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The Bone ShipsFor generations the Hundred Isles have built their ships from the bones of ancient dragons to fight an endless warThe dragons disappeared but the battles for supremacy persistedNow the first The Bone Ships is book one of a new fantasy series Don’t be thrown about by the concept of a handful of warriors chasing after the world’s last sea dragon This is not a children’s book It is a bold exciting adventure that is dark gritty and ruthless At first it may be difficult to enter this world because the prose the incredible prose is filled to the brim with terminology that is unfamiliar and customs and history that are often only hinted at Nevertheless this is a book with a great payoff It is well worth the time to dig into this It is a fantasy world where almost all the action is naval in character Two great warring island nations do battle on glorious ships made of dragon bone And the dragons 🐉 are gone for three generations now so any hint of dragon bone is valuable than gold Nothing else that ships can be built with floats like this bone And there are all kinds of bows crossbows and siege engines mounted on these boneships To be a part of the dragon bone fleet is to have the values of duty loyalty honor and bravery But alas our hero Joron Twiner rides not on a magnificent fleet ship but on a black ship of death manned only by condemned prisoners the Tide Child He is in command sort of on a drunk like it while his sailors let the ship rot in a forgotten bay Those looking for a strong female lead will look no further than Lucky Meas the toughest most ornery sea captain to ever sail the however many seas they have there Meas takes Joron and his motley crew and turns them into the most tenacious crew to ever sail This is a book chock full of action and all kinds of fascinating creatures particularly the Gulliame or windtalker who can fill the ship’s sails with wind And the giant sea serpents and of course the sea dragons mightiest of all who are referred to as Keyshan or Wakewyrm The biggest problem is that the seuel is not due out till Fall 2020 It’s going to be a long waitMany thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review

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MOBI ´ DOC The Bone Ships 9780316487962 Å GYMAPPAREL Û [Epub] ➟ The Bone Ships ➤ R.J. Barker – A brilliantly imagined saga of honor glory and warfare The Bone Ships is the epic launch of a new fantasy from David Gemmell Award nominated RJ BarkerTwo nations at war A prize beyond Dragon in centuries has been spotted in far off waters and both sides see a chance to shift the balance of power in their favour Because whoever catches it will win not only glory but the war I was lucky enough to receive a pre ARC proof of THE BONE SHIPS by RJ Barker from Orbit books and it was glorious Imagine the naval sagas of Patrick O'Brian the Aubrey–Maturin series Master and Commander in a fantasy world with a triumvirate of goddesses avian wind mages and a fully matriarchal society Imagine it told in the language of the sea in rolling rhythmic prose that crashes over you like breakersImagine the mythic grandeur of the last sea dragon and the dragonbone ships that set out to hunt it or to save it Barker has created a living breathing society here with every turn of phrase and nuance of expression hand crafted to draw you on and on into this world of women and men on the high seas; into an epic tale of duty and obligation and honour and what bravery really means It is truly magnificent and I can't recommend it enough

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A brilliantly imagined saga of honor glory and warfare The Bone Ships is the epic launch of a new fantasy from David Gemmell Award nominated RJ BarkerTwo nations at war A prize beyond compare Rats and double rats Have you ever done a cut and paste to move a paragraph? And then come back to discover that said paragraph is missing?See an insertion below with a few stars to mark itMy usual Caveat I received a free copy of this book as an Advanced Reading Copy I have met RJ Barker and shared several breakfasts with him in a dungeon This creates a bond of friendshipHowever I do not think that affects my review of this bookThe Bones Ships as noted above is book one of The Tide Child There are unanswered uestions at the end of the book but I felt that this section of the tale made a satisfying read on its own My husband comes from a family with a long maritime tradition as fishermen and Merchant Marine Both my sons have gone to sea for extended periods of time Our home is full of bits and pieces of maritime heritage Our homes have always had 'galleys' and 'decks' instead of kitchens and floors I mention this as when I first entered the world of the Tide Child and his crew there were changes in idiom that were small hurdles for me Slates on the deck? Ships referred to as 'he'? Deckhands as deckchilder? If these puzzle you at first persevere And my copy has an appendix in the back if you need help keeping the ranks straight in your mind Many fantasy and SF books simply plunge the reader into the middle of a foreign setting and expect you to accept and hold onto the thread of the story and move forward The Bone Ships does this very well Just trust it The flora and fauna of the world the organization of the society and the economy of the world will fall into place around you It all makes senseIf you've read any of my other reviews you know that I avoid spoilers So reviewing a book without giving spoilers can push me into using the same phrases over and over A good tale Well developed characters A well thought out world Don't fear that I am using generalities I'm telling you what is genuinely important to me in reading a book all the way to the end Characters Plot Setting Inserted paragraph The lush descriptions of the foreign forests and sea creatures are remarkable I chose the word 'foreign' rather than 'alien' as it is apparent that Joron Twiner is a man of the sea and a fisherman When he ventures into the forests on the land or goes beyond fishing grounds into deeper waters his reactions to these foreign environments are genuine He sees them in the same way I saw my first encounter with a subway station or a desert He has known of these things but to him they are foreign This is a nice bit of worldbuilding as is the way the inhabitants of this world accept their social system as 'the way it has always been' Too often I read fantasy where the characters are suddenly able to lift their eyes and see 'a better way' with no catalyzing event to wake them up to it It always rings false to me But as Joron moves through his disasters and adventures he is gradually pushed into a wider awareness He has to adapt to his changing status aboard the vessel to modify his behaviors to fit his differing roles and eventually to interact with different species in a way he had never even considered possible That is brilliant writing There Fixed it And I'm sure you see why inserting that was importantBits I especially liked How the difference in flora affects the construction of a ship and the garments that are worn Consistency in world building The gullaime I will say nothing about the gullaime except that I very much enjoyed it The wheels within wheels of the plot is another excellent ingredient I hope you will enjoy Joran and Lucky Meas and the rest of the crew as much as I did The characters have believable flaws Some they overcome Some they don't Isn't that what always keeps us reading to the last page