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characters The Kingdom of Copper ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ã ➽ [Reading] ➿ The Kingdom of Copper By S.A. Chakraborty ➲ – S A Chakraborty continues the sweeping adventure begun in  The City of Brass conjuring a world where djinn summon flames with the snap of a finger and wateIghtening abilities the marid the unpredictable water spirits have gifted him But in doing so he threatens to unearth a terrible secret his family has long kept buriedAnd as a new century approaches and the djinn gather within Daevabad's towering brass walls for celebrations a threat brews unseen in the desolate north It’s a force that would bring a storm of fire straight to the city’s gates and one that seeks the aid of a warrior trapped between worlds torn between a violent duty he can never escape and a peace he fears he will never deserv. Chakraborty's debut CITY OF BRASS was one of my top 10 reads of the year Kingdom of Copper is without a doubt in my top 5 of 2019 Sprawling and opulent the world of Daevabad and it's fascinating magical intrigue soars to new heights in this seuel I continue to cheer for Nahri Dahra is conflicted and broody as ever and AliOh Ali He is my heart I just want him to be happy weeps Chakraborty pulls every emotional string with this seuel At its heart it is a story of family and the choices we have to live with and I am DYING for the conclusion

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Need all her grifter instincts to survive thereNow with Daevabad entrenched in the dark aftermath of a devastating battle Nahri must forge a new path for herself But even as she embraces her heritage and the power it holds she knows she’s been trapped in a gilded cage watched by a king who rules from the throne that once belonged to her family and one misstep will doom her tribeMeanwhile Ali has been exiled for daring to defy his father Hunted by assassins adrift on the unforgiving copper sands of his ancestral land he is forced to rely on the fr. me coming to the realization that I'll have to wait a whole year to know what happens nextSeriously though How date this book end like that Who does it think it is What right does it have to leave me hanging on that cliff all by myselfOn a composed and serious note this book was so many times better than its predecessor The City of Brass in so many fantastic waysI read The City of Brass in February and while I had some problems with it I actually really enjoyed it One of my main issues with it was that it read very much like a YA novel at times And while I do love YA novels it made these characters seem childish at times With this novel taking place five years after the end of the first and with the stakes having been tremendously raised there was no time for being juvenile hereThis is the book where the characters fully come into themselves and are able to really develop especially Dara While at first I was disappointed when I'd heard that Nahri and Dara didn't interact for the first 90% of the novel I was actually really glad for it Seeing them focused on things other than each other allowed me to see true character development Here we also get to read from Dara's point of view for the first time and it was fascinating to see the world and the war and all that was happening through his eyes His contradicting beliefs and inner conflict when it came to both his and Manizheh's actions definitely added depth to his characterAlso Ali You thought I forgot about him didn't you Ali has grown so much While I liked him in book one his chapters were a bit on the boring and long winded side but that was part of his personality in a way All he ever talked about was politics in book one In this book we actually get to see some action and emotion out of him and it was so goodAnd all the other characters were great too I also really enjoyed all the minor charcters and their arcs especially Ali's siblings Muntadhir and ZaynabNow there is politics I really enjoyed them in book one although they oftentimes felt a bit overwhelming This book had just the right amount of intrigue and family drama and city politics There was no one right side Everyone is standing in a morally gray area doing what they need for what they believe is their right Everyone believes themselves justified in their cruel actions and their hatred Everyone was eually wrong and yet in a way I could completely see and understand where each of them was coming from To manage such a complex system in a book this big is certainly a talent that S A Chakraborty has clearly masteredAnd that ending I was honestly so stressed for the entire last 20% of this book I was at the edge of my seat wondering what the heck was going to go down So many uestions have been answered in this book And now I have even uestions than ever before I am super excited to see how it's all going to end in Empire of Gold and am only sad that I have to wait a whole year to find outAlso I kinda really ship Dara and Nahri so something better happen in the next book that brings them back togetherOverall I totally recommend this series But be warned book one does drag a bit in the middle and is for the most part little than a very long prologue to this novel And while I clearly suck at convincing you to read it I promise that it was actually uite goodFollow Me Here Too My Blog || Twitter || Bloglovin' || Instagram || Tumblr

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The Kingdom of CopperS A Chakraborty continues the sweeping adventure begun in  The City of Brass conjuring a world where djinn summon flames with the snap of a finger The Kingdom Epuband waters run deep with old magic where blood can be dangerous as any spell and a clever con artist from Cairo will alter the fate of a kingdomNahri’s life changed forever the moment she accidentally summoned Dara a formidable mysterious djinn during one of her schemes Whisked from her home in Cairo she was thrust into the dazzling royal court of Daevabad and uickly discovered she would. This was so good Cannot wait for Book 3 “Pragmatic Heartless That’s how you survive in this place It’s how I’ve survived everything” What a fantastic seuel A fantasy full of magic and political intrigue with long held grudges and feuds all coming to a head 3 POVs Nahri Ali and Dara I didn’t love Dara’s chapters all that much but I understood they were crucial to the plot Nahri is married to Muntadhir and hating life Meanwhile Ali’s father runs the show like a dictator controlling everyone and everything At the same time ancient enemies are planning an attack on Daevabad and suddenly everyone’s lives are at risk There is war and violence hatred between brothers This book has pretty much everything you’d need in an epic fantasy novel If you’ve not picked up this series yet then make sure you do