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Arthur's Britain Classic HistoryE history of Arthur by delving into the shadowy period in which he lived Drawing on evidence from written and archaeological sources Leslie Alcock who directed the famous excavation at Cadbury Castle in Somerset England sifts history from. This is probably one of the best academic books that I've read It's a very thorough introduction to the literary and archaeological evidence surrounding the rather nebulous so called 'Arthurian' period of British history Broadly speaking it is the period of British history beginning a little while before the fall of the Western Roman Empire up until perhaps the eighth century or so This book I should add could just as well be an introduction to the early British Dark Ages or perhaps even to the Age of BedeTo give an idea of what is covered in this book I've included the chapter headings below 1 The Nature of the Evidence2 Three Key Texts3 The Arthurian Documents4 The Historical Background AD 367 4905 The Historical Background AD 490 6346 The Archaeological Background The Nature of the Evidence7 The Culture of Roman and Sub Roman Britain8 The Culture of the Britons AD 450 6509 The Enemies of the Britons I Picts and Scots10 The Enemies of the Britons II The English11 Economy Society and Warfare12 Arthur and BritainEach of these chapters contain a rigorous study of its subject matter The earlier chapters primarily concern literary culture and the later ones primarily focus on material culture As a whole the book isn't really about Arthur per se but it is about the world in which such a figure would have lived It comes to few conclusions but instead presents evidence with relevant analysis and leaves the reader to connect the dots if they want to do soThis is not really for the general reader but for scholars or the very interested this is a great introduction to a fascinating period of British history

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Arthur's Britain (Classic History) Read ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ù [PDF] ✩ Arthur's Britain (Classic History) ✭ Leslie Alcock – We are all familiar with the heroic deeds and enchantments of the legendary tales surrounding King Arthur But what evidence is there forFiction to take us back to life between the fourth and seventh centuries He also provides fascinating detail on how the Britons actually lived worshipped dressed and fought to uncover the real world and people behind the Arthurian legend. I loved this but it's probably too dry and scholarly to be very readable for anyone without a prior interest in the field However as someone who is fascinated by the so called dark ages and post Roman Britain in particular I found this careful rigorous and detailed survey of the available archaeological and written evidence about 'Arthurian' Britain and the historical Arthur delightful There is something about the deep attention that Alcock gives to the nature of the evidence that is itself intoxicating one can see the path by which knowledge of the past gradually takes shape

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We are all familiar with the heroic deeds and enchantments of the legendary tales surrounding King Arthur But what evidence is there for a real figure beneath the myth and romanceArthur's Britain assembles a wealth of information about th. Fascinating look at Britain between the Roman and Anglo Saxon periods Interesting look too at the uestion of whether or not King Arthur actually existed Great stuff; especially if you appreciate extended discussions of historical sources archaeology etc One thing I found disconcerting was the author's puzzlement regarding the lack of remains of churches from this period His solution is that churches and houses probably looked very similar so archaeologists may mistakenly identify some churches as houses This is an odd argument especially since we know that the early christian communities did not worship in seperate buildings but worshipped in peoples homes They literally were house churches hence the lack of archaeological remains of church buildingsOver all this is a great read and an excellent intoduction to this era of history