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Beyond the MoonKus Reviews Historical fantasy at its very best Historical Novel SocietyShortlisted for the EharmonyOrion Love Story Prize “An unflinching portrait of the horrors of war and a look at the torturous extremes a human soul can endure It is a sonnet to the transformative power of love even as it is also a criticism of the futility and pointless destructiveness of war Shaylin Gandhi author of By The Light of EmbersIn st Lieutenant Robert Lovett is a patient at Coldbrook Hall military hospital in Sussex England A gifted artist he’s been wounded fighting in the Great War Shell shocked and suffering from hysterical blindness he can no longer see his own face let alone paint and life seems increasingly hopeless A century later in medical student Louisa Casson has just lost her beloved grandmother – her only family Heartbroken she drown. You know the saying `don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ It could not be truer for this story At first glance the cover had me thinking it might be in the fantasy genre which is not something that interests me When I read that there was time travel it almost put me off once again However I am no uitter and when the time was right I decided to give this story a fair chance and I’m so glad I didIf you are a fan of historical fiction then this story will be right up your alley The story begins in 2017 with Louisa She has recently lost her much beloved grandmother and is completely bereft After being orphaned when her parents died her grandmother had been the only family she had After putting her to rest she wanders along the beloved cliffs near her home and settles into the long grass watching the sunset and toasting her grandmother’s life with some good whiskey Unfortunately for Louisa she imbibes a little too much whiskey and falls asleep only to awaken in the dark disorientated and as she tries to make her back to safety she falls This leads to Louise being taken to Coldbrook Hall a psychiatric hospital Their assessment of her concludes that she made a suicide attempt and must be kept under watch and medicated What a nightmare she has found herself in While she is there she makes friends with some of the patients and finds her way into an older part of the building that is soon to be demolished After exploring for a little while there one day she hears a cry for help and opens the door to find a man who has fallen from his bedLet’s go back 101 years now WW1 is in its 4th year and Robert Robert is a patient at Coldbrook Hall a military hospital He has temporarily lost his sight which of huge stress to him as he is also a very talented artist He is a lieutenant and desperate to get back to his troops but fears this injury may mean the end of his army career After falling from his bed one day he calls for help that call is answered by a beautiful woman called Louisa He may not be able to see but all of his other senses tell him she is beautifulLouisa is shocked to find a man alone in this abandoned building and she soon discovers that there is so much to the reason he is there Maybe she is indeed going mad because not only is she the only person who can see or hear him but she seems to be invisible to the staff tending to him She has no idea what is going on but over the course of several weeks she visits Robert as much as she can There is a connection she cannot explain and she knows they are falling in love When the demolition of the old hospital begins Louisa panics as this is her only connection to Robert and short of chaining herself to the wrecking ball she has no way to stop what is going to happen In a last bid attempt to see him one last time she puts herself in harms way and once again ends up falling Except this time she falls and falls into a blackness like no other When she awakens she finds herself in France 1917Talk about a massive plot twist From here the story gets incredibly intense in some parts very graphic but also a reflection of what soldiers and nurses went through in hospitals treating victims of this terrible war I could not stop reading this story and was completely invested in Louisa and Robert finding each other again This was an unexpectedly fabulous story

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Longlisted for the Exeter Novel PrizeA strange twist of fate connects a British soldier fighting in the First World War in with a young woman living in modern day England a century later in this haunting literary time travel novelTwo people two battles one against the invading Germans on the battlefields of France the other against a substandard uncaring mental health facility in modern day England Part war story part timeslip part love story – and at the same time Beyond the MOBI #204 a meditation on the themes of war mental illness identity and art Beyond The Moon is an intelligent captivating debut novel perfect for book clubsTaylor’s accomplished genre bending book succeeds as a WW historical novel and a beguiling time travel love story The sharply written narrative deftly moves back and forth between the past and present Kir. Thank you HFVBT and the author for a complimentary copy I voluntarily reviewed this book All opinions expressed are my own Beyond The Moon By Catherine Taylor REVIEW 🌟🌟🌟🌟Beyond The Moon is a romance story with a twist time travel Louisa in 2017 drinks too much and accidentally falls down a cliff She is deemed a suicide risk and admitted to Coldbrook psychiatric hospital This is not a place of caring Patients are subdued with pills and cannot defend themselves Louisa becomes aware of an abandoned wing of the hospital and begins to explore this area It is here she meets Robert only he is living in 1916 and fighting in WWI He was also a patient here How is this possible Can a relationship develop between two people living a century apart This is an intriguing story with well developed characters It definitely kept me interested and reading because of its uniue premise I have not read much time travel fiction prior to this The author does an excellent job of weaving these two timelines together to create a cohesive story It is evident that much research went into the story as well On a different note the horrible conditions in the hospital and the mistreatment of the patients is a sad reflection of actual conditions in so many institutions today It is so heartbreaking This problem is one to be aware of to affect change Overall Beyond The Moon is a great read that I definitely recommend

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Read & Download à Beyond the Moon ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ì ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ Beyond the Moon By Catherine Taylor ✓ – Longlisted for the 2019 Exeter Novel PrizeA strange twist of fate connects a British soldier fighting in the First World War in 1916 with a young woman lS her sorrows in alcohol on the South Downs cliffs – only to fall accidentally part way down Doctors fear she may have attempted suicide and Louisa finds herself involuntarily admitted to Coldbrook Hall – now a psychiatric hospital an unfriendly and chaotic placeThen one day while secretly exploring the old Victorian hospital’s ruined abandoned wing Louisa hears a voice calling for help and stumbles across a dark old fashioned hospital room Inside lying on the floor is a mysterious sightless young man who tells her he was hurt at the Battle of the Somme a WW battle a century ago And that his name is Lieutenant Robert LovettFor fans of Kate uinn Sebastian Faulks Diana Gabaldon Ken Follett Kristin Hannah Susanna Kearsley and Paullina SimonsNB Contains graphic descriptions of war violence and injuries as well as profanity and mild se. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with Beyond the Moon by Catherine Taylor I was a little concerned after seeing the comparisons made in the description and in several reviews to Outlander a book I was unable to finish as it was much too explicit and uite unnecessarily so at that Happily this was not the case There is a scene with some intimate details but fortunately it isn't too graphic and can easily be skipped if one desiresBeyond the Moon is a romance in that the main characters fall in love and rather uickly and sweetly but it is so much than that label might suggest I am not a romance reader but do not mind it when the romance plays second fiddle to the main storyline It is a uniue story of time travel there are elements that make it uniue that I won't share as it would spoil the unfolding of the story Suffice it to say it is an interesting spin on the usual time travel fantasyThe author has done a lot of research to provide the details that make one feel they are in the World War 1 time period and it is very affecting She has made it easy to immerse yourself in that world In one review I read someone felt that the modern hospital did not seem realistic I disagree it felt all too realistic in my opinion The uncaring often cruel treatment of patients is something we read of in the news it saddens and angers me but unfortunately it happens It isn't just in mental hospitals but in all institutions and daycare settings for all ages and developmental abilities I would recommend Beyond the Moon to people like me who enjoy actual historical fiction as contrasted with historical romance fiction Romance is there yes It drives the time travel but there is so much historical detail a seamless immersion into the past that it doesn't overpower the story The historical details are written so well so matter of factly not as a random collection of facts just thrown in but as a natural part of the writing that I am sure many readers will find enjoyable I was unable to put this book down and read it straight through in one day