Balearic island of Mallorca with their extended family and friends is a celebration Franny and Jim are observing their thirty fifth wedding anniversary and th. I do not know why I kept reading this book It's basically a book about a family on vacation in MallorcaSome of the members have cheated outside their respective relationships at one time or another and all the resentmentsecrets finally come to light and not even in any exciting events They just talk about itThat's it On and on and on Mostly whiningNothing really happens in this bookit's like attending one big boring family reunion where you get seated beside your seventh cousin twice removed and all they do is drone on about a two week vacation and it feels like it takes them two weeks to describe itSomeone had to have been paid a great deal to write the glowing professional reviews I read of this book I should have read the Goodreads reviews first The storyline is slow the characters are unlikeable and the only excitement that really happens is the 18year old daughter losing her virginity to a 20 year old Mallorcan Bleh

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The VacationersEir daughter Sylvia has graduated from high school The sunlit island its mountains and beaches its tapas and tennis courts also promise an escape from the tensions simmering at home in Manhattan. This book was about as satisfying as eating a 12 pack of sugarless cinnamon gum for Sunday dinner This is the tale of Franny a short fat petty shrew of a woman who goes on vacation with her gay of course best friend and his partner; her philandering husband Jim; her spoiled useless children; and Carmen poor poor Carmen Franny is using their 2 weeks in Mallorca to decide whether or not to stay in her marriage to her cheating unemployed albeit tall husbandFranny toys with the idea of taking on a lover of her own an old famous Mallorcan tennis pro with a sexy times accent but unfortunately knocks herself out during a practice volley with him giving herself a big bump on her noggin Meanwhile Jim proves his love and repentance by stalking Franny around the island via the borrowed motorbike of a stranger in black leather he meets on the plane over Even though Jim can't stop fantasizing about his 23 year old intern lover with the long blonde hair and supple waist for a single living minute he really is very very sorry and desperately wants his fat wife backLesser plots ensue Franny and Jim's asshole son leaves behind the family scrabble marathon and his super fit girlfriend Carmen one rainy night to get a blow job from a random ugly british chick in a Palermo disco bathroom Franny's teenage daughter pouts in the bedroom the entire vacay cause her hot spanish tutor accidentally saw her in a towel Frannie's gay best friend's partner skulks around the house trying to avoid her nasty ass so he can get some fcking work done and also adopt a little boy with a perfectly nice name that they are still hell bent on changing Poor poor pink velour sweatsuit wearing Carmen does a lot of jumping jacks and drinks disgusting health tonics but is 1000 times nicer than anyone else in the house so gets to escape the vacation a few days early And Franny hates on her benefactress Gemma the generous owner of the beautiful vacation home with the pool by the ocean they've been staying at because Gemma is tall and blonde and has nice olive oil in the pantryIn the end Franny decides to stay with her deadbeat husband who she will undoubtedly never ever ever let live it down And also maybe lend her asshole son 150k he owes to the Russian fitness drink mob back in Miami Hmmm ok that was fun