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Jurnal 1935 1944Prefete antisemite semnata de Nae Ionescu Atacurilor din toate directiile scriitorul le raspunsese intr un eseu magistral Cum am devenit huligan incheiat in decembrie 1934 Dar criza sa sufleteasca si de constiinta pare sa inceapa abia acum iar insemnarile acestui adevarat „jurnal de bord“ se vor face ecoul furtunilor launtrice ca si al celor care bantuiau in epoca viata politica a tarii si intreaga Europa De aceea in marturia complexa lasata de Sebastian se interfereaza un jurnal intim al starilor interioare si experientelor sentimentale un jurnal de creatie un jurnal „evreiesc“ si mai amplu decat toate unul intelectual si politicIn acesta din urma se afla adevarate revelatii portretistice ca si „foaia de temperatura? Swann in Bucharest not Paris and a real life man not a character in fiction Sebastian a Romanian Jew who was a dashing classless much beloved figure in Romanian society and theatrical circles in the 1930s and 40s As a pursuer of women he strongly identified with Swann himelf and his primary gf with Odette Astonishingly he did not drop his friends when they became anti semitic in sentiment or even in action as the 30s wore on eually so they did not drop him Sebastian records many uncomfortable conversations worries endlessly about how he can still remain friends or in contact with people like Mircea Eliade whose loathesomeness alas is finally revealed here as well as his loveability When Norman Manea's attack on Eliade came out in TNR in 1998 I simply couldn't believe it I had read 1000 pages of Eliade's memoirs he had been a friend and mentor to my very favorite deceased father in law an easy choice my admiration for him had never been sullied by acuaintance And yet it is so These diaries have been compared to the Victor Klemperer diaries don't believe it Sebastian's are not in the same league trivial far interesting because of the charming personality of the author than because of anything he could describe but it is a document of the highest interest to the student I should say to the pursuer of assimilation Sebastian ne Hechter is simply the most adept assimilationist in all of Jewish history and yet never pretended to be anything other than a Jew When listenening to the long anti Semitic rants of his friends which proposed murder and deporatation at the time he could be both detached proud of his friendship and could outdo them in social rank after all he Sebastian was invited to stay at the Prince and Princess Bibesco's country place while hius wouldbe Jewkillers remained hopelessly middle class What revenge for this music loving juggler of 3 4 girlfriends and scribbler of west end comediesThe high point of the book is when a Russian soldier robs Eliade of his watch and 100000 leis you want to stand up and cheerSadly the poor man survived the war only to be run over by a truck in Bucharest in 1945 The value of the book is its object lesson to once giddy young men who are not so young any and a reminder that however amusing it is to contemplate Romanians it was never very nice to have to be one Christian or Jewish and may never ever be

BOOK Jurnal: 1935-1944

FREE PDF á BOOK Jurnal: 1935-1944 ´ GYMAPPAREL ä ☁ [PDF / Epub] ☀ Jurnal: 1935-1944 By Mihail Sebastian ✎ – In ciuda legendelor care circulau in jurul misteriosului jurnal inedit al lui Mihail Sebastian putini au avut prilejul sa consulte cele noua caiete ale sale pastrate cu sfinten? a relatiilor scriitorului cu prietenii apropiati – Mircea Eliade Camil Petrescu Al Rosetti Petru Comarnescu Eugen lonescu Martha si Antoine Bibescu C Noica C Visoianu Teodorescu Braniste – alaturi de scanteietoare instantanee din viata politica si culturala bucuresteanaDupa ce consemneaza in chip tulburator „convertirea legionara“ a unor straluciti prieteni Jurnalul lui Sebastian devine o cronica a Bucurestilor in vreme de razboi si a dramei populatiei evreiesti din aceeasi perioada Paginile finale datand din decembrie 1944 inregistreaza cu aceeasi acuitate o data cu prezenta trupelor sovietice in Bucuresti semnele nelinistitoare ale instalarii viitoarei opresiuni comuniste E ultimul mesaj lasat de scriitor posteritati History All countries distort it and communist Romania was no exception That is why Mihail Sebastian’s book a raw record of his life and the major political events in Romania between 1935 1944 is so important As weeks turn to months and months turn to years the reader witnesses the gradual introduction of anti Jewish laws From confiscation of their houses and their possessions including radios to outlawing practicing their professions From financial penalties to forced labour Even the price of bread is set at twice of that of the rest of the population Credit where credit is due the inventiveness of the fascist government had no bounds In time these laws would drive Sebastian into poverty and often despair At first he is puzzled seeing his mentor and his best friends high calibre intellectuals becoming infatuated with the poisonous Nazi ideology Later he still meets them on occasions but finds them repugnant Without a radio with his only source of news the German communiues bragging about their victories then and secretive as their luck turns all Sebastian can do is speculate But the progrom in his own city is no speculation Neither is the ueue of Jews about to be deported he walks past The fear and dread that one day it might be him standing there would never be far from his mind And yet when a well wisher says to him to convert to Christianity which in those days could have made the difference between life and death despite being a secular Jew he refuses That’s moral fortitude This book is about far than war It is also about literature Among them Balzac and Proust Shakespeare and Yates and even Jane Austin He admires them he comments about their techniues But I found his own struggles with writing the ups and downs of the creative process most interesting And so are his doubts about writing when other people are murdered It took fifty years for this book to be published and how grateful I am that it was I grew up in Romania during the communist times The history we learnt was mostly about class struggle It did not mention Jews or Holocaust My parents who lived in Brasov where Sebastian went sometimes to ski told me that their house was confiscated but not about the other struggles or their fear that they could be deported any day My impression was that Hungary from where hundreds of thousands of Jews were taken to be murdered was far worse So I was always grateful to Romania for my parents’ lives Sebastian’s book has affected me greatly

Mihail Sebastian ↠ Jurnal: 1935-1944 DOC

In ciuda legendelor care circulau in jurul misteriosului jurnal inedit al lui Mihail Sebastian putini au avut prilejul sa consulte cele noua caiete ale sale pastrate cu sfintenie de familia scriitorului vreme de cincizeci de ani Urmasii lui Mihail Sebastian au incuviintat publicarea integrala a Jurnalului Apare astfel intr o editie ingrijita de Gabriela Omat si prefatata de Leon Volovici nu numai una dintre cele mai captivante scrieri memorialistice ale literaturii romane moderne dar si un extraordinar document de istorie culturala si politica a anilor '30 '40 Primele pagini dm Jurnalul lui Sebastian dateaza din februarie 1935 Trecuse un an de la declansarea scandalului din jurul romanului De doua mii de ani si al socantei sale I loved this book opened my eyes to a lot of things that happened in Romania during the second world war I know when I am going to read his other works it will feel strange knowing the process of creationDamn destiny surviving the war as a jew and one year later dying in a car accidentMS is a great lost name of the romanian literature we didn‘t study him at school nobody ever mentioned him glad having discovered him Without knowing he wrote an impressive story of RomaniaWould love to write and to tell you how much i liked his journal but i have a terrible case of flu with bronchitis i am not uite in the mood to exuberate ☺️