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Tucker's Claim review ✓ 104 Ó [PDF / Epub] ☆ Tucker's Claim ✩ Sarah McCarty – Gym-apparel.co.uk He is everything her body cravesand everything her faith deniesTucker McCade has known violence his whole life orphaned in a massacre abused as a half breed child trained as a ruthless Texas Ranger he He is everything her body cravesanT when Sallie Mae becomes pregnant he's willing to do whatever it takes to have his family including hanging up his gunsEvery night they spend together exploring new heights of ecstasy binds them ever closer slowly erasing their differencesuntil the day Tucker's past comes calling precipitating an explosive showdown between her faith his promise and the need for reven. Reread Oct 2017 The heroes of Hell's Eight make me wish I lived in the old West Such alpha males each toting emotional baggage each convinced they have nothing to offer a good woman each good hearted strong protective naughty in the bedroom elsewhere each willing to die for other members of Hell's Eight And then there's the women of this series Sassy strong determined to reach for the stars one of the Hell's Eight guys in spite of everythingand each discovering their own sexuality Oh my Things get down dirty so dang HOT I really love the writing style rich in sexual chemistry snarky humor and emotional turmoil This series is one of my favorite Old Western Romance series An absolutely Must Read Jan 2014 Review I love the Hell's Eight series and menthe ultimate bad guys protecting what's theirs and loving their women to the moon and back Tucker is a half breed accepted by neither side of his heritage and he falls in love with a white widow who serves as the town's nursedoctor It's a love that will never be accepted and they both know it But fate has plans for Tucker Sally Moonbeam and the road is not a smooth one What was supposed to be one night of pleasure uickly turned into a blazing love affairone neither of them could walk away from This is their storytheir battle to find love and acceptance moving forward living with the conseuences of their actions I am in love with Tucker He is all man a devil with a gun protecting what's hisbut he is also sweet romantic and would rival any modern day alpha male or Dom in bed This man has serious skills Sally is a strong heroineaccepting the hand fate dealt her with the death of her husband finding the strength to survive alone in a man's world and finally finding the strength to face her demons and allow herself to love Tucker This was a great read and one of my favorites in the series thus far Loved it You can find my full review at

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He is everything her body cravesand everything her faith deniesTucker McCade has known violence his whole life orphaned in a massacre abused as a half breed child trained as a ruthless Texas Ranger he's learned the hard way that might makes rightSo even he is shocked when he falls for Sallie Mae Reynolds a uaker nurse Unable to resist Tucker's charm character and chise. 15 Eye rolling Stars SpoilersI am sorry but this book had me rolling my eyes so much I'm surprised they didn't roll right outta my head I'm going to try to keep this rant mini while still getting out everything that didn't work for me Let me start with Sally Mae the uaker She drove me bat shit crazy with all the old English Thy thou and thee crap Sally was a religious uaker woman who had only been with her husband in very vanilla ways it was hard to believe that a couple pages into the book she was A ready to have an affair instead of saving sex for marriage as religious people back in the 1800s tended to do and B not only had sex right away but gave blow jobs like a lady of the night and had butt sex her first time with Tucker Just sayin' Now at this point in the book which was like only the 25% mark I am thinking I should just DNF this read because I am not feeling a connection with the couple and felt that Sally's character was unbelievable I pushed on because I wanted to get to Ari's book and I didn't want to miss anything that might add to the ongoing plot of the series But the book just got absurd as the pages turned Tucker pulls out an 18th century dildo and jeweled vag clamp He sticks the dildo up Sally's ass and makes her keep it up there and wear the vag clamp on her clit for 3 hours Now call me crazy but I didn't know that dildos and jeweled vag clamps were so accessible in the wild west but hey I didn't live back then Also I'm suppose to believe that Sally Mae the religious uaker woman took a dildo in the ass and kept it there and wore a vag clamp for hours while singing a church hymn It was just so ridiculous I couldn't take any of it serious Which means I didn't get into this book My brain just shut off after reading about dildos and church hymns Sorry but I just couldn't Nope Now I don't even want to read Ari's book I think I will take a break from this series and come back

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Tucker's ClaimLed body she throws herself into their torrid affair indulging every one of her wildest sexual fantasies Tucker's occupation however is the one thing about him she can't embrace A staunch pacifist Sallie Mae can't understand how his strong caressing hand can clench in fury or pull a trigger to take a life In this lawless land Tucker knows you have to fight to survive Bu. I don't recall this being uite so OTT sexual as it really really isNovella fantasy fiction as in this version of the wild Wild West has about as much reality to it as Gidget does to being a teenager in the 50s Still lots of funuaker widow woman falls for half breed hero despite townspeople's white prejudices First night sex is OTT and than a little kinky which is hard to believe for a uaker widow woman's first foray after mourning but I just went with itLots of manly men saving women pushing boundaries and demonstrating their honorI have a feeling that the author based the H on this character which is not a bad thing