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Temptations of the West How to Be Modern in India Pakistan Tibet and Beyond Free read æ 109 ↠ [EPUB] ✽ Temptations of the West How to Be Modern in India Pakistan Tibet and Beyond ❂ Pankaj Mishra – Gym-apparel.co.uk A New York Times Book Review Editors' ChoiceIn TemptatiA New York Times Book Review Editors' ChoiceIn the West Kindle #216 Temptations of the West Pankaj Mishra brings literary authority and political insight to bear on journeys through South Asia and considers the pressures of Western style modernity and prosperity on the. My feelings on Temptations of the West are very mixed To start the book has little do with the title or subtitle How to be Modern Mishra writes mainly of the history of the subcontinent rather than its future His journalistic tendencies come out a lot throughout the book Each chapter reads like distinct articles rather than as chapters of a single unified book However whether they are distinct articles or unifying chapters his editor could have been stepped in Particularly in the chapters on Kashmir and Pakistan he really could have wrapped his points better There was always another episode or encounter that got in the way of the larger narrative On the positive Mishra get his content spot on I will start with Kashmir As a secular Hindu Indian American I have never understood why India and Pakistan have pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war 2 4 times over this woe begotten state of rock and snow I've heard fundamentalist Hindus or nationalistic Indians argue passionately that India should sacrifice all to keep Kashmir to avenge Kargil But why The argument usually follows the vein of it belongs to us Misra provides context for both Muslims and Hindus He also provides a thread that links the anti Soviet Afghan freedm fighters to the Kashmiri insurgency movement 1990s and back to the Taliban of the 2000s Mishra does this a lot Whether it his chapter on Ayodhya or Allahabad he provides links to other mass movements in the subcontinent over the past 100 years The larger point that he seems to make is that the region is a much brutal and hopeless place than I've ever thought Ex it's the fate of Brahmins whose land was taken by Nehru and then whose job prospects were given to untouchables Or Muslims who escape one massacre just to wait for the next massacre all with the governments tacit approval Or it's Afghan women who either face the rage of extremists in the city or the dead arid land in the countryside Pankaj dude let's go out get a beer watch some football and lighten up a bit Or should that be a hot toddy and cricket

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Region Beginning in India his examination takes him from the realities of Bollywood stardom to the history of Jawaharlal Nehru's post independence politics In Kashmir he reports on the brutal massacre of thirty five Sikhs and its intriguing local aftermath And in Tibet. An illuminating read by an excellent writer Content was nicely presented lively and from an interesting viewpoint Recommended if you’re interested in learning about the people culture and day to day life in India

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Temptations of the West How to Be Modern in India Pakistan Tibet and BeyondHe Temptations of Epubexuisitely parses the situation whereby the atheist Chinese government has discovered that Tibetan Buddhism can be packaged and sold to tourists Temptations of the West is essential reading about a conflicted and rapidly changing region of the worl. This is the first book by Mishra that I have read I’d heard of him from his fights with Rushdie and Ferguson In my mind he was always the review world’s Rakhi Sawant Reading this book has possibly elevated him – Sawants and Kardashians don’t go to Afghanistan and Tibet – but it still is a tepid book ‘A sparkling collection’ the back cover declares ‘Pankaj Mishra looks at the surprising ways modernity has come to South Asia’ It also notes that the books contains ‘lurid and astonishing characters’ from ‘societies that are struggling to define themselves’ Every writers dream every readers nightmare While the characters might be intriguing to a westerner who is being introduced to South Asia by this book they are no revelation to us natives With one foot in JNU’s campus and one foot in London where as he notes he divides his time Mishra peeks into Mumbai where he critiues the likes of KHNH and KKHH for the NRI’s Mallika Sherawat ‘As she spoke she kept brushing back thick wavy hair from her full lipped oval face Mallika and I sat on the sofa separated by a few inches – the narrow space into which she suddenly dropped while still speaking of Almodovar two glossy photos’ and a struggler doesn’t everyone writing about Bollywood In Afghanistan he meets war lords and new ministers struggling to find a place in the new country – and in Tibet where he travels by Land Cruiser he sadly admires the beauty While to us there might be nothing new in Mishra’s essay’s maybe someone in the west might find use with the book Sadly he seems to have taken the role of the slightly leftist conscience keeper to readers in the west vacated by Roy who has scooted well – to the left Mishra has probably just started thriving in that world I just hope he starts writing better books – because he seems to be an otherwise excellent writer