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READ A Dead Man in Naples (Seymour of Special Branch, #6) ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È [PDF / Epub] ☉ A Dead Man in Naples (Seymour of Special Branch, #6) Author Michael Pearce – Lionel Scampion British consul in Naples has been stabbed to death while bicycling Lionel Scampion British Man in PDFEPUB #229 consul in Naples has been stabbed to death while bicycling through the piazza of the Porta Carmine According to his sister he had no enemies The Neapolitan police suggest he was murdered by a bicycle racing rival. The Foreign Office asks Seymour to look into the murder of a diplomat in Naples As the inuiry is unofficial and to be low key Seymour is allowed to be accompanied by his fiancee Chantal They settle in at a pension and begin to make inuiries The diplomat had been low level and inoffensive with no real interest except for his bicycling club That had of course been comprised mainly of Italian Army officers and the diplomat had expressed some unorthodox views in favor of the Italian incursion in Libya Still that hardly seemed cause for murder But rumors abound and Seymour must follow the hints given by a lottery ticket a foundling hospital the antagonism of aristocracy versus workers and

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In Naples every mystery is A Dead PDFEPUBattributed to the Camorra a powerful criminal society could its members be involved Scampion enthusiastically backed the Italian invasion of Libya and befriended army officers of the newly formed Italian Bicycle Brig. Was ready to toss this then spent a sunny afternoon reading slowly and got the depth and the tight twisted web of history and fell in love with the people and the place yes Pink Martini Una notte a Napoli helped Gabriele D'Annunzio figures and the rebellion and the character are memorable and engaging and this was cleverly woven in with bicycling politics and the group called Our Friends cosa nostra types and foundlings and loyalty and of course murder Intriguing and thoughtful and colorful great read for a sunny afternoon

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A Dead Man in Naples Seymour of Special Branch #6Ade Now the Foreign Office in London has heard that international politics emanating from Rome Dead Man in Epub #219 might have been involved Seymour of the Special Branch is sent to find out the motive for the murder and incidentally to identify the culpri. When Scampion an erratic but innocuous British consul to Naples is murdered Seymour is sent from Scotland Yard to investigate He and his Moroccan fiancee Chantale stay at a small pensione where the people are concerned with their own lives than with a dead Englishman Seymour also ingratiates himself with the Marchese and the Army officers who were Scampion's best friends