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FREE READ ✓ The Endearment ☆ ➤ [Epub] ➞ The Endearment By LaVyrle Spencer ➮ – From the streets of 19th century Boston to the harsh frontier she wove a web of deception to ensnare her manLovely fiery tempered Anna Reardon was forced to lie to get out of the street urchin's life From the streets of th centuEr deceptions but there was still one shameful burning secret that she had to hide from him knowing its revelation would destroy the love that had become her very li. LaVyrleLaVyrleLaVyrle LaVyrle always IMO manages to write a romance that pulls you in and pulls at your heart strings This is my second LaVyrle Spencer book and it will definitely NOT be my last I needed a good book and she delivered She is uickly becoming a fav of mine along with Judith McNaught for HR booksAnyway gushing aside Karl is a lonely Swedish man in a new country trying to build a life for himself No woman in sight for yearsyes years Well what is a lonely man to dowellget a mail order bride Enter Anna Anna's had a hard life She hears about Karl's ad and a few lies later shes off to meet Karl to start their new life together So the moral of the story centers around love and forgiveness Oddly enough I found myself at times both feeling empathetic andor annoyed with both Karl and Anna I'll admit I found myself screaming at the book will you do the do my own euphemism for sex lol alreadygeeshhh However despite my heathen ways Karl and Anna's love story was a touching one and worth the read


From the streets of th century Boston to the harsh frontier she wove a web of deception to ensnare her manLovely fiery tempered Anna Reardon was forced to lie to get. If I was to list the Grande Old Dames of Historical Romance I'd definitely have LaVyrle Spencer on my list It's a shame that she has retired from writing but at least she leaves a legacy behind in her excellent books she has writtenThe Endearment is one of her books I managed to overlook for some reason Initially I thought it was one of the many that I read growing up and forgot the details about But I'm pretty sure I haven't read this before I will admit that I made a note to reread or perhaps read for the first time it when I saw that it was listed on the All About Romance Virgin Hero List which is a theme I can't resist Of course I tend to obtain copies of books and they languish in my tbr pile until I get the urge to read or have the time to read I pulled this one out of the pile and added it to my PRIMAVERA challenge and that is why I have read this book and I am reviewing it now After that lengthy segueway I will actually write my thoughts on this bookAs far as frontier romance you cannot go wrong here In this book Karl Lindstrom is an earnest decent hardworking Swede who has come to Minnesota to set up his own homestead In the two years since he arrived he has ached with loneliness since he left his big family behind in Sweden and is unmarried with only his goat Nanna and his team of Percheron horses Bill and Belle to keep him company in the most innocent of ways mind you He decided to seek a mail order bride and ends up corresponding with Anna Reardon who tells him a never ending stream of big fat ones that make her seem like the ideal bride candidate He sends her money to come out to Minnesota from Boston to marry him and be his wife When Anna arrives Karl is struck by her beauty even if she is thin and much younger than she said he wanted an older bride twenty five and she's seventeen It turns out she didn't come alone She brought her thirteen year old brother James with her Karl isn't very happy about that He's worried about having another mouth to feed and not having time alone with his new bride He agrees to marry her but tells her ‘no lies’ Anna means it when she says she won’t lie to him but there’s still a big whopper between them that she can’t put into words He’ll find out the hard way And until then she can only hope for the best between themAt first Karl seems like the perfect hero However he’s rather rigid about his moral view of the world and has trouble forgiving My sympathies shifted as I read this story At first I was annoyed that Anna and her brother were pulling a whole bunch of fast ones on Karl Then I realized that the lies that Anna and James told were a matter of survival Lying is wrong but it’s a lot easier not to lie when you always have food on the table have a loving family and security in the world Anna and James have never had any of those And Anna’s chance at being Karl’s bride is the closest both of them will comeThat’s Ms Spenser’s talent To tell a story where there are many sides and much growing for the characters to do As I read this story I hoped that Karl could get past the huge lie that Anna told and understand why she did it I wanted the burgeoning love between them to be enough to make their marriage bond unbreakableI loved the descriptions of the natural world and the everyday life in the Minnesota wilderness Karl was a tried and true woodsman and a very skilled carpenter There wasn’t a type of wood he didn’t know intimately I learned about which wood makes the best type of furniture what is suitable for building houses or even making an axe handle I loved his patience with greenhorns Anna and James How he opened his house and his heart to them and not without reservations or sacrifice Even though Karl was a good man he had his shares of flaws That made him even the better as a hero because he was accessible And the joy was in seeing him come to realize that although Anna wasn’t uite the perfect wife he envisioned she was the wife he treasured and loved and she made his home truly a home As for Anna my heart went out to her and James for their troubled childhood and for the sacrifice she made for her brother that could have destroyed her future with Karl She wanted to do the right thing but always seemed to fall short And it must have been tough being married to a ‘saint’ and failing to measure up to his perfect image of womanhood Karl and Anna have some first married growing pains to get through but love does conuer all at least in the romantic world which I am always happy about With a little help along the way from sage friends like the priest who married them and Kristen the daughter of a Swedish family that establishes their homestead nearby James is a great secondary character an earnest young man who becomes like a son to Karl and a loyal loving brother to his sisterFor me The Endearment was a treasured reading experience It warmed my heart gave me a good story and taught me a few lessons about forgiveness understanding and committing to what is important to you even when it seems as though it isn’t exactly what you dreamed of It can be even better in the end because it’s real life the best kind of dream come true

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The EndearmentOut of the street urchin's life that shamed her to become Karl Lindstrom's mail order bride in the beautiful treacherous Minnesota wildernessKarl forgave Anna for h. SpoilersI was hesitant to read this one based on some of the reviews I read but I am glad I did This is my first read by this author and I must say it was goodThe book starts out with me hating the heroine Anna She is a mail order bride who has lied about almost everything about herself in order to have the hero Karl pay her way to Minnesota to become his bride He wanted an older woman she's 17 a woman who can cook she can't a virgin she isn't and a woman who can read and writeshe can't And he doesn't know that she comes bringing her younger brother in towI felt bad for poor disallusioned Karl when he finds most of these lies out in the first day of their meeting BUTAnna grew on me as she did her best to prove her worth with brother James as they both worked very hard at the tasks ahead of them to build their new lifeAnna and Karl's relationship and friendship began to grow and they truly became sweet together until the last lie was figured out by Karl via a slip of the tongue by JamesKarl was a virgin so he didn't really take stock too much in that when Anna and he first made love that she didn't bleed or feel pain plus it was out of doors and dark Needless to say all changes when he realizes Anna was not a virgin and she confesses it to him when he approaches the subject with herA bunch of stuff happens during their estangement A new family moves in nearby a Swedish family Karl is from Sweden and their happy and perfect selves intimidate Anna a bit making her feel inadeuate They all can cook they all dress nice they speak Karl's language and the women are voluptious than skinny AnnaAnna came from Boston an unwanted child of a prostitue and sister to James who most likely didn't share the same father as Anna Their mother has died and the two were forced to stuggle to survive by lying and stealing Even when their mother was alive they had to Karl was their only chance to change their circumstances Especially when they came to realize being honest wasn't getting them anywhere Anna and James didn't set out to hurt anyone and fate had it where Anna becomes just as hurt if not so then Karl during this story FYI in the end he NEVER strayed he remained faithful to Anna who he loved even through the finding out the worst of the lies about her not being a virgin BTW She only lost her virginity to pay James's way to Minnesota for Karl didn't know about him and only sent enough money for Anna I did find this to be an emotional read at times I found myself hating Anna then loving her and pitying her I also found myself loving Karl then hating him and at times pitying himIn the end he grovels a little for not forgiving her She had already asked for his forgiveness although he said he didn't know if he could And she forgave him for being so high and mightyThere is a really sweet happily ever after including sweeting loving and ILY'sI took a star away because I got a little bored with all the descriptive details of building a cabin cooking making bread candles gardeningetc it was tedious at timesThe writing is very good otherwise No loose ends and no editing issues I could see