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PDF ↠ BOOK Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves FREE ò P.G. WODEHOUSE À ❮Reading❯ ➺ Stiff Upper Lip Jeeves ➲ Author P.G. Wodehouse – Gym-apparel.co.uk A Jeeves and Wooster novelBertie Wooster looks pretty stylish in his new Tyrolean hat or so he thinks others notably Jeeves disagree But when A Jeeves and Wooster novelBertie Wooster looks pretty stylish in his new Tyrolean hat or so he thinks others notably Jeeves disagree But when Bertie embarks on an errand of mercy to Totleigh Towers things get uickly out of control and he's go One of the earlier books of the series The Code of the Woosters takes place in Totleigh Towers Sufficient to say after Bertie Wooster was done with the place its inhabitants surely realized their lives were excellent provided our hero stays as far from them as possible From his side Bertie was not too crazy about his experience either So it was no wonder that when his pal 'Stinker' Pinker asked him to go there to help with one of his and his fiancée problems Bertie flatly refused However when Bertie met his other pal Gussie Fink Nottle he realized he cannot afford not to go Gussie was engaged to Madeline who having had the wrong impression the Bertie was madly in love with her promised him that if even her engagement with Gussie would be broken she marries Bertie The latter did his best to prevent this from ever happening but this time Madeline became a hardcore vegetarian I guess vegans did not exist at that time in Great Britain and I am envious This was too much for poor Gussie and I completely understand poor guy One anecdote from my personal experience follows sorry about it My whole life I did not care if I had meat or not for my meal until I had a misfortune to be invited to a vegan party To make a long story short only a great amount of alcohol saved me that time These vegans made me realize life without meat is boring and miserable Coming back to the story Bertie came to Totleigh Towers bringing the usual mayhem with him There were times when I thought even Jeeves would not be able to help poor guy As anybody who read The Code of the Woosters which I mentioned before knows the population of that place consists of colorful and highly amusing characters This time they were all back with the vengeance Two scenes stand up in my mind First the obvious one the reaction of these characters upon seeing Bertie in flesh The second one was Bertie's misadventures with a grandfather's clock when he decided to visit a kitchen at night; it also involved this guy belowBoth made me laugh out loud The rest of the book was uite amusing but not uite on the level with these two parts Speaking about which they absolutely decided the rating 4 stars as opposed to 3 the rest of the books deserveSome random observations at the end Bertie was reading a book by Erle Stanley Gardner This in my opinion showed his good taste in books I was unconditionally on Gussie's side in his great debate on vegetarianism As such I was happy with the way things turned out for him at the end On the related note other person got exactly what he was asking for from an earlier book of the series Amen

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E and Roderick Spode now raised to the peerage And Major Brabazon Plank the peppery explorer who wants to lay Bertie out coldThank goodness for the intervention of Chief Inspector Witherspoon of Scotland Yard but is this gentleman all he seem This book was first published in the same month I was born In fact in the UK only two days before I was born though five months earlier in the US – which surprised me somewhat I really like the idea that there might have been someone uickly reading this over the weekend that I was born and laughing away cheerfully at it all Yes I like that idea very muchWooster is truly one of the great narrative voices in English Literature There are moments when it is nearly dangerous to listen to him as I drive The man who reads them a Jonathan Cecil ought to have been given a K years ago I’ve never heard a better reader for audio books in my life His timing is immaculate and he brings the subtle and not so subtle humour of these books to the fore He has Wooster’s slightly baffled and bewildered if that is the word I’m looking for it starts with a B anyway whatever it is voice to a T There are very clever jokes – like talking about Stinker’s left hook and how adroit it is adroit being from the French for ‘to the right’ The plot is never as simple as you think it is going to be – I mean you know how things are basically going to work out but the moment you think you know what is going to happen next something totally unexpected occurs often occasioned by Jeeves – who has a minor but essential role in all of these books and generally it is something that has a very funny comment to make on – well what it means to be human I guessI really can’t rave about these books enough I’ve finally tracked some down in a secondhand bookshop but they are as rare as hens’ teeth – which is hard to imagine as the idea they should ever be out of print beggar’s belief You would think someone would have thought of printing The Great Big Book of Jeeves and Wooster – or some such thing – I’d have bought a copy – I might even have bought a couple of copies I’ve friends they would read this stuff too I’m uite sureThere is a bit of this towards the end where Wooster is talking about a man who thinks he that is Bertie is a kleptomaniac and the man is an adventurer who is forever nipping off to the jungles of the and such places Anyway Bertie is forced to the conclusion that the native aboriginal peoples of Brazil really aren’t much chop – as they have had ample opportunity to kill this old fool and clearly have not availed themselves of the occasion as it has presented itself – and the punch line is when he says something to the effect that “And these natives have the audacity to call themselves savages” The other bit that made me laugh and laugh was where Bertie was being accused of plotting to steal an ornament and while being so accused is told to stop saying Oh or Aye I understand that might not sound funny – but try it in context and it is close to the funniest thing I’ve ever heard And of course the line about finding it difficult to continue a conversation when someone begins it by saying “So” – oh dear sheer geniusI think I’ve liked this one the most so far although I’ve liked all of them the most as they have gone along They are a pure delight

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Stiff Upper Lip JeevesIng to need all the help Jeeves can provide There are good eggs present such as Gussie Fink Nottle and the Rev 'Stinker' Pinker But there also is Sir Watkyn Bassett JP enemy of all the Woosters hold dear to say nothing of his daughter Madelin “You wouldn’t think it to look at him because he’s small and shrimplike and never puts on weight but Gussie loves food Watching him tucking into his rations at the Drones a tapeworm would raise its hat respectfully knowing that it was in the presence of a master” 35 stars This isn’t top shelf Wodehouse but it’s still a fairly humorous entertaining read filled with all of the shenanigans close shaves and cleversilly wordplay that make these books so much fun Jeeves as usual manages to tactfully save the day He’s also eventually able to pry Wooster from his highly uestionable okay okay downright hideous Alpine hat which let me tell you is no mean feat My favorite part “My father’s not so bad if you rub him the right way”“Very possibly but if you think a busy man like myself has time to go around rubbing fathers either with or against the grain you are greatly mistaken” Wooster is adorable as always A bit of an ass of course But he firmly and decisively draws the line at father rubbing Sort of