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characters Ò PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ J.C. Owens Can a deadly assassin hold on to the Rain PDFEPUB #235 a love he thought lostHredeen has been exiled from his emperor's side the only place he had found a home friendshiplove Now after changing the course of the invasion of Bhantan he faces an uncertain future Unable to return to Anrodnes he faces years of torture and isolation as his masters in the War Guild eradicate every precious memory he held of his former life with Emperor Taldan But after meeting a rogue assassin one who escaped from the War Guild itself Hredeen has to make a Drums in MOBI #204 choice Respond to a summons by the War Guild for brutal retraining Or take vital information bac. I liked this onebetter than the first two I easily followed the storyline within the multiple POVs most uestions were answered there was progression in the story no abrupt endingAm glad it didn't jump from Raine wishing Hredeen wouldn't come back to him feeling insta love lust or attraction I was worried abt that BUTI still wish in that first half that everyone was busy trying to get Taldan Hredeen back together within their very long internal monologues they would have spared just ONE thought to think what about Raine What will happen to Raine when these two regain their great love Nobody even considered how he would have feltI just want Raine to be someone's first only choice to be consideredI fell in love with this book bcoz of him

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Drums in the Rain The Anrodnes Chronicles #3 Download ë 104 ´ ❴Epub❵ ❧ Drums in the Rain The Anrodnes Chronicles #3 Author J.C. Owens – Gym-apparel.co.uk Can a deadly assassin hold on to a love he thought lostHredeen has been exiled from his emperor's side the only place he had found a home frie K to Anrodnes back where Emperor Taldan and Raine wait The man he lovesand the man who is Taldan's true ChosenRaine has done everything he can to be a good Chosen for the emperor but he fears it is not enough He longs for Taldan's love yet he worries that what Taldan and Hredeen had together is deeper and powerful than he could ever offer Taldan is consumed by Hredeen's loss his behavior sliding into something on the edge in the Rain Kindle #208 of darkness Is it the magic of the Illumitaeor something even dangerous And what can Raine do to stop itThe loss of Hredeen leaves a hole within Taldan's heart even though he was the one to exile the assas. This book wasn't off to a great start but over the course of its length it really found itself I was overjoyed when the plot once again became cohesive as all the characters came togetherInitially a lot of the characters were beyond annoying but gradually I think most everyone redeemed themselvesIsnay and Dransin are my least favourite couple of the lot Isnay is someone I liked a lot in the first book and his storyline did get buried under the others in the second book but I liked his budding relationship with Dransin but he kind of irked me in this one I get he is very partial towards Dransin and I get how Dransin is being vilified by the court at Bhantan but the fact that Isnay isn't able to look above his own prejudice was disheartening For a diplomat he is awfully naive and petulantFor the most I like Dransin but he doesn't fit with the rest of the plot so his inclusion at times felt very obtrusive in the later scenes even though in some he was only mentioned in passing after the factNaral had started to give me some big hopes in Night of Rain but I might have rejoiced prematurely because he still has a lot of childishness to outgrow which is a weird trait to see in a grown ass adult but he definitely wins the award for the most improved character Also his relationship with Fagan is adorable and utterly delightful and I'm totally invested in where that leadsZaran is a character I have greatly come to admire and at the beginning of the book when everyone was annoying me from Isnay to Raine to Naral he was the one character who wasn't Zaran has grown remarkably as a character and now he is so much self aware and insightfulRalnulian's storyline in this one is a little unexpected but I liked where that took the plot He is also an amazingly serene character who seems to know himself and his place in the world and has made his peace with itThe plot of this story reconverges on Taldan Hredeen and Raine and that was wonderful because it made the plot tighter and interesting to read There are assassins trying to kill Taldan as he tries to learn how to control the Illumitae All things considered I was surprised by how much I liked how they resolved the conflict between these three characters and I find myself fascinated to read about Taldan's struggle with the IllumitaePersonally while I didn't start the book very enthused about where the story was headed I definitely loved the direction the plot eventually took and now I find myself pretty excited to read the conclusion to the series

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Drums in the Rain The Anrodnes Chronicles #3Sin Yet he is beginning to love Raine his Chosen and attempts to put his in the Rain The Anrodnes PDF or entire energy into solidifying their bond But with conspiracies assassination threats and unrest spreading across the lands even that bond will be put to the test The Illumitae holds secrets and some of them may destroy everything he cherishes Once Taldan prided in the Rain The Anrodnes PDF or himself on his emotionless logical detachment and the power of his mind But now the chaos within his heart is surging and neither Raine nor Hredeen may be safe Reader note The Anrodnes Chronicles is a four book epic MM Fantasy Romance series from J C Owen. This review is for all 4 books because I literally read all 4 books in less than 12 hours This story was brilliant Raine Taldan and Hredeen are all truly amazing men and I’m so happy they all got their HEA Along with their family and friends Once again JC Owens has outdone themselves I absolutely loved this amazing story and will definitely be coming back to these 4 books over and over again I also hope to see of these men in the future