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Download Reader ´ Unruly Waters ´ 383 pages  Gymapparel Ü [Reading] ➾ Unruly Waters Author Sunil Amrith – A bold new perspective on the history of South Asia telling its story through its climate and the long uest to tame its watersSouth Asia's history has been shaped by Throughout South Asia shaped visions of political independence and economic development provoked efforts to reshape nature through dams and pumps and unleashed powerful tensions within and between nationsEvery year humans have watched with overwhelming anxiety for the nature of that year's monsoon to be revealed with entire populations living or dying on the outcome From the first small weather reporting stations to today's satellites the m In general this text influenced my thoughts on environmental history less than Amrith's previous book but I was surprised and intrigued by 3 major contributions nonetheless The first is the way that the capture of Tibet by China can be seen as a capture of regional hydro supremacy the Himalayas are the biggest source of regional freshwater Second is the way in which water infrastructure and the improvements it brought to agriculture set the precise conditions for present day water scarcity not unlike the situation in California Finally the last chapter on the oceans and climate change set the tone for the purpose that histories like this serve they illuminate that what we used to 'know' may not save us from a rapidly changing presentfuture I'd have liked to have seen about the way that water figured into famine avoidance and how that narrative of hunger fuelled the uest for water in early independent India but that could just be my inner food historian 35 stars

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Odern battle both to understand and manage water has literally been a matter of life or deathToday Asian nations are racing to construct hundreds of dams in the Himalayas with dire environmental impacts; hundreds of millions crowd into coastal cities threatened by cyclones and storm surges In an age of climate change this highly original work of history is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand not only Asia's past but its futur A very interesting insight into how the uest for water in colonial India shaped British policy and activities and has continued to shape those of the independent government I was expecting this to cover of Asia but the discussion of India and the Himalayas was very well done

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Unruly WatersA bold new perspective on the history of South Asia telling its story through its climate and the long uest to tame its watersSouth Asia's history has been shaped by its waters In Unruly Waters historian Sunil Amrith reimagines this history through the stories of its rains rivers coasts rivers and seas and of the weather watchers and engineers mapmakers and farmers who have sought to control them He shows how fears and dreams of water have Unruly Waters is the history of hydrology in India Sounds boring? It probably is not as interesting as political or military histories but it is no less illuminating probably even soThe notion of British rule as a tyanny is so ingrained that it was pleasantly surprising to read about dedicated civil servants working to solve a problem that affected people gravely than British atrocities the Monsoon It makes you think that all Britishers were not in India to merely insult Indians with racist slursAmrith does a meticulous job of chronicling the history of water management in India Initially it does appear tedious and the prose feels repetitious However what struck me is the incredible amount of research done by Amrith in the pursuit of this off the beaten track history of India Just reading the bibliography should be an interesting read for most and a lesson in historical writingMost of the book is focused on India and so the title's Asia reference is slightly misleading A comparative history would've been fascinating but Amrith pays lip service to Chinese history Maybe he didn't have time or interest in researching Chinese Pakistani and Southeast Asian history to the same levelThe last chapters describing the current and future state of water in India makes for very distressing reading especially if you have lived it and know that there is very little hope I felt Amrith's references were a little weaker here than his initial chapters and he migrated from historical analysis to current policy analysis in the last chapterOverall a scary book about where we are going that puts our challenges in historical perspective