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Ppearing the same year as Dracula Marryat's novel is fascinating not only for its sensational plot and bizarre characters but also because of its engagement with many of the issues that haunted the late Victorian imagination such as race heredity women's roles Spiritualism and the occult This edition includes the unabridged text of the exceedingly rare first edition and a new introduction by Brenda Hammack. This was a great book Although the cover and title lead me to expect a horror story in the vein of the novel's contemporary Dracula The Blood of the Vampire is much like a romance novel in the vein of Jane Austen with a supernatural horror element added in The protagonist Harriet Brandt is a psychic vampire who absorbs energy from the people she's closest too and this does lead to a certain amount of horror but it is not the entire focus of the plot Much of the story is concerned with Harriet coming into her own as a member of society and trying to navigate the difficult world of upperclass Britain while finding love and happiness She does leave awful things in her wake thanks to her cursed blood but the novel is surprisingly sympathetic towards her The secondary characters are all uite well written and interesting These include Margaret Pullen a loving mother her soon to be sister in law Elinor Leyton who's rather aloof for much of the novel and the absolutely fascinating Baroness who is horrible and yet compelling There are also fun male characters especially the feminist socialist and all around forward thinking Anthony Pennell The romance in the novel is cute and well done while the horror I felt at Harriet's inescapable condition was also uite deep and enjoyable Over all I really enjoyed this book and I hope that it will begin to be less obscure since I think other people would like it as well

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The Blood of the VampireMiss Harriet of the MOBI #243 Brandt daughter of a mad scientist and a voodoo priestess comes of age and leaves her home in Jamaica for the first time travelling to Europe The Blood PDFEPUBBeautiful and talented Harriet will gain the affections of many of the men and women she meets and a bright future seems assured for herBut there is something strange Blood of the PDF #199 about Harriet Everyone she gets. I'm glad someone finally wrote a book about just how exhausting some people are

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Read & Download The Blood of the Vampire ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î ⚦ [PDF] ✎ The Blood of the Vampire By Florence Marryat ✶ – Miss Harriet Brandt daughter of a mad scientist and a voodoo priestess comes of age and leaves her home in Jamaica for the first tiClose to seems to sicken or die Doctor Phillips has a theory the blood of the vampire flows through Harriet's veins and she is draining the life out of those she loves Are the misfortunes that seem to follow Harriet merely coincidence Or is she really afflicted with the curse of the vampireOne of the strangest novels by the prolific Florence MarryatThe Blood of the Vampire was the other vampire novel of a. I am actually torn by this book On one hand it is a novel that is ahead of its time It features themes of otherness racism genetic inheritance loneliness and sexism to name a few ideas On the other hand it is not daring enough and its conclusion punishes and sacrifices a supposed bad' girl to make some purportedly poor but deserving good girl rich To put it concisely this book is about slut shaming than anything elseI know that today we have discovered that sociopathy is inheritable but the main character is not a sociopath She is not a rabid killer who wants blood and drains people to keep living She wants love which is seen as unnatural in the story even for an orphan who was walled up in a nunnery for ten years Her passionate and blooming sexual nature which would be considered demure these days is vilified as are all displays of affectionThe main character is as unaware of her power of attraction as she is of her parentage The type of persecution she suffers at the hands of the Doctor underlies every form of racism sexism homophobia and so on This book promotes the idea of bad blood A person may not mean to be bad They just are born that way We are right to not pity them and to stay away from them at all costs because look what happens when you befriend strangers who are not exactly like you people start to dieThe only guy who is sympathetic to the cause of the poor and wants all people to be treated eually gets his for believing in human kind He wanted a passionate woman like himself and got punished for it Stay with the boring waters you are familiar with this novel says Marry boring girls without passion who treat you coldly and prudishly because they are safe And for the girls marry handsome vain flirty guys who have wandering eyes because one day they will learn to appreciate you Sure they willThis book feels like an even xenophobic rendition of Jane Eyre The Victorian women must have been terrified when foreign ladies showed up full of exotic passion They felt so threatened by their ability to emote and be sexual they had to write many novels vilifying them and elevating themselves This story was a trail breaker at its time for women authors but I am not liking where the trail is leading It crushes one type of woman to raise up another There seems to be good reasons for this book no longer being popular Maybe there is a reason it should fade away into the past and not be read any except by scholars who can recognize and analyze the depth and destructiveness of its message