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He has a new life now he just has to keep it Gaven learns that being Vlar's pupil in all things is a mixture of pain and pleasure He hates his Finnarian teacherdoesn't he Yet his body betrays him time and again especially when h. OhI am so torn on how to rate this I am going to go with 35 rounded up to 4 On the one hand the first 34 of the book was great I enjoyed it and I love Gaven I can understand his issues and I like his internal monologues However the last 14 of the book just seemed to completely change the atmosphere of the entire book Personality changes occur that are so out of character that it's hard to reconcile them We get no good explanation for the changes of heart that occur Additionally Vlar has a change of attitude that is disconcerting I suppose it's understandable but it was jarring and unexpected for him to go from casual indifference and somewhat harsh treatment of Gaven to treating him like a treasured prize All in all I really really like the way JC Owens writes but the ending of this one seemed to try to tie everything up in a happily ever after ribbon too uickly and in such a way I found it hard to reconcile the beginning with the end

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The BondingE experiences the sexual ecstasy of a Finnarian bite and the giving of his own blood There seems to be so much to their relationship than either of them can understand so Vlar calls in his father a Finnarian prince What he tells. 35 starsGaven 2 The Bonding is a successful seuel to JC Owen’s intriguing new world The first book introduced Gaven set up his sexual relationship with Vlar and now that relationship becomes complicated with a final happy ending in the seuel The story is decent but once again what really shines is Owen’s solid writing gift for description and ability to incorporate violence and angst while still feeling like an easy absorbing read You can read this one on its own or go back and read the first if you’re a stickler for series but there’s enough background you can pick it up alone The story starts where the previous book left off after Gaven and Vlar were sexually united Vlar is now Gaven’s teacher both in military training and sexually Gaven must submit to whatever Vlar wants but the relationship is almost mechanic It’s merely a formality that all soldiers go through and it doesn’t mean anything special Except Gaven wants from Vlar and he’s starting to fall for the taciturn older man Gaven is confused whether he should give up trying to understand Vlar or push for a meaningful relationship Just when Gaven may have figured things out an old enemy threatens Gaven’s newfound happiness The strength of the novel is once again in Owen’s writing She’s a gifted writer with a flare for description and angst Gaven is the first person narrator once again and he has some considerable angst through the story He struggles with Vlar’s hotcold behavior Gaven deeply craves someone to love him want him and to validate his life so Vlar’s dismissive attitude is hurtful Gaven spends a lot of time internally musing about what he wants why he can’t have it if he’ll ever be happy and so on Some of this could get old and whiney but the writing keeps the pace uick and doesn’t dwell too much to annoy the reader The characters are once again intriguing though they change gradually over the course of the story Unfortunately with Gaven as the narrator the various personalities and actions are all filtered through Gaven’s heavily biased view Thus Vlar seems to make wild changes and swings from extremely hurtful actions towards Gaven to very loving Gaven is still pretty immature and thus he doesn’t see motivations and reasons beyond the surface So to really enjoy the story you have to accept and further like Gaven even for all his flaws Personally I really liked him despite everything and thus was satisfied to see him get a happy ending Some things I didn’t appreciate are the repeated violence scenes From the stag kill to the later abuse there is a lot of violence in the story The easy hand to this helps negate some of the negative reaction and a lot of the later violence happens off page The world building remains pretty sparse and ultimately I never truly bought into the connection between Gaven and Vlar They’re an interesting couple and the obvious choice for romance but I found the connection between Vlar’s father and his dragon lover to be appealing Overall this is a good solid seuel The writing is the real draw and the characters and fantasy story are entertaining and absorbing; definitely an engaging story to pass the time and worth reading As much as I like Gaven I’m ok if there are no stories featuring him and would rather delve into something else new and interesting If you haven’t read either books I’d recommend them

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Owens – He has a new life now he just has to keep it Gaven learns that being Vlar's pupil in all things is a mixture of pain and pleasure He hates his Finnarian teacherdoesn't he Yet his body betrays him time He has a new life now he just has to keep it Gaven learThem shakes Gaven to his core and he fears he cannot possibly live up to what Vlar wishes of him Just when they seem to be on the edge of truly discovering each other a shadow from Gaven's past comes to shatter it all to pieces. 25 starsI found myself less aggravated with The Bonding than I was with Gaven This was mainly due to the fact that for at least the first half of the book I didn't have that much trouble visualizing Gaven as a young man I liked the humor I thought that the author did a fairly decent portrayal of a young man with a difficult childhood low self esteem and a yearning for love and acceptance that he did not get as a boy And the sex scenes were pretty hot The author's writing style was also readable and if it weren't for my personal preference not to read a character like Gaven who I was informed is a twink I might have rated this a star higher It's a pity for both the author and me that I have this compulsion to finish reading books I find aggravating or to continue with a series although I have a feeling I won't enjoy it as much C'est la vie As I mentioned I find this author to be readable which helped me to partially enjoy the story Unfortunately there were several problems with this book that made me feel a bit snarky in my comments Problem #1 Twinks or SemeUke couplingFrom WikipediaThe seme is often depicted as the stereotypical male of anime and manga culture restrained physically powerful andor protective The seme is generally older and taller39 with a stronger chin shorter hair smaller eyes and a stereotypically masculine even macho40 demeanour than the uke The seme usually pursues the uke hence the name The uke usually has softer androgynous feminine features with bigger eyes and a smaller build and is often physically weaker than the semeSorry Hated it I hated how this turned Gaven into an emasculated child like unrealistic young man The emphasis on his youth didn't help Honest to God I spent nearly the whole book envisioning him as a 15 year old How old is Gaven anyway I think early 20's Was this simile to a child really necessary He pulled out and my tears came faster I felt cold and empty without his strength within my body but then he picked me up cradled me like a child against his chest There were a couple of comparisons of Gaven as a bride or something feminine like that Hated it It was about halfway into the book when my mental slide into visualizing Gaven as a young woman began It started reading less like a mm romance and like a mf one especially when I was reading sentences like this I unclenched my fists in a conscious effort to relax and not turn on Vlar with my frustrations Although why I was botheringAfter all this was his fault I was not uite sure of the particular details but I knew it was damn well his fault somehow Wasn't this particular train of thought the stereotypical providence of women regarding men Why was this young man sounding exactly like a stereotypical woman Granted it was funny but it also left me so frustrated And finally maybe I'm being too narrow minded but I cannot imagine a young man not feeling shame at being cuddled and carried out of a room by his father I felt no shame as he carried me from the room This kind of coupling between the main characters would have been irritating enough for me but when I noticed that nearly all the couples in this world was of the same variety BIG MASCULINE MAN and a smaller effeminate one it was beyond ridiculous Which led to my second well third problemProblem #2 Scant Attention to World buildingIt looks as if Gaven was the only one born of a woman because THERE ARE NO WOMEN There are no mf couples There is only a short mention of Gareth's affair with Gaven's mother All of the couples mentioned are mm Although it's fantasy it's still unrealistic and I couldn't buy it With the lack of women came also the lack of other children and young people Gaven is constantly thinking about his youth and his inability to feel like one of the Masarians Where did all the other young men Gaven's age go He can't be the only young warrior in his father's army can he There was mention of the Finnarians and Draconians serving humans Why Why would these powerful pseudo vampires and pseudo dragons serve under humans instead of treating them as prey But to be honest I wasn't as bothered by problem #2 as I was byProblem #3 Internal MonologueWhere was the editor Did the editor not realize that Gaven barely spoke 3 words for 14 of the book That he still barely speaks for the rest of the book as well The author failed to balance the internal POV thoughts of Gaven and the external actions of the story I would guesstimate that 34 of the book was of Gaven's thoughts He nodded He smiled He frowned He cast his eyes to the ground He barely opened his mouth Yes Gaven was shy Yes Gaven felt out of place Yes Gaven felt like he couldn't speak in front of his father or Vlar Yes I felt cheated of a proper show vs tell opportunity Too many of certain conversations or actions were summarized through Gaven and his thoughts rather than shown through Gaven and his actions This book was in Gaven's first person POV and I thought that that really detracted from the story because 1 as a female reader it made it even easier for me to feel as if I was reading the thoughts of a young woman rather than a young man 2 Gaven's thoughts were tiresomely angsty Why would anyone love me Will I find someone to love me Does Vlar feel anything for me I want to find someone to love me and 3 I felt that this 1st person POV made it easier for the author to forget that Gaven should have actual interactions rather than constantly go off to a hidden corner and think and think At feast on that particular night I was withdrawn and introspective my thoughts far from food and companionshipMe Gaven you've been that way the entire first half of the bookFinally unrealistic sex scenes At least they were hot