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The Promise of a Lie Download ✓ 104 ð [Ebook] ➧ The Promise of a Lie By Howard Roughan – Howard Roughan's debut The Up and Comer was hailed as one of the most hip and entertaining thrillers of the year Now Roughan returns at full stride with a scintillating novel of deception that begins of a PDF/EPUB &Cus David has only one shot to clear his name But first he has to clear up the mystery of his patient Samantha Kent Just who is she And why did she choose to involve David Little by little the outlines of a brilliant plot emerge Promise of a PDFEPUB #194 and with it the horrifying power of a single lie In this richly textured tale of a mans battle against the mother of all manipulations the perfect setup is even diabolical than it looks. myestry events lies and untruthful and helpful poeple

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Of a PDFEPUB #232 Howard Roughan's debut The Up and Comer was hailed as one of the most hip and entertaining thrillers of the year Now Roughan returns at full stride with a scintillating novel of deception that begins when a gifted young psychologist becomes entangled in the life of a beautiful and calculating patient Nothing can prepare Dr David Remler for the shocking phone call he receives from a patient named Samantha Kent Stunned a. The protagonist Dr David Remleris a a compassionate caring psychologist who is good at his work Remler has a small social circle but is still mourning the loss of Rebecca his wife and the mother of their pre born child in an accident some years beforeRemler was later framed for murder by a mysterious patient by the name of Samantha Kent a beautiful woman who is trapped in a abusive relationship Late one night she calls to say she has killed her husband and gave clues that she may kill herself Remler rushes to her home to find a dead man but no one else The police came to the house believing that he is the killer Samantha Kent is alive and she is nothing like his patient Remler is confuse as to who is the real Samantha Kent is and who is setting him up to take the blame These physcological thriller really creeps me out since you don't know wh the manipulator is and why they did this These mind games make people go crazy sometimes The way people's mind work is pretty scary The idea that a perfect murder starts with a perfect lie which to some extend I agree with it A murder could not be solve if you don't find any loopholes in the lie This is the scary part where lies could be as powerful as putting an innocent person in jail

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The Promise of a LieNd anxious to help he rushes out into the Manhattan night to keep a bloody act of violence from spinning further out of control He knows he The Promise PDF or is too involved that he's crossed a line and that his professional reputation is at stake But he has no idea what awaits him at his destinationthat hes become a pawn in a very deadly game of revenge Suddenly the focus of a criminal case that flares into an out of control media cir. New York pyschologist David Remler is still recovering from the death of his beloved wife and unborn baby when Samantha Kent walks through the door of his office During their first session together Kent talks about her abusive relationship with her husband expressing her desire to kill him Later David runs into Kent at an evening soiree and can't deny his attraction to her They end up returning to David's house to have dinner together with the good doctor feeling very aware of the fact that he has crossed a line between doctor and patient by letting Kent into his personal lifeWhen Dr Remler receives a late night phone call from Kent saying that she has followed through on her wish to see her husband dead he doesn't think twice about rushing to her aid Soon enough he realizes the police are treating him as the prime suspect in the case Knowing he has to prove his innocence Remler then discovers that the woman he met with wasn't the 'real' Samantha Kent So just who is the woman David met with and why is she trying to frame him for murder You'll have to read the book to find out