Summary Given Up for Dead America's Heroic Stand at Wake Island ☆ eBook ePUB or Kindle PDF

Summary Given Up for Dead America's Heroic Stand at Wake Island

Summary Given Up for Dead America's Heroic Stand at Wake Island ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ [PDF] ✅ Given Up for Dead America's Heroic Stand at Wake Island By Bill Sloan – A gripping narrative of unprecedented valor and personal courage here is the story ofY would pass before he was found stripped of his rifle and his uniform Shocked to realize he hadn’t awakened to victory Sloman wondered Had he been given up for dead and had the Marines simply given upIn this riveting account veteran journalist Bill Sloan re creates this history making battle the crushing surrender and the stories of the uncommonly gutsy men who fought it From the civilians who served as gunmen medics and even preachers to the daily grind of life on an isolated island literally at the ends of the earth to the agony of POW camps here we meet our heroes and confront the enemy face to face bayonet to bayon. I've probably seen the 1942 Brian Donlevy William Bendix Wake Island movie a dozen or times I thought I knew the story I was wrong As often happens the movie was short on detail or included things I missed or both The greatest difference was me thinking the battle was over fairly uickly if not in hours than maybe a day or so Not true the first bombing of Wake by the Japanese began December 8 1941 and the island's surrender did not occur until December 23rd I also didn't know how well the Americans did in this first face to face encounter between Japanese and American ground forces of WWIIAuthor Sloan does an excellent job describing the battle and what happened to the US Marine and civilian defenders after surrender and 4 hard years in captivity Not a pleasant story one made even worse learning how little attention was paid to the survivors when they did come home You don't have to be a WWII buff to enjoy this but it certainly helps Sloan tells the story in such a way as to enable you to see what the island was like during those 15 days of conflict Read this book and you won't forget it

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In the ocean Unprepared for the stunning assault the Up for Dead PDFEPUB #233 small battalion was dangerously outnumbered and outgunned But they compensated with a surplus of bravery and perseverance waging an extraordinary battle against all oddsWhen it was over a few hundred American Marines sailors and soldiers along with a small army of heroic civilian laborers had repulsed enemy forces several thousand strong––but it was still not enough Up for Dead America's Heroic ePUB #10003 Among the Marines was twenty year old PFC Wiley Sloman By Christmas Day he lay semiconscious in the sand struck by enemy fire Another da. 35 starsAn omnipresent viewpoint of a forgotten early battle of World War II Sloan is a journalistnovelist who talks to various survivors and uses historical documents to piece together a cohesive relatively objective narrative I say relatively objective because there's some political commentary here and I felt as if it was inserted with a lot of difficult to see through conviction The author's view is that we should have started the Pacific front of World War II earlier and he really leans hard on this idea that Japan's aggression could be solved in no other way except for matching aggression I'm not saying that this isn't a good interpretation because I think it is but I feel like he really failed to give credence or value to any other interpretations Also it really isn't necessary to lean on his interpretation to enjoy or understand the rest of the story The only thing I think it really does is encourage an intense sense of patriotism that makes the United States the good guys It's fine This sense of patriotism really buoys the storytelling and makes for a good read But in my personal life I was left with nagging uestions about warfare conviction and nationalism Which is a good thing I think the book can be almost cheesy at times in its descriptions ie people whispering grimly to themselves yelling through the surf you get the picture But to be fair I think this cheesiness contributes to the tone of the book It paints the events in a cinematic light and humanizes the soldiers in the only way possible In the heat of the battle there isn't much you can do to keep it objective and still give it a cinematic flavor In the same vein it isn't too objective I've read some intensely technical war novels and this is not one of them So I'd recommend this to any casual reader that wants to read war novels All in all great book Not literary but engrossing and thrilling Can provoke intense debates but the book itself doesn't encourage it

Summary ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ Bill Sloan

Given Up for Dead America's Heroic Stand at Wake IslandA gripping narrative of for Dead Kindle #213 unprecedented valor and personal courage here is the story of the first American battle of World War II the battle for Wake Island Based on firsthand accounts from long lost survivors who have emerged to tell about it this stirring tale of the “Alamo of the Pacific” will reverberate for generations Given Up PDF or to comeOn Decemberjust five hours after the bombing of Pearl Harbor Japanese planes attacked a remote US outpost in the westernmost reaches of the Pacific It was the beginning of an incredible sixteen day fight for Wake Island a tiny but strategically valuable dot. SEND MORE JAPS ENEMY ON ISLAND ISSUE IN DOUBT With Pearl Harbor shattered the country lookedto the tiny Wake Island atoll in the far off Pacificwhere a small group of Marines stood the picketline against the might of the victorious Japanese Navy During the 16 day siege two of the messagesthat came from the island bolstered American moraleOne early in the fight was created almost randomlythe other at the end was the product of carefulconsideration Author Bill Sloan tells the tale of these messagesamidst a fast paced detailed account that includescontemporary interviews of men from both sides of thebattle for Wake Island I couldn't wait to read thenext chapter Although forewarned by the bombing of Pearl Wakealso suffered a devastating first attack After thatthe small detachment of Marines are joined bymany of the civilian construction workers who aretrapped on the island Together with good ol'Yankee ingenuity and a bit of bravado they scrapetogether a defense that gave the country a boostwhen things seemed so dark While everyone in the country knew of Wake Islandearly in the war by the end it had almost beenforgotten so much had happened The author makesthe best of the scant Japanese records of the battlethe tale from the other side while frustratinglybrief adds to the tale After the battle the story continues with life asPOWs and into the postwar period till the writingof the book 2003Sloan also examines the potential of the relief forcecentered around the carrier Saratoga which was onlya day away from taking part in the battleCould 'Midway' have occurred at Wake A great map is included showing details down to theman however in my paperback version it is rathersmall would love to have larger version Except for hula skirts and well entertainmentWake has a similar pre war romantic allure as HawaiiPan Am Clippers arrive to a nice hotel a lagoon toswim in and Pacific sunsets On December 8th1941 the action starts once on the island you'lllike this book I HAVE NO DOUBT Purchased this book at the National Museum of thePacific War in Fredericksburg Texas