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Summary Ò Home Field Advantage Milwaukee Dragons #3 º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Á ❴Read❵ ➱ Home Field Advantage Milwaukee Dragons #3 Author Liz Lincoln – Is the Dragons’ new wide receiver A a fallen NFL star looking for a comeback B the sexy player youJob she loves but she still feels Home Field PDF or guilty about destroying his career Now uinn Lowry’s back and he’s taking over her locker room flashing his charming smile and reminding her exactly how hot they were together After two years out of the league uinn is sober and on the field again He’s worked his ass off and he’s not going to blow his second chance not even for the woma. Rating 35 StarsI am all about second chances and this story was filled with them uinn and Natalie thought they were each others' forever but after Natalie left uinn in the middle of the night without explanation and then years later wrote an expose on him they both imagined the door to their relationship was sealed forever But eight years after their breakup uinn was making his NFL comeback and Natalie was a sport reporter working closely with his team Both Natalie and uinn found that the head and the heart were not totally in agreement when it came to their relationship Let me just warn you there is a LOT of we shouldwe shouldn't in this one Sometimes that makes me do a hard eye roll but a very plausible case was built to support both characters' reticence regarding rekindling their romantic ties in this book At times I just wanted them to do a sit down and clear the air but I thought Lincoln did a good job distracting me from my wait by showing me pieces of their past and that is one of my favorite things about a second chance romance I love learning about the couple's history and I got to see the good the bad and the ugly in this one which were also intertwined with pieces of each characters' personal past uinn was also getting a second chance career wise Here he was two years after his drug and alcohol addiction was revealed playing for an NFL team In addition to the everyday struggles elite athletes face he also had to fight cravings and dodge his past which was made difficult with his ex seemingly everywhere I know I was rooting for uinn to not only reconcile with Natalie but to achieve great things on the field A few other things I enjoyed• I loved that uinn and Natalie shared not only a love for classic cars but a penchant for restoring said cars It was fun spending time with them as they retooled a few engines • I enjoyed getting to know Matt better I already knew bits and pieces about him from the previous books but here a lot was revealed of the B His cooking and his daughters made me smile but the situation with his wife really grabbed my interest and I am hoping that couple will be featured in a future book • Natalie thought she was living her dream but she was starting to see that the expectations for female sports reporters was not the same as for their male counterparts I appreciated that Lincoln included this in the book and I loved where she had Natalie's career heading at the end of the story • I am also a fan of bromances and the one between Matt and uinn was great They shared some pretty meaningful moments and that one out on the field was probably one of my favorites Overall The Milwaukee Dragons series continues to entertain me I found myself rooting for this couple as they worked through their past in hopes of building a future together and cannot wait to catch up with them in future installments of this series ARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS

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Is the Advantage Milwaukee Epub #226 Dragons’ new wide receiver A a fallen NFL star looking for a comeback B the sexy player your boss wants you to write an exposé on or C the former love of your life For Milwaukee Dragons beat reporter Natalie Griffith he’s clearly D all of the above Three years ago Natalie’s bombshell report on her ex boyfriend’s off the field scandals landed her the. free review copy For this Wisconsin reader the Milwaukee Dragons are a dream come true I adore this series and all of the players and their love interests This is the most emotionally vulnerable and feminist football team on earth 😍 This particular story is a whole lot of should I shouldn’t I and it wrapped up a bit uickly but it was so satisfying and I can’t wait for in the series

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Home Field Advantage Milwaukee Dragons #3N who broke his heart twice Having Natalie around is the last thing uinn Field Advantage Milwaukee Epub #221 needs while he’s trying to prove he deserves to stay on the team Maybe one final night together will give them both some much needed closure But with Natalie’s boss pressuring her for another headline grabbing scoop can she admit to herself that she’s falling for uinn all over agai. ARC Provided by the Author and Publisher via NetGalleyWriting books about addicts is a challenge If you are too dismissive of the past of their addiction it feels like it's a plot point that was tossed in that the author didn't uite know what to do with If it's too much a part of the story it feels like the story is not a romance but a story about life after addiction and rehab And while there is a place for this it's not in a romanceThis story gets it right The balance is there uinn's past with addiction and his past with Natalie are intertwined but also separate His past is in the past but not ignored and it is allowed to be a part of the way he is nowNatalie and uinn as I said above have a post It's an ugly one although it seems that she was not present for the part where his life went completely off the rails into rehab and self destructionshe was there on the periphery in her role as a reporter And it's this past her presence in his life now and the things that happened that they have to work throughAnd I thoroughly enjoyed watching them work through it I liked the story I believed in the authenticity of the characters and their chemistry was scorching and appealingI am looking forward to the next title in the series