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epub ↠ Catherine of Aragon Hardcover read è garrett mattingly Ñ ❰PDF❯ ✑ Catherine of Aragon Author Garrett Mattingly – Gym-apparel.co.uk For 24 years she was the wife of Henry VIII England loved her; Henry loved respected and finally feared her Wolsey hated her Twice she saved Sey hated her Twice she saved England once from invasion once from Civil War Here is one of those rare book I enjoyed this portrait of a very principled and stubborn woman who would not say what she didn't believe to be true at the cost of her station and health

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S brilliantly readable and buttressed by scholarship and research which make you see history through new ey A great biography of a great royal consort England's beloved ueen CateThis daughter of ueen Isabella I of Castile and King Ferdinand II of Aragon was three when betrothed to Arthur Prince of Wales heir apparent to the English throne They were then married by proxy in 1499 corresponding in Latin until Arthur was fifteen when their parents agreed they were old enough to actually marryHenry VII sailed Catherine to England for the marriage As Prince and Princess of Wales the couple resided on the Welsh borders Several months later both became ill possibly with the sweating sickness which swept the area Arthur died aged fifteen in 1502 leaving Catherine alone in a foreign country impoverished without a settled dowry Henry VII tried avoiding his obligation to return Catherine's dowry half of which he had not yet received to her father To settle matters it was agreed that Catherine could marry Henry VII's second son Henry Duke of York five years her juniorIn 1509 seven years after Arthur's death Henry became King Henry VIII with Catherine at his side from the outset She was twenty three Henry a few days shy of eighteenCatherine's tenure as England's ueen Consort lasted almost twenty four years Such was her immense popularity that even her foe Thomas Cromwell said of her 'If not for her sex she could have defied all the heroes of history'A patroness of Renaissance humanism Catherine befriended great scholars Erasmus of Rotterdam and Thomas More She commissioned Juan Luis Vives' book The Education of Christian Women which claimed women had rights to educations and was dedicated to her She also won widespread admiration by founding an extensive programme for the relief of the poor In 1513 she became England's regent for six months while Henry VIII was in France During that time she played an important part in the England's win of the Battle of Flodden After Catherine's many unsuccessful births and only a daughter Mary Henry set his eye on Catherine's Lady in Waiting Anne Boleyn with ideas for for a male heirSeeking to have his marriage annulled Henry initiated England's schism with the Catholic Church When the pope refused the annulment Henry defied him assuming personal supremacy over England's church In 1533 Catherine's marriage was declared invalid and Henry married AnneCatherine always considered herself Henry's rightful wife and ueen never accepting him as the Church of England's Supreme Head Her stance attracted popular sympathy with the English holding her in such high esteem Regardless Henry would only henceforth acknowledge her as Dowager Princess of WalesAfter all those years of struggle to remain Henry's consort poor Catherine was finally packed off to the country where she lived out her days at Kimbolton Castle She was denied contact with even her daughter Princess Mary who at Anne Boleyn's insistence was declared illegitimate and removed from the succession in favour if Anne's daughter ElizabethSad and alone Catherine dyed in 1536 aged fifty The English people hated her usurper and mourned deeply for CatherineHeartbreaking material at times about a widely adored woman of immeasurable human decency and royal dignity this makes for essential reading for those interested in this periodCatherine's embittered daughter becomes the infamous Bloody Mary who we know will take out her troubles on all and sundry especially Anne Boleyn's daughter Elizabeth when Mary wins the crownGarrett Mattingly's biography cannot fail to satisfy

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Catherine of AragonFor years she was the wife of Henry VIII England loved her Henry loved respected and finally feared her Wol Fairly thorough biography with a lot of pertinent historical detail about the times and political landscape Catherine of Aragon had to navigate Very interesting also to explore how Catherine's case affected the church and unwittingly aided the rise of Protestantism in Europe A couple of missteps in my opinion knocked a star off the rating however Mattingly tends to be an apologist for Henry VIII to some degree Why is it some men have a problem admitting some other men are controlled by their d I'm a woman and I'll admit that there are women who marry and divorce for money See not so hard Henry VIII's main reason for rejecting Catherine and trying to discredited her was fueled by his lust for Anne Boleyn after which he tried acting all pious in order to hide the truth The majority of the British population saw through his act and still held Catherine of Aragon in high regard And what Henry did in regards to Mary keeping her away from her mother out of spite was just plain cruel Mattingly also tries at one point to euate Catherine's motivations regarding the uestion of divorce to Henry's which is ridiculous Catherine was merely trying to retain her good name keep England out of war stand for the truth and protect the church all the while attempting to guard her daughter's reputation as well the last something Henry seemed to care little aboutMattingly also neglected to adeuately convey the dire situation ueen Catherine was living in the last year or so of her life while banished to the outskirts of the country There was little to no money for even basic necessities such as food and clothing Catherine was also struggling with illness during this time and she desperately missed her daughter I've read a couple of other books which depict this period of her life much vividly Maybe the author had just run out of steam by this point Who knowsThe early years and the political intrigue swirling around the court and the world at large proved very informative however I'm glad I read this book but I also think a person needs to read other sources on Catherine of Aragon to get a complete picture of the woman Henry cast aside