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kindle í Split AUTHOR Swati Avasthi 280 pages Download É ❮Download❯ ➾ Split ➹ Author Swati Avasthi – Sixteen Year Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged brother Christian with a re landscaped face courtesy of his father’s fist 384 and a secretHe triHe left behind his mother who is still trapped with his dad and his ex girlfriend who is keeping his secretAt least so farWorst of all Jace realizes that if he really wants to move forward he may first have to do what scares him most He may have to go back First time novelist Sw EDIT On February 15th 2012 make sure you stop by The Nocturnal Library for an interview with author Swati Avasthi We're also giving away two copies of this book one personalized from Swati US residents only and one from us international Sometimes I wonder why words can't actually make us bleed Those few of you who regularly read my reviews and generally put up with me on a daily basis already know I'm kind of a logic and control freak I'm not of the tear shedding heart warming or hair pulling kindHowever occasionally I do find books that really touch me on a deeper level that really make me feel inside the story and the characters' heads up until the point when it really becomes empathy I ascribe this empathy completely to the writer's writing skills to his or her capacity to capture the essence of say frustration or happiness or grief and translate it so well into words and situations and stories that I get contaminated by them If that happens the communicative purpose is accomplished Split is one of those books It got to a point about 60% in that I decided to go to bed but then turned and tossed and turned and tossed until I had to get up and go finish the bloody book I couldn't stop thinking about it The story is fairly simple Jace has an abusive father After the umpteenth beating he takes to protect his mother he gets kicked out of the house for good He goes looking for his older brother Christian who vanished from their lives five years earlier to escape the same beatings hoping to get their mother out of that same situation and to build a new life for himself Jace's voice is one of the most vibrant I have ever encountered in YA literature He's one of those characters I seem to love so much the ones I recognize as grey He's not a bad guy but he's certainly not a good guy either In his words he pledges to be a bastard no longer Somehow this kind of character is the one that I find most believable and interesting because it's a little complex than mostJace has come to a very important point in his life a crossroad which will determine his future and the person he'll be as an adult It's up to him to decide whether he'll be like his father or if he'll become his own person and this internal struggle not to let the violence that he's witnessed all his life define him is the focal point around which the whole story revolves In describing this Swati Avasthi really excels in my opinion his ambivalence his being split is so well portrayed I felt it so much that I couldn't help but feel ambivalent and split too toward a situation I would otherwise have condemned right from the beginning She really puts you in a place where it's difficult to judge to make a clear cut division between bad and good because the line gets blurry in the middle This kind of blurriness seems to extend to all other characters too From the selfish loving though broken brother who might or not help Jace out to the prying but caring girlfriend to the helpless mother who's digging her own grave every character lets us see different facets of the truth and lets us decide whether their choices are all condemnable or not I don't think that with these few disconnected sentences I have even barely managed to do justice to such an intense and poignant story but I hope your interest will be piued at least enough to make you want to pick it up and see for yourself Maybe it will not touch you in the same way that it touched me but I am fairly sure indifference will not be one the feelings you'll be left with A really great start to my new reading year I will read anything this author publishesFor this review and follow The Nocturnal Library

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Ati Avasthi has created a riveting and remarkably nuanced portrait of what happens after After you’ve said enough after you’ve run after you’ve made the split how do you begin to live again Readers won’t be able to put this intense page turner downReading Level Age and Up 5 stars We all screw up We all wish we were stronger than we are and not one of us will get through this life without regretThe main character of this novel is a 16 yr old boy named Jace who has just shown up on his estranged older brother's doorstep after escaping their violent father His mom gave him directions to his brother's house and enough money to get there that's it This is a story about what happens next Re building a relationship with his brother and learning to heal and move forwardI wasn't surprised at all to read on Swati Avasthi's website that prior to writing this novel she had years of experience working as a coordinator of a domestic violence legal clinic The firsthand experience she has working with those victims and hopefully survivors very much showed in her writing She wrote that her inspiration to write the character of Jace came from a family she met while working at the clinic A mother described a horribly violent incident that her young son witnessed and she was left wondering what would happen to this sweet little boy in the future if his mother wasn't able to get help First of all I think it's very impressive to write the pov of a teen age boy this convincingly I mean I really believe this is a real kid Which is what made it so heart wrenching to read at times I think what stands out the most to me though was the complexity of the characters I really felt Jace's internal struggles He didn't want to end up like his dad but honestly didn't know what steps he needed to take to learn to control his temper I also thought the compexity of the relationship between the brothers was very realistic This kind of abuse would have to damage your psyche in some way but not necessarily in the exact same ways Christian learned to block it out and just not talk about it Jace had to actively work on controlling his anger I wanted to feel for their mom I really did but it's hard not to just be mad at her I can't imagine standing by while this happened to my kids view spoiler why didn't the shelter send a cop with that taxi ugh hide spoiler

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Split AUTHOR Swati AvastSixteen Year Old Jace Witherspoon arrives at the doorstep of his estranged brother Christian with a re landscaped face courtesy of his father’s fist and a secretHe tries to move on going for new friends a new school and a new job but all his changes can’t make him forget what ► Buddy read with the fantastic Light Pup' Chelsea click to read her review► I know I know You probably never heard of this Or you read the blurb and thought oh a typical issue book Let's pretend I never saw this Must be cliché as hell But please please please if you're willing to read a YA novel dealing with domestic abuse with honesty and feelings give this book a chance It’s not really all right is it I mean who would miss that bastard Shouldn’t I hate him just simple pure hatred Shouldn’t I write him a thank you note for getting me out of there for not wanting me around any 45 stars Every time I open a book labeled as realistic fiction I brace myself knowing that this genre covers such different kinds of stories What will that be A stereotypical high school cutesy A misleading issue book where romance outweighs everything A flat and boring nonsense Sometimes though Sometimes its pages contain larger than life characters whose journeys are related with such honesty and depth that we feel a little like voyeurs Sometimes we realize how wonderful it is that an issue we read about over and over again can be pictured in a different yet real way Sometimes opening this realistic fiction novel feels like being punched in the guts our throat closing the air thinning around us This is how realistic fiction should be and Split did a splendid job at it Never an abusive homelife and its conseuences has been tackled with such sincerity I mean perhaps it has but I have yet to read these books See I often complain about twirling moustaches evils and one dimensional characters and I can assure you that you'll find none of them here Don't get fooled I'm not saying that Jace and Christian's dad isn't to blame because Christ I want him to burn to death but Swati Avasthi perfectly pictures how difficult it can be to escape an abuser how heshe twists the reality your reality so much that you convince yourself that hoping for a better life is just a stupid dream If I'm thankful enough to never have been through that one of my best friend did and I know how upset she would feel whenever someone implied that she was to blame for not having reacted faster That kind of bullshit made her positively furious and she was oh so right to be Come on assholes Just try and use your brains But I digress In that account Split was raw painful at times but sorry I'm repeating myself fundamentally honest And you've got the brothers Aw Jace and Christian I can't express how much I loved seeing their complicated relationship unfold all guilt and desire to escape and just be They made me care and laugh and cry I wanted to shake and protect and hug them None of them is perfect and their mistakes their anger their denial were sometimes hard to stomach but their fierce love and loyalty was straight on beautiful Swati Avasthi doesn't shy away from the psychological effects of such abuse and Jace's struggles to escape how it changed him Following him was heartbreaking yet so very hopefulJust read this book okay I can't promise you that you'll enjoy every second of it because some parts made my heart ache others made me furious but in the end even if I would have wanted for some uestions to be resolved view spoilerI feel like crying when I think about their mum out there wails WHY I HATED the fact that she was abandonned hated it After talking with friends who work with people in these awful situations they told me that it was unfortunately realistic and that it made the book believable I get it Really I do Yet I would have wanted hope in the final message anyway hide spoiler