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To Be to Is to WasLed privileged males her ambitions are supported by her connections to the warlock Antithesis Reticence and Bastet the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bryanna Dolls tunes out reality by embarking on an unexpected dream journey in which she encounters psychedelic bands Eurasian witches and decadent Southern Gothic culture But her dream turns into a nightmare when she finds herself in the dungeon of Luchadora Madrugadora ueen of Stepford Ken and Barbie Westworld Tommy Massageny leaves behind his hardscrabble roots in Bitoxia Archaicka Isolamicka to become an intergalactic emcee His career reaches new heights when he hosts a highly anticipated contest in the Galatea galaxy in which four renowned women battle for interstellar supremacy Meanwhile back in Amourrica Profunda opportunists band together to alternately celebrate and disrespect the fading corporate behemoth that is Fascibook Despite the fact that Fascibook has stolen their souls and left them addicted to social media they remain undaunted they make the best of a bad situation and party on into oblivion. Actually I'm giving up and moving on

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Province of Orckario in the country of Narniada South of the Narniadan border the Evilangelists of the nation of Mourrzicka Isolamicka throw their full support behind their trillionaire leader Turmerico Inflammatorio whose unstable temperament and Machiavellian governing skills create havoc on the continent of Pangolina Outside of the city of Branighan Missoolah Isolamicka Big Mama and her son Bobby grow zombies in specially designed greenhouses the zombies are then trained to work for The Center for the Appropriation of Valuables in Branighan On Planet Gorp the descendants of refugees from the Blue Green Planet transcend hypercapitalism through their supreme dedication to practices involving synesthesia and chromesthesia Bryanna Dolls a young girl obsessed with the year gives birth by Immaculate Conception to her doppelgänger Clawdeeya Upon reaching adulthood Clawdeeya finds success in a career inspired by Schadenfreude terrorizing the city of Near Wanna and eventually the entire Blue Green Planet Her ultimate goal is to ruin the lives of entit. This book is a little weird But it makes you think

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To Be to Is to Was Review è 102 ½ [Reading] ➶ To Be to Is to Was Author Stephen C. Bird – Welcome to a collection of worlds that collide collude conflict cooperate or exist in indifferent isolation When a father abandons his son the son has no other choice but to inhabit a world of fantasy to Is Epub Ú