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REVIEW ✓ Tidelands µ [Download] ➽ Tidelands ➺ Philippa Gregory – #1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory begins a sweeping new series with the story of a poor uneducated midwife named Alinor who is tempted by a forbidden love affair but all too aware New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory begiO aware of the dangers awaiting a woman who dares to step out of the place society carved for h. The enemy from without and the enemy from withinPhilippa Gregory has always left her thumbprint on novels of English castles and royalty But this one has a particular flavor centering upon Sealsea Island near the tidelands in 1648 We're introduced to Alinor known also as Goody Reekie Alinor has climbed to the top of the church tower at midnight gazing out to sea for her lost husband Zachary Zachary has been missing for almost a year Neither widow nor wife Alinor keeps her vigilAlinor notices that she is not alone From within the darkness she hears a man's voice He tells her that he is Father James and must meet with Sir William Peachey As an herbalist and a midwife Alinor is not familiar with the changing times occuring in London where King Charles has fled and Oliver Cromwell has taken control There is unrest in the countryside with those supporting the king and those who wish him to stand trial We will come to know this Father James closely and observe his true colors as Alinor becomes and involved in his safety and well beingBut at the core of it all is Alinor's solid allegiance to her daughter Alys and to her son Rob They exist within the hardships of life in the tidelands with work that furrows the brow and coins that rarely touch the palm Long held secrets permeate Tidelands from the wider scope of the English Civil Wars to the personal interactions of parent to child and neighbor to community Philippa Gregory begins this one with a low simmer and then gradually brings this one to a rapid boil towards the end The dialogue is true to era and the characters reflect the historical angst The ending opens the door that will shed a light upon the road of the future for Sealsea Island and its inhabitants Whether you are a die hard Philippa Gregory fan or a new one in the making Tidelands is one novel that will sweep you awayI received a copy of Tidelands through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Simon Schuster Atria Books and to Philippa Gregory for the opportunity


Of a poor uneducated midwife named Alinor who is tempted by a forbidden love affair but all to. NOW AVAILABLEphilippa gregory is a name i can be counted on to invoke whenever i’m doing any RA spiel bullet pointing the many different flavors of historical fiction with her oeuvre representing the well researched female fronted literary romance ish bracket i read The Other Boleyn Girl ages ago and i remember liking it so when i saw that her new series would focus on 17th century england with a witchcraft angle well here i camei’m a new england girl who grew up on stories of goody proctor and giles corey and in undergrad i took a class with a global perspective on witchcraft which turned out to be the perfect “me” kinda class horrifying AND illuminating ‘cuz no matter where in the world people cry ‘witch’ the targets are certain to contain unmarriageable daughters infertile or otherwise inconvenient wives elderly women unruly womenit makes the victorian practice of offloading these same problematic females into madhouses seem downright benevolent also included in the ‘freuently accused’ category are midwives and any women working in that mysteeeeeerious realm of women’s health which is what we have here alinor is an herbalist and midwife living in the sussex tidelands— half tide half land good for nothing where even the ground beneath one’s feet cannot be counted on from one moment to the next alinor’s ne'er do well husband zachary is a fisherman who has not returned from the sea in months; maybe dead likely having abandoned alinor and their two children but definitely leaving her in a precarious position as indefinable as the tidelands not a widow nor a wifealthough her situation seems dire—a vulnerable beautiful woman without a man on the edge of the world with a young son and a daughter who will be needing a dowry with only the herbs she can grow and the work she can find—suddenly she and her children are blessed with the opportunities of individual upwardly mobile pathswhat can account for this good fortune perhapswitchcraft not so fast—first we have to remember that during this time there’s a whole civil war going on in england and it must be addressed we’ll come back to this witch business in like 200 pages or soif you’re someone who loves historical fiction for its immersive properties you will probably dig this it’s a slow burner; there’s a lot of ‘here we are in the tidelands this is life in the tidelands’ you cannot hear it but i am singing this to a tune but it’s an accumulation of everyday things slowly moving towards something and i was getting impatient for the story to take me to that something if i hadn’t been promised juicy witchy stuff on the back cover i would have been less impatient with the pacing i did appreciate the descriptions of the family’s man v nature struggle; the hardscrabble eking out of life in a terrifically challenging landscape how stubborn and resourceful you have to be to survive in such an inhospitable climate—those themes always have my full attention maybe i’ve been away from historical fiction for too long but i didn’t love this the middle felt draggy and some of the characters were a bit one note; particularly the exhausting mrs miller and—o no—alinor before you scold—i understand how tenuous her position is i understand that even on the ever shifting tidelands one does not rock boats i understand that a woman who has seen nothing of the world beyond her little isolated pocket of it; a mother of two with no man to speak for her in a profession she has to keep emphasizing does not include 17th century viagra or magical spells she’s gotta lay a little low and not be seen as shrill or strident or defensive or any of those words we love so much to hear when a reasonable woman responds to chronically unreasonable people people like that broadly drawn mrs miller for example and i didn’t need her to be anachronistically assertive or ooh rah empowered but even a little spark in her interior life would have been welcome one suppressed eyeroll or clenched fist an acknowledgment that her public facing demeanor takes effort she’s placid as a messiah turning all the cheeks and every sentence she speaks is delivered “simply” “evenly“ “cooly“ “steadily“ “levelly“ “easily“ it’s an impressive number of synonyms for an endlessly agreeable person but it doesn’t give her character much depth her daughter alys makes up for alinor’s lack of indignation but as a character alinor reads psychologically flat my last gripe i swear but as far as the ending it’s sodisruptive i mean it depends where the series goes from here but gregory spent so much time developing this physical location and this social community only to basically erase all that hard work with a JK NOW IT IS THIS abandonment of everything we’ve been working towardsanyway this historical element is strong the witch element is brief the romance element ispresent i will probably keep reading the series but am hoping the next one is focused on people losing their minds over witches come to my blog

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TidelandsNew York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory begins a sweeping new series with the story. I have read several novels by Ms Gregory and I cannot recall that much of a romance thing in any of them I may be in the minority here however I want to be honest with myself whcih is always the case and I cannot say I enjoyed Tidelands too much The premise and the period are presented exceptionally well as is always the case with Ms Gregory but this time the rather unbelievable characters and their improbable relationships were too much for me When I read a HF I want solid historical background which I found in the novel but as little romance as possible which was precisely the opposite I struggled through this book finished but it was not what I had expected I literally opened my eyes wide on than four occasions and stifled than four yawns It might be interesting to see how Alinor fares in Book 2 but I do not think I will have that much courage Having said that this book was just OK for me I do not want to discourage any fans of Ms Gregory's writing