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Read & Download Younguncle in the Himalayas ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF µ [Reading] ➶ Younguncle in the Himalayas By Vandana Singh – Vandana Singh’s first book Younguncle Comes to Town was an instant classic of children’s literature Now in this highly anticipated follow uNcle chats with monkeys and debates the true nature of reality with an offbeat sect Younguncle in eBook #9734 of the uantum Banana spiritualists the fate of the picturesue little valley hangs in the balance Who is the strange Rat girl who charms rodents out of the hotel Can the children and their eccentric uncle thwart the schemes of the dangerous city slicker Pradeep Daalmakhini Can Younguncle help Daalmakhini’s. While the first book Younguncle Comes to Town was a series of short stories outlining the escapades of Younguncle this story is a complete story in and of itself It was a delightful read that my boys and I really enjoyed Alas there are only two books about YounguncleCan I say that I love the way that she uses words I love it Her sense of humor is right up our alley For example the baby is old enough to walk and young enough to just begin using certain sounds but not really speaking and yet discusses the world in terms of philosophy The children's mother is a person that Speaks in Capital Letters and known in the town as She who Cannot be Argued With Jackfruit Curry

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Vandana Singh’s first book Younguncle Comes to Town was an instant classic of children’s literature Now in this highly anticipated follow up Younguncle finds himself on an adventure in the mountains of India In Younguncle in the Himalayas our protagonist arrives with his family at the gloomy mysterious Hotel Pine Away and soon discovers that their mountain holiday is going to be anything but peaceful As Youngu. Let me begin by saying I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS BOOK Ok Why This book unusually for a seuel is better than the first book ‘Younguncle Comes to Town’ It’s hilarious Younguncle and his rather eccentric family decide to spend the Pooja aka Divali holidays in the Himalayas They are put up in the mysterious and spooky Hotel Pine Away Younguncle makes friends with a troupe of spiritualists – the uantum Bananas followers of the Great Keladas – who have come to the hills for a Banana convention As they argue at length about whether the world is an illusion or not Younguncle and his nephew and nieces discover some rather sinister happenings in the nearby village involving the extremely arrogant and rich bachelor Pradeep Daalmakhni They enlist the help of Tanuja an intelligent young woman crazy about maths who happens to have the misfortune of being Daalmakhni’s bride to be Can Younguncle save the village and also Tanuja Either way he provides a rollicking read and much humour to keep you coming back to the book again and again

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Younguncle in the HimalayasIntended bride escape a fate worse than death Has our favorite adventurer finally met his match   “Enchanting Singh is a most promising and original young writer” Ursula K LeGuin author of The Earthsea Trilogy “One of the best children’s books this year It has none of the self consciousness you often find in adults who write for children very plausible dilemmas and a delightful style” Business Standar. I didn't like this one as well as I did the first book Younguncle Comes to Town I think it was the uantum Banana spiritualists that did it a bit over the top I loved the hotel and the ghosts and if the story had just been about that I think I would have been happier Still I enjoyed reading about how Younguncle helps the village women and other characters in the story He reminds me of Mullah Nasruddin of Middle Eastern folklore I hope Singh writes of these books