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Tough and witty Jane seems like the perfect replacement until he realizes that leaving her is almost as unbearable as becoming a pira. Melissa Lemon continues the story of Peter Pan as written by J M Barrie I guess I have never read Peter Pan or seen the movie or I have forgotten the plot It took me a while to not feel lost like I was missing some necessary information It is the 21st Century and Peter has been in Neverland for a century he is feeling the pull to return to Earth permanently He goes to Earth searching for a mother figure to replace him with the boys Turns out a romance develops instead As Peter introduces Jane to Neverland he begins to realize he can't leave her behind  During the course of the story several boys return to Earth permanently Like the Lost Boys we all reach a point in life when we realize it is time to grow upThe plot is interesting but it did not draw me from page to page If you are a fan of Peter Pan or enjoy re telling of Fairy Tales I encourage you to check out Escaping NeverlandI would not have a problem adding Escaping Neverland to my K 12 Christian School library I'm just not sure I willI want to thank Clean Wholesome Romance for the complimentary e copy of Escaping Neverland

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Escaping NeverlandPeter Pan is growing up Nearing adulthood he faces a choice join the pirates of Neverland or face their wrath or leave Neverland for. Author's noteThis book was a lot of fun to write I thought about how if Peter Pan is the boy who lives forever then that means he's still alive I began asking uestions like Where is he now How old is he Does he regret his choice to live in Neverland Where is Neverland Does he want to grow up If so why Asking these and other uestions led me to create a story where Peter Pan is almost grown and aching to return to Earth to live out the remainder of his life My favorite thing to create in this story was a Neverland that was true to the original Neverland created by J M Barrie with some of my own ideas about what it would be like to live in an eternal place My favorite character in the book is probably Jane She was fun to write and became a cherished friendI would recommend this book to those who like fantasy sci fi and classics stories with a fresh twist

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CHARACTERS Escaping Neverland 107 ñ ➽ [Download] ➺ Escaping Neverland By Melissa Lemon ➸ – Peter Pan is growing up Nearing adulthood he faces a choice join the pirates of Neverland or face their wrath or leave Neverland for good Reluctant to abandon the Lost Boys Peter searches for someone Peter Pan is growing uGood Reluctant to abandon the Lost Boys Peter searches for someone who can care for them and withstand the dangers of Neverland The. What a daunting prospect writing a character as well known and praised as Peter Pan It would be difficult at best There are some things I think the author did fabulously The descriptions and explanations of Neverland were believable and I was able to picture them easily in my mind I loved the fairies and their various colors the mermaids and the Lost Boys I really loved Jane and thought her character was written well She was consistent fun and likable Peter however was sometimes disappointing As the child we all know Peter is fun loving playful and carefree In this story because he has grown up he is stressed serious suffers from panic attacks and carries the weight of the world Neverland that is on his shoulders In my mind I just couldn't align that Peter Pan with his playful childhood self The pirates were hard to stomach too though they had to be vilified in the plot Overall it was an entertaining read and I would recommend it to those who love fairy tale retellings It is evident a lot of thought was put into the story and I love the cover I'll be watching for future books from this author