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ContainmentThe beach and looting beginsDetective Constable Sam Shephard experiences the desperation of the scavengers first hand and ends up in an ambulance nursing her wounds and puzzling over an assault that left her assailant for dead What appears to be a clear cut case of a cargo ship running aground soon takes a sinister turn when a sk. When I agreed to be a part of the Containment blog tour I had no idea it was the third book in a series I'm pretty anal about reading books in order but I'm thrilled to say reading this our of order worked out perfectly fine for me and has actually prompted me to go back and look up the first twoDetective Constable Sam Shephard is dog sitting for a family friend when a large shipping boat wrecks along the shoreline of Anamoana off of New Zealand spilling shipping containers along the beach People rush to the chaotic scene some to see what has happened some to help contain the scene and some to loot the containers Sam ends up at the scene trying to help but ends up getting assaulted instead Let's just say a lot of people on the scene end up with than they've bargained for Soon a body is found in the sea and the case only ends up uncovering disturbing facts about the caseI really feel in love with Sam She is not the most favorite detective on the suad as some are skeptical about how she rose within the ranks so uickly Luckily she is teamed with a great partner and they form a bond which is rather familial There is also a great supporting case built around Sam with her roommate and her boyfriend Paul Sam is independent but realizes she's a bit of a saver which comes back to bite her when dealing with the current case Sam also meets a wonderful yet annoying college student Spaz who is an integral part in the current case and he added a nice comedic relief to a rather intense case I also love that same reviews to her boss as Dick Head which honestly describes him uite succinctly I flew through Containment and couldn't wait to see how everything linked together I will admit that at times things seemed to be falling too conveniently into place but that was really my only issue with the book I'm definitely going to be looking into the first two book in this series as I'm curious about what I might have missed about Sam's background That being said I was able to jump right into this book and it flowed extremely well given that it's part of a series If you enjoy great characters and a good police procedural then you'll want to give Containment a goI received this book in exchange for an honest review

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Dunedin’s favourite young police officer Sam Shephard is drawn into a perplexing investigation when a series of shipping containers wash up on a sleepy New Zealand beach and a spate of unexplained deaths ensues Chaos reigns in the sleepy village of Aramoana on the New Zealand coast when a series of shipping containers wash up on. 45★Vanda Symon was having some success in her home country of New Zealand with her crime novels when she decided she would like to go for her PHD and for this reader she disappeared although she was doing radio programmes and suchlikeBut Dr Symon has a powerhouse fan in Craig Sisterson New Zealand crime fiction's biggest fan and now an author himself Sisterson gave the publisher of Orenda Books one of Symon's books and the rest is history Or at least a good leg up in Europe I'm guessing Symon is or has been editing her books for the European market as the feisty Detective Constable Sam Shephard is a very Kiwi heroine and my NZ copy has a lot of Kiwi expressions some like crib holiday cottage are only used in the South Island It may be too much for foreign readersWhen Symons writes about Port Chalmers and Dunedin which I do know and love and Aramoana which i only know because of the Aramoana Massacre I feel like I am walking along side SamThe looters at the start of the story make me think of the George Floyd riots in the States Pure coincidence this read came up now Because of Lockdown I've had this library book for a couple of months so I don't think the library would allow me to renew it The scene setting was greatMost of the story was too but still think Symon puts a lot of her own opinions in Sam's mouth For exampleSam's opinions of Otago student events the Toga Parade and the Undy 500 cause of riots certainly sound like that of an older woman as do Sam's judgemental remarks on tattoosThese minor failings slow the story down but don't derail it there is also uite a bit always about Sam's personal life Reminds me of Sue Grafton but Symon is a far better writer However I still don't like her short chapters and think the story would flow better if the chapter numbers were halvedThe ending was balls to the walls excitement Symon put everything into her writing there I loved itThe only Symon I haven't read is her fourth Sam book I''m going to get to this one as soon as possible For all my carping Symon is one of the best authors I have found for introducing a kiwi flavour into her work This was a great book for my personal challenge to read books by New Zealand writers

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Summary Containment ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ [PDF] ❤ Containment By Vanda Symon – Dunedin’s favourite young police officer Sam Shephard is drawn into a perplexing investigation when a series of shipping containers wash up on a sleepy New Zealand beach and a spate of unexplained d Dunedin’Ull is found in the sand and the body of a diver is pulled from the sea a diver who didn’t die of drowning As first officer at the scene Sam is handed the case much to the displeasure of her superiors and she must put together an increasingly confusing series of clues to get to the bottom of a mystery that may still have victims. 35 starsThis was an intelligently written police procedural which begins a little slowly before developing into an intriguing mystery One crime leads to another as we follow protagonist DC Sam Shephard during a complex  case that the author conveys in meticulous detail throughoutIt is actually the third book in a series but despite that it works well as a standalone and there was never a moment where I needed to have read the previous two instalments to understand what was going on This was also the first book I have read to be set in New Zealand and I really appreciated the way it was used to bring an added sense of context to the storyThe case here begins when a ship runs aground and spills a number of the containers it was carrying which leads to widespread looting As she attempts to restore order DC Shephard is assaulted by a young man and is forced to take a week away from work to fully recoverUpon her return she is asked to investigate the discovery of a body found at sea and soon finds that this person had been murdered at around the same time as the shipwreck As the case progresses and throws up some interesting coincidences Sam becomes very personally involved to the extent that she puts her career on the lineOnce it got going I was fairly immersed in the plot and liked the fact that a lot of attention was given to each aspect of the case However for a crime novel it was not the kind of book that kept you guessing and although there were several characters involved there were hardly any clues to speak of that pointed to who might be the killer I managed to guess correctly but that was not down to any powers of deduction on my partThe ending itself is very dramatic and a lot is crammed in to the final few pages It left me feeling that only half of the case had been solved and there were still some uestions left unanswered Of course that might be something for the next book in the series but I would have preferred to know the full picture of what happened in that last chapterYet in many ways the book is less about the case and about Sam She is a strong female protagonist and it is her narration that carries you throughThe way it is written made me feel as if I was living inside her mind such was the clarity with which all of her thoughts and emotions were relayed and I liked how this brought a great deal of depth to her characterAlthough she did have one or two negative traits I did uite like Sam As a narrator she was entertaining and witty with a sharp turn of phrase that did make me laugh on some occasions Indeed that was probably the aspect of the book that contains the most enjoyment On the other hand the sections about her personal life were an unwelcome sub plotAnother thing I slightly disliked was Sam having a rude and unreasonable boss in the police force which for me was cliched and became a bit tiresome Apart from DI Johns the secondary characters were well developed and through Sam's eyes they brought something uniue to the storyThe writing is continually impressive in the way it captures Sam's point of view and shows plenty of sides to her character It is clear just from reading the prologue that Vanda Symon can paint a picture with words but she also brings an attention to detail and an injection of humour that is never very far awayOverall this was a descriptive though generally fast paced book that brought together an intricate case and an interesting protagonist who had a very distinctive voice There were some issues relating to the ending and the sub plots and I would not completely describe it as a thriller but the writing is still extremely good and it held my attention right through to the end