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Pandora Project Runaway Star review ë 3 ✓ [PDF] ✩ Pandora Project Runaway Star By Anah Crow – Elios Campbell is working on a top secret project translating messages from the Pandora an alien spaceship on the edge of human territory A favor from his mentor drops Elios into the arms of Sender Ki Elios Campbell O seems like everything Elios has ever wantedTheir attraction is immediate and threatens to lead to in a hurry Even Elios' wary heart and Sender's burdened soul can't keep them apart until a single tragic moment chang. I've read several other books by this talented pair of authors Tatterdemalion and One Real Thing both of which I really loved Although this book was a good solid read hence the title of my review it was not the duo's best Yes the editing is excellent and the writingnarrative is strong but it left me feeling a bit disappointed view spoilerThe story is set in the future when mankind is faced with a challenge in the guise of the Pandora an alien ship of some sort which is on its way to Earth and its colonies Elios the not so shy academic meets the gorgeous but guilt ridden Sender and the two fall madly in love Sender a pilot with the military forces who are being trained to intercept the alien ship comes from the poorest and most religiousrepressive of all the colonies He has been taught that being homosexual is a sin and although he cannot deny what he is he is tortured by his parents' beliefs Without giving too much plot away tragedy strikes and Sender pushes his loving partner away just when he needs him the most hide spoiler

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Elios Campbell is working on a top secret project translating messages from the Pandora an alien spaceship on the edge of human territory A favor from his mentor drops Elios into the arms of Sender Kinnison a pilot wh. 21Aug2019 No change only because I don't usually change a rating downward And I think that my excitement over the SciFi aspects of this during my first reading made me a tad generous If I were to re rate it I would give it 425 at besteven with the narrator providing an excellent performance In my previous review I mentioned wanting a seuel covering the trip to Pandora and I still do but I realized the SciFi elements might have only been a background to tell the romance and so there's not likely to be a Book 2 with the way the definitive HEA was delivered17Apr2016 45 StarsA MM Romance Group Team Spin Spellapalooza Challenge read Go Team 6 Living In SpinI am a sucker for a scifi romance and this was amazingly well told I loved the alternate reality vision of what Earth might have evolved into the space exploration It had some elements of BSG that I loved the differing colonies the poly families well that was prevalent on the show Caprica the desire for some to escape the lives their parents' beliefs backgrounds limited them to The world building was nothing short of spectacular I felt transported to this other worldand I wouldn't have minded being anywhere in this reality but not on Themis thank you noA world that was nice as much as it was functional Some parts were ugly others beautiful The whole story was a bit painful but it was hopeful too It was lifeA couple of things I must point out my adoration for ✐ Co ed locker rooms Yes because that would be the ultimate example of women being treated eually at their jobs as pilots That one of the characters was able to just whip off her bra in front of her male cohorts without batting an eye took my breath away; naked breasts weren't ogled nudity not sexually objectified The last time that happened to me was I shit you not watching Starship Troopers Even BSG wasn't that progressive✐ Seriously I cannot stress how much I loved the poly families Elios' family had 4 Moms 3 Dads I WANT MORE OF THIS IN ALL FICTION✐ The use of music as language Not just the music but the emotion projected through the music to convey a deeper or altogether different meaning to the words Someone with a background in both music and linguistics must have written those sections of the book because it was so precisely done so beautifully explained that I with neither a background nor understanding of either was able to understand exactly how important each breakthrough was✐ Advanced healing techniues and medical treatments colonized space space exploration enormous science funding budgets Makes me wonder if this isn't how the future would have looked for us if not for the events that lead up to practically eliminating a poly theistic modern Western world shrug Something to think about✐ OMFG I love that they named the tiniest cat the runt of the litter the kitten they weren't sure would live or dieSchrödinger My inner geek approves wholeheartedly Finally I'd love to read about what the Auriga crew has to get used to the growing pains of confinement and it's five year mission hey wait a minute toward the source of that message and to know what it finds when they finally reach the Pandora But then again maybe not That whole myth is a bit terrifying; I can only imagine how horrific the tale could be spun into for a scifi book shudder Yeah no Never mind

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Pandora Project Runaway StarEs their lives forever Elios is helpless as Sender driven by ghosts Pandora Project PDF or and duty goes racing out of reach Fate brings them together one last time but can Elios take another chance on his runaway sta. This was such a nice surprise I'm a fan of sci fi futuristic books but this one is character oriented The society and religious differences are prevalent but those are good layers for meElios and Sender are such a great fit and the addition of Katie made it so good for me all around