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READ ò Le Sang des autres ä ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Le Sang des autres By Simone de Beauvoir ⚣ – Segundo romance de Simone de Beauvoir O sangue dos outros narra o conflito de um membro da Resistência ue se vê forçado a optar entre o engajamento social e o dever pessoal Seguindo o pensamento ex Segundo romance de SimonSegundo romance de Simone de Beauvoir O sangue dos outros narra o conflito de um membro da Resistência ue se vê fo. I’ve lately been reading Simone de Beauvoir’s novel The Blood of Others In general I seem to be able to get a better feel for French existentialists from their fiction than their essays and lectures — at least where Albert Camus and Jean Paul Sartre are concerned De Beauvoir is considerably less coy than they were in their novels about making her fiction primarily a way of illustrating existentialist philosophyFor example this scene in which Hélène ponders with her lover the uestion “why do we live”“When I was small I believed in God and it was wonderful; at every moment of the day something was reuired of me; then it seemed to me that I must exist It was an absolute necessity”I smiled sympathetically at her “I think that where you go wrong is that you imagine that your reasons for living ought to fall on you ready made from heaven whereas we have to find them for ourselves”“But when we know that we’ve found them ourselves we can’t believe in them It’s only a way of deceiving ourselves”“Why You don’t find them just like that — out of thin air We discover them through the strength of a love or a desire and then what we have found rises before us solid and real”or this argument“People are free” I said “but only so far as they themselves are concerned; we can neither touch foresee nor insist on them using their liberty That is what I find so painful; the intrinsic worth of an individual exists only for him not for me; I can only get as far as his outward actions and to him I am nothing than an outer appearance an absurd set of premises; premises that I do not even choose to be”“Then don’t get excited” said Marcel; “if you don’t even make the choice why punish yourself”“I don’t choose to exist but I am An absurdity that is responsible for itself that’s exactly what I am”“Well there must be something”“But there might be something else”or this steamy existentialist love scene“I need you because I love you” I saidYou were in my arms and my heart was heavy on account of those cowardly festive echoes and because I was lying to you Crushed by all those things which existed in spite of me and from which I was separated only by my own anguish There is nothing left Nobody on that bed; before me lies a gaping void And the anguish comes into its own alone in the void beyond the vanished things I am alone I am that anguish which exists alone in spite of me; I am merged with that blind existence In spite of me and yet issuing only from myself Refuse to exist; I exist Decide to exist; I exist Refuse Decide I exist There will be a dawnSo yeah it gets a little heavy handed at times But sometimes a lay it on thick melodrama is the best way of getting a philosophy acrossThe major theme seems to be about the sueamishness conscientious people have about making choices that involve the sorts of risks to other people that would make them feel guilty if their choices turn out to have bad conseuences One “bad faith” way of dealing with this is to remain passive and to pretend that by not making a particular choice you are not making any choice at all and therefore are not responsible for the conseuences of your decision Another way is to attach yourself to an organization or ideology that makes your decisions for you But neither of these things really works; the decisions and their conseuences are still yours and you would have been better off just admitting this from the get go and acting accordingly

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Rçado a Le Sang PDF or optar entre o engajamento social e o dever pessoal Seguindo o pensamento existencialista a a. Loosely based on Simone de Beauvoir's own experiences during the German invasion and occupation of France in World War II According to Wikipedia Simone herself thought the book had somewhat thin characterisation and suffered from an overly didactic approach Partly wish I'd read this statement prior to reading this novel as I had a hard time connecting with the charactersThe story also suffers from a too abrupt switch from the existentialist theme that both our actions and inactions affect other people and our personal responsibility for the conseuences to a stronger focus on the relationship between Helene and Jean Blomart A thought provoking worthwhile read though with a particularly evocative section on living in Occupied France and the nascent french resistance Recommended

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Le Sang des autresUtora procura analisar a maldição original ue constitui para cada indivíduo sua coexistência com todos os outros. Simone is brilliant I love the way she writes it's so poetical you find so many beautiful sentences while reading her books At the beginning I thought I was not going to fancy the plot so much it seemed just chitty chat about the complications of entangled love lives but as it moves further you understand the context all of this was written on WWII the occupation of France by the nazis and the revolutionary communism and it makes it all so freaking interestingIt's amazing to see how Helene's character grows and grows throughout the novel and how she starts to recognize that her life can be of such value to help a cause and I loved the tragedy of it all