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Free read New Horizons Host Saga #4 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ [Epub] ➛ New Horizons Host Saga #4 By Michael J. Farlow – Van Childs and Galactic Force chart a bold new course of exploration and alliance building as they prepare for the looming and potentially humanity ending Arkon invIed shipbuilding Amid these problems the Arkon unleash an unexpected and powerful attack on the allied fleet and Zarminia both of which face complete and utter destruction Be prepared for a wild ride intrigue and surprises in the longest and most action filled book of the series to dat. I couldn't put this book down especially during the space battles I highly recommend reading Books 1 3 first or re reading them if it's been awhile since you read them as doing that gave me the ability thoroughly enjoy this 4th book in the Host Saga series The characters are fun to follow; I feel like they are almost friends after reading about many of them in 4 books now The twists and turns in the plot keep it all intriguing

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Y cruiser New Horizons provides higher levels of technology and weaponry while extending the self contained reach of Galactic Force as they seek friends to ally against the Arkon However preparations to meet the Arkon are seriously impaired by sabotage and piracy that cripple vital all. If you enjoy science fiction novels with “good guy vs bad guy” action thrilling battles and heroics well developed characters you can like and despise piracy conspiracy intrigue sabotage espionage ascended beings a little romance along the way and one surprise after another as humanity faces destruction New Horizons is for you In this fourth book in the Host Saga series by US Navy officer combat pilot and aerospace systems engineer Michael Farlow the author’s military and technical background shines through The plot details weaponry and the personalities of the protagonists are framed in technological settings that seem realistic and believable The blending of artificial intelligence with human and alien life forms is seamless This is a believable world and the reader becomes part of itI enjoyed New Horizons Farlow constructs a universal battle for survival with enough plot and character twists to keep it interesting from start to finish The narrative is flowing descriptive engaging and moves at a good pace There were a few times when the jump between one setting and another was a little confusing to me That being said the story flowed well and I was on the edge of my seat than once Although I hadn’t read the three previous books in the series I had no difficulty jumping into this one There are references to events and people gone before but the book stands alone I especially appreciated the roles played by intelligent courageous women and the wide ethnic diversity of the characters A book that would make a great sci fi film

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New Horizons Host Saga #4Van Childs and Galactic Host Saga MOBI #243 Force chart a bold new course of exploration and New Horizons PDF or alliance building as they prepare for the looming and potentially humanity ending Arkon invasion Horizons Host Saga PDFEPUB #195 The latest gift from the Host the explorator. Reviewed For Readers' Favorite by Grant LeishmanNew Horizons Host Saga Book 4 by Michael J Farlow continues the space adventures of the Galactic Force headed up by Commander Van Childs The Galactic Force is a collection of like minded humans and Zarminian’s who are committed to building and euipping a battle fleet capable of defending Earth and Zarminia from a planned attack by the bellicose and dangerous Arkon who have designs on universal domination The Earth Federation the Zarminian’s and the Galactic Force have combined to face the threat that is posed New Horizons is a space ship left to the Galactic Force by the mysterious Host people who wanted to give them the opportunity to have the necessary technology to defend themselves against the Arkon With the production of new battle cruisers and other armaments being hampered by both internal sabotage and piracy of supplies the Galactic Force is engaged in a furious race to discover and catch the culprits When it becomes apparent the Arkon timeline for invasion is much shorter than the Galactic Force had anticipated there is a frantic rush to complete and man new ships of war plus to find any other assistance that may be available out there in their defence of their freedom This is a classic low tech science fiction novel which makes for an easy read without the necessity to try and understand fanciful technical issues beyond our imaginations I like my science fiction to be actionadventure with a minimum of science so New Horizons Host Saga Book 4 fits that bill admirably Author Michael J Farlow has created an interesting set of characters that no doubt run through the full set of Host Saga Books Although I have yet to read any of the others it’s worth noting that is definitely not a necessity to enjoyment of this particular episode It is stand alone and the author has done an excellent job of sprinkling the narrative with hints and clues as to what may have happened before Without giving any of the plot away I particularly liked the exposition by Van Childs and the other defenders to the Host Ambassador and Admiral as to what it was that made humanity and indeed the Zarminians willing to die rather than sacrifice their freedom or control over their lives I thought the battle scenes in this novel were extensive well described and exciting It was easy to place oneself at the controls of one of these space fighters and feel the power of the weapons and the fear they induced All in all this is an excellent sc fi read and I can highly recommend it