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Once Upon a Time Calluvias Royalty #3A very proper prince and a rude dangerous man who may or may not be a stableman a fairy tale love storyIce PrincePrince Jamil of Calluvia has always disliked that moniker but he is responsible and proper and it's probably accurate to say that he isn't good at emotions After being widowed Jamil’s life ha OMG 😱 I swear Alessandra Hazard can write one book a day and I still won’t get enough 😁 This is everything I hoped I would get in Prince Jamil’s story Prince Jamil who’s moniker is the ice prince the prim and proper and responsible crown prince who is secretly slutty and kinky and submissive Loved it 😍 And man I knew Rohan was going to be a bit of an alpha arsehole from the glimpse we got from the previous book but I loved how brutish and obsessive and caveman possessive this man is 😁 My kind of romance hero 😉Although the author claims that this can “technically” be read as standalone I would strongly recommend to read the whole series in order to truly enjoy this book Yes I loved the second book “That Irresistible Poison” than this one but the dialogues are to die for in this book 👏 So romantic swoon worthy and tender 💜 The romance between Jamil and Rohan is slow sensual tender and loving I loved reading about these two and their adorable little daughter And guys “mind porn” 😂👏🔥 I didn’t realize reading about “merging minds” could be so scandalous and dirty and hot 😱🔥 Loved it to the moon and back 😍 And the epilogue was beautiful 🥰 I already can’t wait for the story of Prince Eridan and the High Adept I love reading about anti heroes alpha arseholes and spoilt brats in general so should definitely be right up my alley 😁 45 I’m scared of what I’m capable of doing for you stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

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S revolved around his duties as a crown prince and little else But one night everything changesOne night Jamil meets a man at the royal stables a man who is the opposite of proper a man with eyes as black as sinRohan di'Lehr is everything Jamil should despise He's a rude lowborn criminal He's terrible for 35ProsSmoldering hot and that was just the telepathy never mind the explosive sexThe story toyed with the idea of enemies to lovers although Rohan and Jamil connected immediately Opposites attract Rohan is rough around the edges while Jamil is the ice price but damn are they good togetherUltimately romantic especially the last chapter prior to the epilogue Love wins ConsNot one but two separations Too much political intrigue for my tasteToo much focus on how hetero Rohan was I mean he's straight as a fucking ruler and then he bonds with Jamil and BAM he loves dick Why not just write a bi character? I'm not a fan of GFY tropes at allGimmicky prologue epilogue I wanted to see the wedding from the men's perspective I don't want to be told Jamil was glowing I want to see it

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FREE PDF ↠ BOOK Once Upon a Time Calluvias Royalty #3 ☆ ALESSANDRA HAZARD ↠ ➸ Once Upon a Time Calluvias Royalty #3 Download ➿ Author Alessandra Hazard – A very proper prince and a rude dangerous man who may or may not be a stableman a fairy tale love storJamil's self control He makes Jamil behave like a wanton creature not the Crown PrinceThey have nothing in common They have no future togetherHe still can't stay awayA story of forbidden twisted attraction and love that defies all odds Note This book contains explicit sexual MM content and graphic langua Re read 31012020 I felt the need to read a MM book as I haven't done it yet since the new year started I know; shocking and I wanted something light and something I knew I'd enjoy And if you know me you know I'm pretty much addicted to Alessandra Hazard 's books It's not that they are so absolutely amazing and the best I've read I have a lot of issues with some of them but her books just pull me in and refuses to let go I keep coming back to her book all the time And I still enjoy the books I re read sometimes than the first reads and it's annoying how I can't keep away That being said I still wished we had gotten to see of Henry and Adam still my favorites but the story is still uite enjoyable Same rating as before ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱A Good Read⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ First read reviewThe third book in this series centers around the Crown Prince of Third Grand Clan Jamil’ngh’veighli 33 of Calluvia and certified zywern trainer view spoilera rebel there to find proof that the rebels didn't kill Jamil's husband hide spoiler