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Cosmic Coupling The Sextrology of Relationships Free download æ 100 ò [Epub] ➛ Cosmic Coupling The Sextrology of Relationships ➜ Stella Starsky – Cosmic Coupling is a fun fast paced exploration of every ­possible relationship between star signs both straight and gay from the Cosmic Coupling is a fun The Sextrology Kindle #214 fast paced exploration of every ­possible relationship between star signs both straight and gay from the authors’ uniue sextrological perspective With rich knowledge expert wordsmithing and signature wry humor celebrity cosmic consultants Stella Starsky uinn Cox delve into the Cosmic Coupling PDF specific rules of attraction inherent in each bond and the perks and pitfalls particular to each partnership Whether addressing enduring alliances or f. You might be wondering why I chose to review Cosmic Coupling if I've reviewed Sextrology since the the former book contains little information that was not in the latter The answer is simple I couldn't resist detailing how Starsky and Cox's perspectives on sex and gender play out in another format To put this as succinctly as possible I can say with confidence that those perspectives are still stuck in the 1970s even with a five year gap between books I can just barely accept that the gender essentialist backlash of the 1990s think Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus pervaded the authors' consciousness into 2004 In 2009 howeverthey really truly should have known betterSeriously When reading a book one useful game to play is “If I Were a Martian” In this game you imagine that you are a space alien reading a book to learn about typical human behavior What would you think if you a Martian based your expectations of Earthlings on Cosmic CouplingWell you would think that gender dysphoria only went in a single direction that most humans were open to three way sex that bondage and sadomasochism were natural progressions of most sexual relationships and that sexual orientation synced up or less perfectly with traditional expectations of gender You would traipse around the planet thinking that every third lesbian couple sought a young man to use as a dildo As you oozed through Earth's major metropolises you would wonder which men planned to beat their male lovers with whips and which ones only wanted to fist them For that matter you might as well relinuish any hopes of fitting in with the dominant culture since Starsky and Cox's definitions of gender are so narrow that no Martian could ever live up to them Also if you Earthling or Martian gathered that Starsky and Cox were heterosexuals who believed that they were ualified to make broad statements about gay people prepare to have your suspicions confirmed by the book's introductionSince this book is about couples rather than individuals it dwells even on sex than Sextrology did Although the authors supply you the eager reader plumped for esoteric secrets with plenty of relationship and sexual analysis the book's spiritual aspects are greatly diminished compared to its predecessor In fact your understanding of this book depends to an extent on your knowledge of the information contained within Sextrology making Cosmic Coupling possibly the first astrology book to be a direct seuel to another astrology book If you don't know that the Greek goddess that corresponds to Scorpio woman is Persephone and that the Biblical character most similar to Auarius man is John the Baptist then the book will remind you occasionally but most of the time you're up Semen and Blood Creek without a paddle if you haven't read the authors' previous work You're left with what amounts to Starsky and Cox's sex therapy notes for the bulk of the pagesThe preceding paragraphs are not to disparage the book but to inform you of what you're in for should you decide to read it It goes without saying that if you enjoyed Sextrology you will enjoy Cosmic Coupling The corollary to this is that if you disliked Sextrology you will despise Cosmic Coupling and to be honest Cosmic Coupling deserves a few side eyes for some of its assertions

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He pair best meshes•    Carnality details the sexual dynamics of the bond right on down to the nitty grittyWith a profound understanding of astrology and human ­psychology original insights drawn from ancient literary and pop archetypes and a frankly intelligent freuently funny delivery Cosmic Coupling illuminates the dynamics of one’s and others’ existing relationships and guides any singles seeking Mr andor Ms Right while giving the phrase “starry eyed lovers” a whole spicy new meani. Fantastic astrology reader for couples of any orientation Written in a fun and fancy way that will have you nodding and laughing as you read and learning about your relationship dynamics than you ever imagined

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Cosmic Coupling The Sextrology of RelationshipsLeeting dalliances Starsky Cox don’t shy away from the juicier bits in profiling the romantic and sexual nature of each star sign combination Coupling The Sextrology PDFEPUB #10003 on the astrological block Smart sexy and sophisticated with a wink Cosmic Coupling ­profiles couples in a threefold manner•    Chemistry describes the sparks clashes and underlying motivations of the couple’s mutual attraction •    Compatibility depicts the relationship needs of each sign and explains how t. Everyone that I lend this book to ends up stealing it from me It is incredibly spot on