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A Dance of SistersI want to stretch to the moon Delia thought Far far awayTwelve year old Delia Ferri doesn't remember her mother or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister Pearl and her father oh my god this book is AMAZING its about a girl who loves ballet and her family is ging through a rough time she has to find her own way in her life and its so good i was actually moved to cry which doesnt hapen much to me

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Pletely does she begin to understand how fiercely her sister had to fight for her own truth Delia discovers that the bond between two sisters can't be broken no matter where the dance of life takes the Unsettling on the first read even better on the second and third This book deals with a young girl's struggle in the ballet world difficult family relationships eating disorders and witchcraft It is above all a story about self discovery As a ballet dancer myself I thought this book was accurate The pressures and political environment portrayed in Delia's ballet school are similar to my own experience although I do think that the environment portrayed in the book is typical of an older generation of ballet teachers and not necessarily true of younger generations The amount of work and dedication Delia is reuired to put into her training is very accurate and matches my experience almost exactly There's a sense in this book that young people with a great passion or love for something in Delia's case ballet can be consumed by that passion if it is used to escape other issues in their lives In such cases passion borders on an unhealthy obsession to the point where the passion becomes self destructive and one loses one's grasp on the real world It is difficult especially when one is only a teenager to walk the fine line between unhealthy obsession and passionate dedication The work Delia put into ballet the and isolated she felt from her classmates at school her sister and her father When one is reuired to put so much work and effort into an activity in this book ballet it is inevitable that one will feel some degree of isolation from those who do not participate in the same activity Delia's family problems drove her further and further into the ballet world to the point where her passion turned into obsession an obsession which caused anorexia ruined her health and her social life and ultimately tainted and killed her love for balletFor me this was perhaps the most heart wrenching aspect of the book There are few words to describe what it feels like to look at something that was once central beautiful and important in your life and see it as a huge thorny barrier to the rest of life I think that most young serious dancers at some point in their lives consider uitting the thing they love most and some do and some do not I did not Delia did That for me was difficult to read but very very realistic and all the painful for itHowever Delia did not stop dancing Although she did not go back to ballet she found inspiration in African dance This is a lovely bit of criticism towards the ballet world which is known among dancers for its uniformity and lack of individual expression at least compared to some other forms of dance It is also a brave step on Delia's part to try to re build her life and her passion in a healthier freer way Overall I highly recommend this book It may be shocking and difficult to grasp for someone who is not familiar with the ballet world but even those unfamiliar with dance can I think find truth and inspiration in Delia's story

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FREE PDF ✓ BOOK A Dance of Sisters ☆ GYMAPPAREL ☆ [Read] ➬ A Dance of Sisters By Tracey Porter – I want to stretch to the moon Delia thought Far far awayTwelve year old Delia Ferri doesn't remember her mother or her family the way it used to be All she knows is that her sister Pearl andAre fighting and Pearl is withdrawn and angry so Delia vows not to give her father anything else to worry aboutDelia loses herself to the rigorous world of ballet and only when it has consumed her com Porter Tracey A Dance of Sisters PG 276 Joanna Cotler Books Language PG Sexual Content G Violence G A Dance of Sisters is a story of two sisters and their struggles in life and how they were once close but now distant from each other It is very well written and portrays the importance of family I love this book so much that I would read it again and will add it to my array of books MS HS ESSENTIAL Student Reviewer MPhttpkissthebookblogspotcom2008