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“Thou art the Black Rider Go thee out unto the world”Lisabeth Lewis has a black steed a set of scales and a new job she’s been appointed Famine How will an anorexic seventeen year old girl from the suburbs fare as one What can I say If I didn't love it I wouldn't have written it HUNGER was brewing for 10 years before I finally sat down to write it And then it all came pouring out It was cathartic I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing itA portion of proceeds will be donated to the National Eating Disorders Association So if you buy this book thank you for helping to make a difference

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Hunger AUTHOR Jackie Morse KesslIne forces her to go places where hunger is a painful part of everyday life and to face the horrifying effects of her phenomenal power Can Lisa find a way to harness that power and the courage to battle her own inner demon HUNGER makes WINTERGIRLS look like TWILIGHT but worse Just throw in a little Apocalyptic lore and you're good to goIt's really interesting to get inside the head of a girl with an eating disorder Jackie really knows what she's talking about; she actually went through it herself Not for long but it happened Overall I just loved it from the Famine aspects and the eating disorder aspects I just loved the whole thing from beginning to endThe only thing that angered me a little was how petulant and scared Lisa was acting You're supposed to be Famine; suck it up She seemed to cower away from the most important scenes until the end of course and it kind of ticked me off to see such a weak character caving in to her weaknesses instead of trying to grow strongerOverall HUNGER was fantastic and I'm already almost finished with RAGE Hopefully it'll be nothing but compliments as well

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kindle ¾ Hunger AUTHOR Jackie Morse Kessler à 177 pages ✓ [Read] ➭ Hunger By Jackie Morse Kessler – “Thou art the Black Rider Go thee out unto the world”Lisabeth Lewis has a black steed a set of scales and a new job she’s been appointed Famine How will an anorexic seventeen yOf the Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseTraveling the world on her steed gives Lisa freedom from her troubles at home her constant battle with hunger and her struggle to hide it from the people who care about her But being Fam Thou art Famineyo How can you not love a book that has that line in itIt's impossibleWhen I first read Hunger's summary I thought that that is the book for meI love the Four HorsemanApocalypseHarbinger stories and I was so excited to read thisI can't even tell youTo be honest I was expecting it to be to the paranormalsupernatural side and it surprisingly wasn't and thank God for that because I find that the matter it approaches is way important than any paranormal story however goodAnorexia and bulimia are diseasesIf you're thinking of losing weight by not eating or by throwing up what you eat you are sick and you should immediately seek helpThat's an undeniable factNo way around it no loopholes no excusesLisathe lead is sickKessler herselfwas sick for a short period of time and through her amazing writingwe are witnessing Lisa's slow and painful demiseI am not even going to dwell on the myriads of negatives aspects of being anorexic or bulimicThe one chapterritual of Lisa's friend stuffing herself with anything she can find and then forcing herself to lose it was shocking to say the leastand if that doesn't make you want to even reconsider doing something resembling that I don't know what willButin the endLisa found herself and through her eye opening experience as Famine she learned first hand about misery and poverty and finallyactual hungerIt was not easyof courseEven in the end we see Lisa struggling to eat even though she knows it's the right thing to do it's what she HAS to do to help people in need and I loved how Kessler used Lisa's compassion for others as a way to make her start eating againShe was not able to care about herself because she neither understood nor believed that anything was wrong with her but she could still care about others and that was enough to save herThat being said there is also a fun side to this bookDifficult to believebut it's trueYou can't help but crack a smile at Kessler's clever humour and witty one liners a very welcome change to the otherwise gloomy and depressing contentI mean come onDeath playing Come As You Are on his guitarAwesomeThe only problem I had with Hunger was its lengthIt was so shortI would like some character development especially WarAnd basically I wanted material to read printed wordspleaseSo even though Hunger left me wanting a lot pages to gnaw at it was an amazing start to a series and to all of you teens out there who don't even like paranormalyou should read this bookregardlessLooking forward to Rage coming out Spring 2011NoteA portion of the proceeds of Hunger will be donated to NEDANational Eating Disorders Association so go buy the book you guys