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Review Ø Letters to an American Lady Ç PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free å ➮ [Read] ➪ Letters to an American Lady By C.S. Lewis ➺ – On October 26 1950 C S Lewis wrote the first of than a hundred letters he would send to a woman he had never Another Christian through the day to day joys and sorrows of ordinary life Letters to an American Lady stands as a fascinating and moving testimony to the remarkable humanity and even remarkable Christianity of C S Lewis and is richly deserving of the position it now takes among the balance of his Christian writings. In a time when people still communicated by writing letters and sending them in the mail CS Lewis had many correspondents whom he had never met in person The American lady was one such person She initiated the conversation and saved Lewis' responses offering them after his death to Wheaton College with the proviso that her identity not be revealedLewis hated writing letters something that is mentioned a number of times here He came to dislike Christmas partly because so many letters arrivedIf these were hints the American lady didn't take them continuing to write even around Christmas and complaining if she thought Lewis' responses came too slowlyLewis felt it was his duty to respond to all letters and as his fame increased so did the burdenI can't help but wish the American lady had reduced that burden ever so slightly by keeping her correspondence to a single fan letter But the happy result is this book which offers plenty of spiritual insights but also insights than we see in most places into CS Lewis the personOn big events I'm not a man for crowds and Best ClothesOn his fears Poverty frightens me than anything else except large spiders and the tops of cliffsOn Christmas This season is to me mainly hard grueling work write write write till I wickedly say that if there were less good will going through the post there would be peace on earthOn cats and dogs We were talking about cats and dogs the other day and decided that both have consciences but the dog being an honest humble person always has a bad one but the cat is a Pharisee and always has a good oneOn journalism I never read the papers Why does anyone They're nearly all lies and one has to wade thru' such reams of verbiage and write up to find out even what they're sayingOn journalists That journalists can be saved is a doctrine if not contrary to yet certainly above reasonOn rumors What on earth is the trouble about there being a rumour of my death There's nothing discreditable in dying I've know the most respectable people do itOn hospitals I know only too well what even the nicest hospital is like; how the nurses all vanish at the one moment of the day when you really need them how the televisions and wirelesses all around make night hideous how the night nurse wakes you up from the first really refreshing sleep you've had in a month at midnight to give you your sleeping pillOn early morning I love the empty silent dewy cobwebby hoursOn charity Another thing that annoys me is when people say Why did you give that man money He'll probably go and drink it My reply is But if I'd kept it I should probably have drunk it

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On OctoberC S Lewis wrote an American eBook #9734 the first of than a hundred letters he would send to a woman he had never met but with whom he was to maintain a correspondence Letters to PDFEPUB or for the rest of his lifeRanging broadly in subject matter the letters discuss topics as profound as the love of God a. uite good Read it again in January 2018 and it remains uite good

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Letters to an American LadyNd as frivolous as preferences in cats Lewis himself clearly had no idea that to an American PDFEPUB #189 these letters would ever see publication but they reveal facets of his character little known even to devoted readers of his fantasy and scholarly writings a man patiently offering encouragement and guidance to. It's a little strange reading someone's mail but in this case a blessingencouragement These letters are written to a seemingly lonely older lady who shares her anxieties worries and struggles and he patiently and faithfully responds encouraging her Christian walk and faith Worthwhile