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D adulthood Where this continuum still exists in other countries there is no adolescence Isolated from adults American teens learn everything they know from their media dominated peers the last people on earth they should be learning from says Epstein Epstein explains that our teens are highly capable in so While I don't agree with everything Epstein says I think he builds up an interesting case on why adolescents have been seen as a problem specifically in America His solution is to give them responsibilities instead of extending their childhood even into adulthood Since they still consider themselves as not fully adults they still act as children Moreover culture does not see them as adults and so adults do not give adolescents enough responsibilities even though they may be competent to handle them So far I think Epstein is on to something but I did find two major problems with it1 If Epstein is correct I doubt society will even accept a young teen over a 30 year old for a career It's because typically people will choose the 30 year old because of her experience and not just the competency Epstein argues again and again that competency is the key I think that's only one factor Yes competency is a major component And yes many people have misplaced teens as being incompetent but competency isn't the sole factor to determine whether a teen even a competent one can readily compete in the world because this teen is lacking experience The only way to gain experience typically is age Sure you will have exceptions but I don't see this going away anytime soon2 I think Epstein conflates competency with maturity Epstein has a test at the end of the book where one can measure competency but what about maturity? Some of the features such as relationships love marriage and sex does deal with competency but they also deal with maturity too Only once does Epstein mention maturity and that's in the context of viewing pornography What about for the other features? Surely a manager would want to hire a mature adult rather than an immature adolescent even if they're both competent Epstein needs to separate those two terms out

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The Case Against Adolescence Rediscovering the Adult in Every TeenMe ways capable than adults and argues strongly against infantilizing young people We must rediscover the adult in every teen he says by giving young people adult authority and responsibility as soon as they can demonstrate readiness This landmark book will change the thinking about teens for decades to com I picked up this book because I agree with what I thought to be the author's premise that adolescents are capable of much than they generally have the opportunity to demonstrate and that adolescents are to their detrimenttoo strictly isolated into same age peer groups However many of Dr Epstein's arguments are laughably offensive Using notorious cases of adultteen statuatory rape is not an effective way to promote the concept that teens are capable of mature sexual relationships From the introduction where the author cites his teenage son who he admits has stolen his car on multiple occasions and uses recreational drugs as an example of a mature teen capable of adult responsibilities to his advocacy of corporal punishment in schools and at home this book is not worth the time it took to read it

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PDF ☆ BOOK The Case Against Adolescence Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen É GYMAPPAREL ¸ ➭ [Ebook] ➨ The Case Against Adolescence Rediscovering the Adult in Every Teen By Robert Epstein ➹ – Gym-apparel.co.uk This groundbreaking book argues that adolThis groundbreaking book argues that adolescence is an unnecessary period of life that people are better off without Robert Epstein former editor in chief of Psychology Today shows that teen turmoil is caused by outmoded systems put into place a century ago which destroyed the continuum between childhood an This book is almost identical to Escape From Childhood There are a few extra recommendations in the end since this book was written a few decades after Escape From Childhood but otherwise they say the same things just in opposite ways EFC appeals to common sense fairness and rationality; this book uses scientific studies to justify the exact same ideas Epstien even says at the end something along the lines of how he is not all emotional and crazy like John Holt which is extremely entertaining as he goes to on to propose almost exactly what Holt did The main difference why Epstein doesn't think he is crazy is because he thinks all children and teens should be given thorough competency tests before they are given the basic human rights both he and Holt think they should have Though this idea appeals to me as I imagine I am the person writing the competency tests the truth is it won't be me It will be some awful government bureaucrat being manipulated by giant corporations similar to when I was studying nutrition and had to answer on a test that aspartame is not dangerous to humansSo what is the solution? Both Epstein and Holt need to take their faith in human children and extend it to all humans they need to look into free market economics and other brilliant solutions our local friendly anarchists have thought of Which is to say Epstein and Holt need to stay consistent with their own ideas coercion doesn't work Freedom does