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Becoming Human Free download Ý 105 ¼ ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Becoming Human By Jean Vanier ✼ – In this work originally broadcast on the CBC Radio series Ideas Jean Vanier shares his profoundly human vision for creating a common good that radically changes our communities our relationships and o In this work originaOur communities our relationships and ourselves Our society shuns weakness and glorifies strength By embracing weakness however we learn new ways of living and d. Excellent Highly recommend I will be rereading thisEverything that is human needs nourishment the body the mind the memory the imagination and particularly the heart They must be nourished by encounters with other hearts they can lead us into other gardens of life into a new and deeper vulnerability and into a new understanding of the universe of God of history and of the beauty and depth of each and every human being p68Aristotle talks of our passions as being like a horse which has a life of its own We are riders who have to take into account the life if the horse on order to guide it where we want it to go We are not called to suppress our passions or compulsions nor to confront them head on nor to be governed by them but to orientate them in the direction we want to go Pg115Perhaps we all have to embrace the strong beliefs of adolescence before we can become mature adults with the wisdom to modify our certitudes and listen respectfully to those who bring us different views p136Continued It took time for me to see and accept the brokenness of the history and life of my own church and to discover the beauty truth and good in other churches and religions Just as it took time for me to discover all that was broken in myself my prejudices my fears my mixed motivations my weaknesses my need to succeed and my fear of failureOne of the most important factors for inner liberation is how we are accompanied We must ask ourselves Who is walking with me p128Because I was well accompanied I was able to open up my heart I did not keep things hidden within where they could rot and decay I was able to name my weaknesses and fears p129Forgiveness of ourselves then implies an acceptance of our true value The loss of a false self image if it is an image of superiority or the need to hide our brokenness can bring anguish and inner pain We can only accept this pain if we discover our true self beneath all the masks and realize that if we are broken we are also beautiful than we ever dared to suspect p158

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Iscover greater compassion trust and understanding This spirit of inclusion has extraordinary implications for the way we live our lives and build our communitie. It is challenging to know what to say about this book today My girlfriend and I read it together over the course of a few months and shortly after we finished reading it the report on Vanier's past misdeeds was published It's hard to know how much that should affect how his works should be viewed Obviously many have found solace in Vanier's writing and in his examination of basic human needs for proper development At the same time this work cannot be completely separated from his personal life and past actions To be honest it's hard to recall parts of this book and think that the person writing it could also be manipulative and abusive especially in the context of spiritual direction The author seems to have a deep understanding of and a willingness to explore the human condition and the feelings of loneliness rejection belonging and love Did he come to these insights after years of reflection about his past sins and what motivated them Did he simply try to reject that part of himself outright and sweep it under the rug I have no idea but reading this book is certainly complicated now than it was a year agoIs it worth keeping the book or should we abandon Vanier because of the reports about him Though I understand the latter sentiment I hesitate to jettison authors and their ideas simply because of a personal flaw of theirs On a different but related note though I found the book thoughtful but not necessarily memorable as a spiritual read That said the book itself is a copy of Vanier's Massey Lecture so it lends itself better to a deep read over a short time period If you are looking to read it I would suggest taking that approach The way that I took it in over a long span of time made it hard to differentiate some of the concepts between and within chapters

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Becoming HumanIn this work originally broadcast on the CBC Radio series Ideas Jean Vanier shares his profoundly human vision for creating a common good that radically changes. You will enjoy this heart warming book as much as did I It's authored by one of our greatest Canadian humanitarian Jean Vanier He is a scion of an eually famous Canadian family Jean Vanier is the founder of the world famous L'ArcheL'Arche provides residences for the emotionally mentally and physically disabled men and women who have been put aside looked down upon laughed at and too often shunned plus their caregivers those who wish to have a sometimes lasting relationship with the principle residents I was amazed to discover that Mr Vanier started the first L'Arche in his home north of Paris in 1964 That was the year when I was in my third year of a four year History program at the University of TorontoWhile I was still focusing on myself and getting a good teaching job when I finished my MA Mr Vanier was launching a movement that today about 50 years later has spawned 134 L'Arche communities in thirty five different countriesThe book is filled with encouraging engaging stories shared by a Godly man that teach stupendous life lessonsGaryFPatton2014 02 © gfp '42™