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Starry Nights Free read ´ 102 ☆ ❮EPUB❯ ❄ Starry Nights ✿ Author Shobhaa Denning – Aasha Rani es una estrella del cine musical de Bollywood y está en la cima de su carrera tiene éxito fama y dinero Pero llegar hasta ahí ha sido muy duro y Aasha ha ido perdiendo demasiadas cosas i Aasha Rani es unaIdo perdiendo demasiadas cosas importantes por el camino su inocencia su gran amor la felicidad soñada A través de su historia fascinante pero plagada de desdichas es. It brings out what the movie world is all about Most of us are very happy at seeing the packaging and forget that beneath the packaging there might a truth which we have been running away from

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Ta novela nos muestra los claroscuros de la industria de Bollywood y los contrastes de la India actual una sociedad a caballo entre la tradición y la tecnología punta. Shobhaa De unveils the truth about Bollywood film industry in this novel The truth that we often get to see in bits and pieces in films The story is narrated well with each character having their own views about the reigning star Aasha Rani Sweetheart of Millions Thrown into the dirty world of cinema by her mother the story is about her rise and fall in the film industry Being a nobody to a top movie star I guess everyone knows the price she had to pay to reach that stardom One is bound to pity the state she was thrown in at each stage of her lifeThe story starts off well but fails to hold that grip towards the endThere are some instances which makes the audience guessing about what is going on like the episodes with the director Jojo and Gopalkrishna The same uestions that Aasha Rani asks herself left me guessing the same too In one chapter Aasha Rani is potrayed as the caring daughter who leaves behind her husband and daughter in New Zeland to take care of her ailing parents And in the next chapter the same Aasha Rani goes to London only to work as a highly paid prostitute For what And WhyA few missing links at the end made me feel that Shobhaa De din't do justice to a promissing book Nevertheless it's a book I would recommend if you want to know the dirty inside scoop of awe inspiring film industry

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Starry NightsAasha Rani es una estrella del cine musical de Bollywood y está en la cima de su carrera tiene éxito fama y dinero Pero llegar hasta ahí ha sido muy duro y Aasha ha. Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity killed my three hours I repent the decision to even start the book the initial pages were filled with enough stupidity that should have deterred me from reading pages I kept an optimistic attitude and ventured further into the book only to find and disappointmentThe main character is a woman who is than okay to use her body to gain a foothold in the movie industry of India While that might be true that is one horrendously bad choice for a protagonist and entirely devoid of redeemable ualities that would make a reader pine for her The character doesn't improve in any sense throughout the book The book revolves from one man to another manwoman who are primarily interested in trysting with her and we the readers are presented with details of their amorous rendezvous Phew even writing about it makes me conscious of wasting digital ink Do not I plead you do not start this book if you want a good story worth your time