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OvergaveAnastasia en Natalie zijn tegenpolen Ze vinden elkaar irritant En onweerstaanbaarAnastasia Mikhelson staat op het punt de prima ballerina van het New York City Ballet te worden Ze heeft keihard moeten werken en veel op moeten geven om de beste te worden Dat veel mensen haar een ijskoningin vinden m. So you go about your days reading books thinking oh yes this one is good that one over there is so good and then a Melissa Brayden comes along making everything else seem well just less than Dancing is an art form one I was not blessed with Don’t you snicker now I have moves as a matter a fact I can do the can do the Shopping Cart and the Lawnmower like a badass but that isn’t going to land me on the big stage there is always hope for America’s Funniest Videos though Dancing real dancing like in First Position is heart stopping beautiful a vivacious combination of living breathing art and absolute athleticism Now throw in a heart stopping angsty sexy romance with some pirouettes What do you get well I’ll tell you in my opinion you have Melissa Brayden’s best one yet Bold statement right Anastasia “Ana” Mikhelson is all business all the time Ballet ballet and ballet there is nothing else in her life literally She is the product of two famous Russian ballet superstars her father arguably being the most famous danseur in the world For Ana life is about living up to her father’s fame finding his acceptance through her hard work and flawless technical ability What she lacks and what is holding her from being the best passion Ana for the life of her cannot figure out how to capture that fire that she has been told that she is missing This all changes when a cocky rival Natalie Frederico shows up to dance with Ana’s company the New York City Ballet Natalie Frederico was a ballet child prodigy Out of nowhere she was accepted into one of the world’s most prestigious schools The thing was ballet was too rigid for this free spirit so she left and headed out to LA to find her own expression of her art Barely making it a chance opportunity arrives year’s later for her to dance as a soloist in a new production for the New York City Ballet While her fire is there and passion exudes from her very pores as she dances she needs help refining her techniue Who can she turn to for help You guessed it the Ice ueen Ana Mikhelson Watch out for the sparksThese two have banter they are competitive as hell with each other and the whole time you have that great push pull that really holds your attention and grabs at those little heartstrings So many times you just catch yourself smiling through the book almost wanting to lose your page and start from the beginning all over again It’s sexy it’s hot it’s funny it’s witty it’s angstyit’s just damn good reading I have adjectives but I stopped myself This is arguably Melissa Brayden’s best work Bold statement yes but I’m sticking by it Easily one of the top five books I have read this year easily Eleventy billion stars

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Niet laten lopenAls de twee elkaar voor het eerst ontmoeten klikt het niet echt Anastasia vindt dat Natalie niets serieus neemt terwijl Natalie juist gek wordt van hoe strikt Anastasia is Wanneer ze samen moeten werken aan een nieuwe voorstelling vliegen de vonken ervanaf En niet alleen op het podi. 35 Finding Out What's Important Stars 12I am a sucker for anything Dance related I took Ballet as a kid and once you have that in you I think you always consider yourself a dancer Now that is Not to say I was accomplished on pointe or continued after 11 years old I segued into musical theater and that was of the goal for my teen years I share this so you will understand my uick click for this bookHey it had a perfectly pointed toe shoe Seriously though this book had all the necessary parts needed for a dance lover It was like a cross of the movies Center StageBlack SwanTerms of Endearment with the added element of a FF love story The blurb lays it all out perfectly Cloistered talented Ana has been working to become a Principle Dancer with New York City Ballet She has overcome comparisons of her famous father's dance accomplishments and endured all of the injuries which are part of the ballet world She has been a Soloist for far too long per her father's expectations and finally the Company has seemed fit to promote her to the coveted top position of Principle Ana is thrilled but after informing her father of this huge step she feels alone She has never mixed with any of the other dancers on a personal level outside the theaterfor she was taught to stay focused and continue to fight for her goals above all else There is one thing which is warming her heart the new production in the works for the upcoming season She told the choreographer how much she was looking forward to dancing this new part Unfortunately he was not as enthused He felt Ana was extremely talented technically no doubt but lacked the heart and soul of the piece Ana fought to assure him she could open herself and do it justiceand he relinuished and told her she could be part of the audition processFree thinking Natalie has been running her own rag tag troupe of dancers doing original choreography in shows around Los Angeles The locations have been little than garage level theaters but her shows have been solid out and word of mouth has sung her praises Too bad none of those things amounted to financial security Natalie has never danced for the need of money it has always been for the love of it But things have changed and tonight was the last show and end of the company tooNatalie pulls herself together at the farewell gathering at their favorite bar she tells all of her dancers and friends this was the best experience Her girlfriend Morgan pulls her close and then leads her out to the dance floor where all let loose and enjoy the remaining time together Natalie is awaken by the choreographer who has a vision pounding at her door She agrees to met at the coffee shop and there he tells her of his proposal He will bring her on as a Soloist and see if she is up to the part he has in mind It takes Natalie a second to absorb all of thisyet with her company disbandedthis is the perfect opportunity to regroup The only downside is leaving Los Angeles and her girlfriend Morgan Things take off in the book when these two characters meet during the first day back in NYC Ana the ever perfect dancer is there at the barre ready for company classShe is focused on the upcoming audition happening this afternoon for the new production She has been practicing and strengthening for this season her first as a Principle after so many years Class has started and then blustering in comes Natalie late and noisy All turn to see who this person isand it startsWhat Ana didn't know is the one who was making the decision for the production had already found Natalie the dancer he feels he needs for his piece Yes she was undisciplined and yes her technical abilities were a bit lacking But oh when she danced you felt everything she was feeling in the moment She also had been at the School ye

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Overgave Free download ↠ 2 Ý [EPUB] ✼ Overgave By Melissa Brayden – Gym-apparel.co.uk Anastasia en Natalie zijn tegenpolen Ze vinden elkaar irritant En onweerstaanbaarAnastasia Mikhelson staat op het punt de prima ballerina van het New York City Ballet te worden Ze heeft keihard moeten Anastasia en Natalie zijn tegenpolen Ze vinden elkaarAakt haar niet uit – alles voor haar carrièreNatalie Frederico kan ontzettend goed dansen Ze is opgeleid als ballerina maar ze had meer vrijheid nodig en danst nu vooral modern Dan krijgt ze onverwacht een plek aangeboden als gastdanser bij het New York City Ballet en die kans kan ze natuurlijk. What a beautiful love story Two actually Brayden is at the top of her game with First Position She’s given us a story with heart hope and a whole lot of wonderful What sets her novels above the rest Her ability to turn a simple story into something special scenes so easy to imagine you think you are watching a movie and a cast you can’t help but admire and wish you knew It’s an intoxicating combination Natalie is a dancer with raw talent and a creative spirit reveling in the freedom she finds in modern dance but struggling financially for her art When she is asked to audition for a classical ballet company back in New York she is reluctant but accepts the offer Ana is rigid and driven to succeed both for herself and to please her father She has worked hard to become a prima ballerina perfecting her craft while struggling to find the emotional range needed to win this coveted title Two women with completely different work ethics forced to train together makes for an entertaining look at how opposites do attract It was a pleasure to watch this romance develop in the heart of the theatre world Ana is the best drawn character I’ve read in Brayden’s growing collection There is so much depth to her so much suppressed emotion Natalie has her role to play but the joy and liberation Ana feels as she discovers her true potential elevates the story from predictable to excellent Two love stories you ask Yes in my opinion there are two in this novel Natalie and Ana are the first The second is the authors love for the Performing Arts First Position is a love letter to all those involved in theatrical productions of all kinds Brayden shines when she writes about the lives of her dancers actors stage managers and choreographers She knows the industry and she understands the dedication needed to succeed in front of an audience or behind the scenes One of my favourite scenes in the novel is a uiet one at the end of a performance when Natalie lingers in the theatre lobby before heading home; She strolled into the house where the ushers were vacuuming the red carpet after the audience had dispersed and headed out into the world A singular ghost light stood onstage She stared at it the image somehow magical to her the lonely light that would keep watch until they all returned and did it again the next day Loc 3768Like I said two love stories ARC received with thanks from Bold Strokes Books via NetGalley for review