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Where the Forest Meets the StarsIrl not only read but understand Shakespeare Why do good things keep happening in her presence And why aren’t Jo and Gabe checking the missing children’s website anyThough the three have formed an incredible bond they know difficult choices must be made As the summer nears an end and Ursa gets closer to her fifth miracle her dangerous past closes in When it finally catches up to them all of their painful secrets will be forced into the open and their fates will be left to the sta. ★★✰✰✰ 2 starsIf I could just rate the first 30% of this novel I would have given this 4 stars Sadly I found the depiction of depression and social anxiety to be lousy and worse still I thought that the romantic relationship between the two leads isworrisomeInitially I was enjoying this story In spite of the main characters' troubled pasts Ursa a child who shows signs of abuse claims that she is an alien researching human beings; Jo is finally finishing her PhD after the death of her mother and having survived her own breast cancer—from which she is still emotionally and physically recovering; and Gabriel a young man who sells eggs by the side of the road the story seemed light hearted Jo and Gabriel begin to get to know each other thanks to Ursa together they eat marshmallows watch birds go for a swim I sort of understood why Jo and Gabriel didn't drag Ursa to the police They worried that she would run away or worse end up back in a potentially abusive home They do check missing children websites and early on Jo does end up calling the police I didn't mind that they were being somewhat irrationalI thought this is a fluffy feel good read why would I want things to be too realisticFor me things changed when the story begun focusing on the romance between Jo and Gabriel Jo had initially dismissed him as 'egg man' but soon they realise that they have a lot in commonWhat bothered me is that Jo seems suddenly interested in Gabriel On the basis of this new 'interest' she feels that she can push her way into his private life After he tells her that he suffers from social anxiety and depression she forces him to 'get out of his shell' She pesters him believing that someone can just 'snap out' of depression tells his mother of their relationship does one kiss institute a relationship when he clearly was not comfortable with her doing so she pushes past him goes into house and reaches out for Gabe in front of his mother “capturing him around the waist before he got away” when he admits that he has never been kissed rather than giving him time she kisses him “His body was radiating heat—and maybe fear He recoiled a little when she put her palms his chest”Gabriel doesn't like the way his face reminds him of his father and Jo thinks that she can 'snap him out' of his anxiety and self consciousness by shaving his beard when he clearly tells her he wants to keep it She coaxes him by saying that she loves “a clean shaven face' and by bringing in Ursa asking her “Don't you think he'd look handsome” When he says that “nope” “no” and “I don't want to see his face every day” Jo ignores his wishes kisses him and asks “Don't you want to be irresistible to me”They've known each other for what two weeks The day after their first kiss and bang Jo waltzes into his private life dismissing his trauma his boundaries and his mental health Because she has survived cancer she thinks that she understands all illnesses and traumas The story rather than showing how harmful and emotional manipulative Jo is being it shows us that it works Gabe is cured Apparently true love cures depression Who knewIf Jo was a man and Gabe was a woman this relationship readers would find that it is unhealthy and that Jo's behaviour fringed on being emotionally manipulative But Jo is woman so the way she treats Gabe is 'okay' I was so angry at Jo that I became disconnected from the narrative Ursa seems largely forgotten relinuished to the sidelines and is only given a few sillycute lines When the truth behind her identity is revealed it seemed over the top The ending was laughably neat Read reviews on my blog

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Ho shows up at her cabin barefoot and covered in bruisesThe girl calls herself Ursa and the Forest Meets PDF #9734 she claims to have been sent from the stars to witness five miracles With concerns about the child’s home situation Jo reluctantly agrees to let her stay just until she learns about Ursa’s pastJo enlists the help of her reclusive neighbor Gabriel Nash to solve the mystery of the charming child But the time they spend together the uestions they have How does a young g. There’s a reason or two or three why Where the Forest Meets the Stars is an bestseller It’s special ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ So special in fact I’m unlikely to forget this story or its characters Joanna has had her share of trauma and grief As a breast cancer survivor still grieving the loss of her mother she goes back to graduate school to study birds this in and of itself was fascinating and a fun tidbit the author had this same profession Joanna has become a workaholic living a solitary life consumed by her studies Until one day Ursa shows up at Joanna’s rental Ursa is a young girl a bit uirky who doesn’t seem to have a home She tells Joanna she’s been sent from the stars to witness five miracles Joanna is too practical to buy this story and insists that the girl go homeUntil the girl finally convinces here there is no home Joanna thinks eventually she’ll find out so she can help UrsaJo asks her neighbor Gabriel for help – to find out who Ursa is where she’s from The they learn about Ursa the confused they are The inconsistencies in her knowledge make no sense She’s a child well versed in Shakespeare Among other conundrums The three become the best of friends as the summer is close to ending Ursa has found her fourth miracle and the fifth could happen at any time There’s a synergy building when all of their pasts are exposed What will the future be like for these three lovable charactersWhile I guess Where the Forest Meets the Stars has a paranormal or fantasy aspect it doesn’t feel that way The story is grounded firmly in the here and now and Ursa has a magical power that can be only described as love Pure unadulterated innocent love The miracles she witnesses are truly beautiful experiencing them through her eyes melted my heart but the beauty in Ursa is all the love she exudes to those around her and the effect she has on them as a result Oh my goodness Ursa You simply have to meet her Where the Forest Meets the Stars is a story of friendship and the power of healing through friends The writing is straight forward not a spare word easy to read and so full of heart all you are left with is hope in the end and who doesn’t want to be left with thatI received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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Where the Forest Meets the Stars review õ 103 ó [PDF] ✐ Where the Forest Meets the Stars Author Glendy Vanderah – Gym-apparel.co.uk In this gorgeously stunning debut a mysterious child teaches two strangers how to love and trust again After the loss of her mother and her own battle with breast cancer Joanna Teale returns tIn this gorgeously stunning debut a mysterious child Forest Meets PDF #201 teaches two strangers how to love and trust again After the loss of her mother and her own battle with breast cancer Joanna Teale returns to her graduate research on nesting birds in rural Illinois determined to prove Where the PDFEPUBthat her recent hardships have not broken her She throws herself into her work from dusk to dawn until her solitary routine is disrupted by the appearance of a mysterious child w. This was an first read selection for February '19 I read through it very uickly it is that kind of book and I took a 'read' day this past weekend for myself I think that the premise and the characters were actually uite uniue and built on a solid foundation As a research wildlife biologist myself I related to both the biologist side of Jo but also to the complex agoraphobic Gabeand to the awkward fumbling relationship dance they endured with each other I would have given it 35 stars up to that pointBUTthe book fell completely flat in the end So much so that as I was reading the last 10% I was wondering if I had switched to a different book and a different author The ending was disorganized fantastical in a bad way and felt so rushed in an effort to tie up all the loose ends in just a few pages that it left me a bit disoriented So much so that I had to read the last few pages twice to even understand what was going on Also after just coming off a reading high with 'Where the Crawdads Sing' and how well that author tied biologynature to the story this book really disappointed me in that regard In fact I was surprised to learn that the author was an endangered bird specialist this felt to me like someone writing about field research that had not experienced it I think the author missed an opportunity to bring in that aspect Final note in case it will be helpful to others I almost went to a 1 star review because of how the main character Jo handled Gabe's mental illness This book was obviously written by someone who has not experienced depressionJo pushing Gabe to be comfortable in a city shaving his beard off and expecting him to just 'get over it' was triggering to me This lack of understanding and empathy is how I am often treated by others and it infuriated me to read 'We' need to do a better job at not dismissing depression as an 'excuse' for someone to 'hide in their bed' It is a mental illness not a choice