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Knightmare The Temple Chronicles #12 Free download å 100 ✓ ❮Reading❯ ➺ Knightmare The Temple Chronicles #12 ➲ Author Shayne Silvers – Nate Temple must die Mordred—the bastard son of King Arthur—has returned and he will stop at nothing to utterly destroy everything hisNate Temple must die Mordred the Temple Chronicles PDF #10003 bastard son of King Arthur has returned and he will stop at nothing to utterly destroy everything his father ever created burning the Arthurian Legend from the history books for goodHe’s already defeated Nate Temple once corrupting the fabled Knights of the Round Table into Knightmare The ePUB #10003 darker nigh invincible merciless killing machines KnightmaresAnd once Camelot is nothing than a pile of fiery rubble Mordr. This Knightmare Kept Me Up All NightOnce again I had to devour a Templeverse novel in one go Sleep Meh who needs it when Nate Temple is BACK Nate’s been getting his headspace together in Fae but there’s a lot going on back in St Louis and elsewhere that he needs to handle— than he even knows And the clock is ticking with Time itself becoming problematic Shayne Silvers’ imagery reflective passages and delivery of the feels are better than ever making me wish for another 2 3 4 hundred pages And because the timeline of Knightmare overlaps with Black Sheep of the Feathers and Fire series we’re treated to a pair of critical scenes from BS this time from Nate’s perspective rather than Callie’s Who even does that It’s wonderfulAs always every uestion answered spawns two new ones but you can feel the puzzle pieces shifting realigning—tantalizing Waiting for the next book Just Keeps Getting Harder

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Ed plans to conuer St Louis after slaughtering Nate and everyone he’s ever cared about of courseBut a vengeful god is also hunting Nate and starts attacking his friends to draw him out When The Temple Chronicles Kindle #207 one of Nate’s best friends is gravely wounded Nate is forced to make an impossible choice save his city from Mordred or save his friend from a blood crazed godBoth foes carry enough daddy issues to grant a first year psychologist a second year retirement But N. Shayne Silvers is back in top form In Legends I started seeing the Shayne I knew from the beginning and had hoped he'd gotten back on track with his Nate Temple series Well he's done better than that Knightmare even surpassed Legends And that was pretty hard to doI don't know what I was expecting from this volume in this epic series but I certainly got it in spades Nate had to step up his game if he was going to overcome all the problems coming at him from all sides So to step up to get himself back into fighting form he went into Fae towell who knows what he did Meditate Wrestle faery moose Have bantering sessions with a very witty little girl to tuneup his sharp tongue Who knows All we really do know is he seems to have come back to his senses and just in timeWe know he has to fight Mordred We know there's issues going on with Thor terrorizing St Louis not to mention Aasgard We know poor Ashley is preggers as can be and anxious to unload the twin pups And we know there is a great deal of weird things going on in both Fae and our world that definitely need addressing In this book Shayne makes sure Nate steps up to address all the issues he'd either caused or simply gotten in the middle of in his usual arrogant way Knightmare is definitely the culmination of 12 excellent books and was a long time coming but definitely well worth the wait As what I will probably consider his best Nate Temple book yet Knightmare has earned the 5 stars and then some And even though Shayne threw in a few way too long explanationsanalogies which has become a trademark of his they were fewer than usual which pleased me considerably so I won't even call them an issue Just a uirk I won't tell you anything that happens here because i don't do spoilers But I will tell you that Knightmare is exciting unpredictable endearing and thoroughly enjoyable and for the second time in as many recent books grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go only allowing me to finally breathe in the end This is what I look for in an epic fantasy and this is what was delivered In spadesExcellently done Mr Silvers Excellently done indeed I'm so very pleased that this volume was the best yet The timing for perfection couldn't have been better I received this as an ARC and give this review in my own words and of my own volition Not to mention intend to buy it as well once it is live

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Knightmare The Temple Chronicles #12Ate’s not that stable either and if he can’t get a grip on his own demons his victory might very well be worse than anything either of his enemies ever could have imaginedThe only option left is to shatter all the rules opening himself up to deadly powers better left untouched and forgotten and even that is a fool’s gambit a whisper of a hopeThen again if we don’t have hope we’ve already lostSo it’s time for Nate Temple to roll the diceBecause in this game even Hope can d. I thought I reviewed this book Oh well happy to do it again since it was so goodAs usual for Nate Temple books this one was a roller coaster of action surprises and unthinkable closure to some of Nate's full plate itemsAs one was rectified another completely different as bizarre as adventurers problem took its' placeMentally I did a lot of what the fuck holy shit responses to all thisIf you haven't read Nightmare yet read it I've been waiting weeks for Ascension book 13 and lucky you only have to wait 10 days It comes out September 9 2019