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summary ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Amanda Marrone False accusations and false confessions Stars Know eBook #8608 of witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts took her mother Tituba away from her Now Violet seeks revenge on those who tore her family apart Readers will be instantly transported back in time in this dark and gripping novelIt's been a year since the Salem Witch Trials ended and while the townspeople try their best to act like nothing happened Only the PDFEPUBthirteen year old Violet simply can't as everything she held dear was ripped away from her Her mother Tituba was accused of witchcr. I was lucky enough to snag one of these beauties at Bookcon 2019 a week ago Check out that cover isn’t it gorgeousAs a modern day self identifying witch the Salem Witch Trials have always been a source of fascination for me Tituba was the slave woman who was the first to be accused of witchcraft in the trials – she was also the first to confess which I believe came from a place of misunderstanding the language and fear but that’s another story She was accused of bewitching Betty and Abigail Parris two of the girls she cared for in her master’s house After an unknown buyer “freed” Tituba from the prison after the madness of the Trials she was never heard from againSomething that I did not know prior to this novel is that Tituba had a daughter named Violet There is very little historical context for Violet but as a slave this is horrifyingly to be expectedThis novel is the story of what could have happened to Violet How the rage and fear after consuming her little town of Salem could consume her How the betrayal of of the girls Abigail and Betty who she thought of as sisters would change who she was forever by forcing her into the magic that her mother may or may not have also hadThis is the story of one girl’s revenge gone awry and the growth that comes with forgiveness

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review Only the Stars Know Her Name Salem’s Lost Story of Tituba’s Daughter 109 Û ✯ [PDF] ❤ Only the Stars Know Her Name Salem’s Lost Story of Tituba’s Daughter By Amanda Marrone ✼ – False accusations and false confessions of witchcraft in Salem Massachuse Two girls who're also seeking vengeance amid all this turmoil Together the three form a coven the Stars Know Her Name PDF signing their names to the Devil's book and they the Stars Know Her Name PDF find solace in the newness and excitement of the magic they're practicingBut once the magic grows darker and forges a destructive path through their community will Violet achieve the closure she longs for or will the darkness consume them allThis historical powerful story of family revenge and reconciling is a can't miss novel from Amanda Marrone. Let me start off by saying I really enjoyed this The storytelling was pretty smooth and I whipped through it in two days That said I have mixed feelings about this one At first I was of the thought that if real magic didn't happen when these young women created the coven I was going to be let down So much of the novel is historically accurate so I figured the magic would be missing Not so But it's a different KIND of magic that the girls pull off So different from what was described in the Salem witch trials Then the story gets bogged down in morals which I get and there are times when Violet is just repeating her concerns over and over again Violet is also headstrong and very independent in a time when I don't think that would have been something seen very often I think the girls would be fearful of society higher powers and just general spookiness of the woods It's fiction I get it I just tend to hold historical fiction at a higher level Anyhoo it's good read I kind of wish it had a Wiccan seal of approval because toes are being dipped in pools concerning the magic but I hope to be able to recommend this to the right reader

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Only the Stars Know Her Name Salem’s Lost Story of Tituba’s DaughterAft by Betty and Abigail Parris two girls Violet had grown up with and regarded as sisters And instead of denying those allegations Tituba had confessed to the crimes But why Her mother would never have done the wicked acts she was the Stars Know PDF #8608 charged with Would sheOnce the remaining accused of witchcraft are pardoned Violet inuires about her missing parents only to learn that Reverend Parris has sold them to a man who took them north Now filled with rage and wanting retribution she comes across Tammy Younger and Elizabeth Prince. I managed to grab an arc of this at BookCon this year so this review is based on an early copy and not the finished edition I had never heard of this before getting a copy of it and I actually uite enjoyed it It is very easy to read and it is uite simple but it is middle grade so I can't uite complain I thought the story was interesting I haven't read much about the Salem witch trials and I really want to learn about them now Overall this was a nice story and very easy to get through so I would recommend it It comes out July 23 in the US so if you enjoy middle grade books and historical witchy fantasy you should read it