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FREE DOWNLOAD å E-book, or Kindle E-pub å Robert V. Remini Available in paperback for The Course Kindle #216 the first time these three volumes represent the definitive biography of Andrew Jackson Volume One covers the role Jackson played in America's territorial expansion bringing to life a complex character who. “Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832” is the second of three volumes in Robert Remini’s series on Andrew Jackson This volume was published in 1981 and the series was completed in 1984 Despite the significant historical scholarship and refreshing lucidity it offers Remini’s series is no longer freuently read However in 1988 Remini published a single volume abridgment of the series which maintains a relatively vigorous followingRemini was a historian and professor at the University of Illinois and authored several biographies during his forty year literary career of John uincy Adams Henry Clay and Martin Van Buren among others He was named historian of the US House of Representatives in 2005 and was asked to author a narrative history of that legislative body His resulting work “The House The History of the House of Representatives” was published in 2006 Remini died earlier this year at the age of 91This volume of Remini’s series covers the ten year period which includes Jackson’s national political ascendancy his contentious defeat for the presidency in 1824 by John uincy Adams his successful presidential campaign in 1828 and his first presidential term Early in the volume Remini lays the groundwork to prove the case that the Monroe and Adams administrations created an unprecedented level of corruption within the federal governmentHis effort is reasonably but not entirely convincing He successfully demonstrates the existence of widespread systemic corruption but is less convincing in attributing it directly to Monroe or Adams This “Era of Corruption” underpins his central thesis that by running for the nation’s highest office the virtuous General Jackson was responding to a public “call” to rescue the nation from the malfeasance of the very wealthy and the most politically powerfulRemini does a remarkable job of constructing an interesting wonderfully penetrating and occasionally provocative narrative of the seventh president I came away from this volume and its predecessor with a far complete and coherent understanding of Jackson than I developed by reading about him in earlier biographical works by Maruis James and Arthur Schlesinger Remini not only dissects Jackson’s actions within the context of his personality and worldview but also wonderfully describes Jackson’s complex network of friends and political alliesConsistent with his treatment of Jackson in the first volume there can be no mistake while reading this volume that Remini is favorably disposed toward his primary subject In fact although Remini’s Jackson is heroic but deeply flawed the author has been accused of seeing the world “too much from Jackson’s point of view” But this criticism is one of shading; Remini’s critiues of Jackson are too freuent and often too searing to leave the reader with an unrealistic saintly image of Andrew JacksonOverall the second volume of Robert Remini’s series on Andrew Jackson was nearly as outstanding as the first Though the description of some of the political issues facing President Jackson occasionally became a bit dense and sometimes felt too lengthy the book as a whole was well paced extremely approachable and uite engaging This volume on Andrew Jackson was excellent and is well worth reading even without the benefit of the first or third volumesOverall rating 4¼ stars

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SUMMARY è Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew Jackson ã ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew Jackson Author Robert V. Remini – Available in paperback for the first time these three volumes repr Ndrew Jackson PDFEPUB or issues with which he was faced the nullification crisis the tragic removal of the Indians beyond the Mississippi River the mounting violence throughout the country over slavery and the tortuous efforts to win the annexation of Tex. The second volume of Robert Remini's Jackson trilogy hits the ground running through a tangled mass of political rancor and acrimonious debate Remini's short and punchy introduction is the clearest and most incisive part of his sprawling book; the scene he sets is a refrain of the theme he has highlighted many times throughout this multivolume biography namely Jackson was a populist a democrat and intensely devoted to the ideals of republicanism Liberty was his guiding principle democracy his ethosThese are broad relatively uncontroversial positions to hold in that they are a matter of historical record Remini makes generous use of that record both in Jackson's words and his contemporaries What Remini does not show effectively is the opposition to Jackson's worldview A good amount of paper is spent detailing the several philosophical battles but these all seem to be waged between Jackson and a revolving cast of vaguely defined aristocratic establishment politicians Jackson himself of course is always good for an exciting anecdote and Remini usually is pretty effective in using them to illustrate Jackson's larger ideology But because that ideology is so well covered throughout the book and indeed throughout the book preceding it the point is wearyingly belabored Jackson's campaign against the Nicholas Biddle and the US Bank is a major conflict posing as it does the centralization that Jackson so disliked against the man's fierce affinity for the common manI don't know if I'm not doing enough of the comprehension work myself expecting Remini to spell out too much that should be obvious 700 plus pages of complicated information badly wants the occasional timeout to explain itself after the dozenth twisty event in half as many pages I do know that I found this book dizzyingly hard to follow fast paced when it should have been slow and slow when it ought to have been fast I hope in the final volume as Jackson's life winds down that so will the pace and arcane complexity of this account Remini has amassed a huge amount of material Now if he would only mould it into a readable narrative

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Andrew Jackson The Course of American Freedom 1822 1832 Andrew JacksonHas often been seen simply as a rough hewn country general Volume Two traces Jackson's senatorial career his presidential campaigns and his first administration as President The third volume covers Jackson's reelection to the presidency and the weighty A. Andrew Jackson ruled the 1830s and everyone else was just trying to catch their breath This second book in the three volume set reveals how Andrew Jackson won the 1828 presidential election in a landslide and transformed the nation Jackson is credited with a few things some of them not great but mostly for pushing forward an understanding of the US president as the representative of all the people This is a model that every president after Jackson desired to state whenever they were striving for their agenda to come to fruition Jackson is a magnetic personage being a profligate spender in the White House hosting people of all stripes and desiring to know the people of America that elected him He was also stubborn as hell He minimally utilized his much ballyhooed Kitchen Cabinet He made his mind up and went with it Reading about Jackson's first term informs greatly my understanding of our modern presidency and their connection to the people