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Ream and reality and an acute awareness of human dignity constantly threatened by insensitive unkindness. As with I Am Lazarus and Julia and the Bazooka this collection of Anna Kavan's short fiction offers stops all along her style spectrum ranging from Kafka leaning Modernist to Gothic and Surrealist though threaded throughout with her own thematic and symbolic references It is these references which enhance Kavan's shorter prose especially when they prefigure her two masterpieces Ice and Sleep Has His House When contrasted with the other two collections this one is cohesive than Julia and the Bazooka though slightly less so than I Am Lazarus yet it still contains some of Kavan's best short fiction work particularly the ending novella 'New and Splendid' a dystopian tale narrated by a young orphan taken in by his powerful uncle who lives in a city where society is divided by a cloud layer the upper caste living in the High City and the lower caste down below in the Lanes In this story the tight pacing and spare yet evocative descriptions carry Kavan's themes to a haunting level of fruition placing this in the highest tier of her workThroughout the collection many of her familiar themes arise futility in the face of bureaucracyauthority the sometimes blurry line between dream world and waking life isolation alienation inability to truly connect with others children living at the mercy of cold sadistic adultsHopefully Peter Owen will reprint this collection as it is certainly as strong as the others of hers that remain in print and it offers an important engaging look at Kavan's continuing thematic development Used copies of the book are currently hovering in the US200 300 range so interlibrary loan is likely the best way to access this one for the time being

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Bright Green FieldAdmirers of Kavan's work will not be disappointed The title story is allegorical writing at its best and. Anna Kavan's primary characteristics are her cold seemingly objective voice her fevered surrealist description of situations nonetheless imbued with real pathos her use of landscape as psychology She's become a definite favorite to the point where I've been trying to hunt down all of her largely out of print work for some time now This was one that I wasn't sure I'd find without shelling out 60 or on the rare book market Instead it's turned up no further than the Brooklyn Public Library available by reuest from the ambiguously located Central Storage I envision a vast subterranean vault cramped shadowed stacks precarious and overflowing accessible only through some hidden back stairwell or rickety dumbwaiter of an elevator Anyway it has coughed up this marvelous book and far importantly it's confirmed that hunting out the lost Kavan works and this is the most lost of any I've found yet is indeed totally worthwhileOriginally published in 1958 and that may well be the edition I have here this falls in the middle of the surrealist second act of Kavan's career The stories vary pretty widely in tone and content but they're pretty unmistakeably of a set with the stories in Asylum Piece and Julie and the Bazooka Highlights asteriskedA Bright Green Field a hallucinatory account of a certain unearthly verdant plot of land that the narrator finds inescapable wherever she goes and fears may overrun the earthAnnunciation the stifling forces of misguided propriety on a confused young girl prisoner like in her home at the threshold of adulthoodHappy Name the past consulted for current insight as dream walk through the labyrinthine house of memoryOne of the Hot Spots brief and enigmatic with some memorable landscapeIce Storm long before the glacial phantasmagoria of her masterpiece mundane Connecticut ice as indecision and interludeMouse Shoes a child's vision out of a dystopian orphanage at the point of departure but too deftly ambiguous to be sure that the dystopia does not extend beyond the facility walls One of my favorites hereThe End of Something a dying seal and interpersonal deteriorationThe Birds Dancing one of the best Anna Kavan stories I've encountered mythic and weird and almost like a subtler Thomas Ligotti story I've been alternating between the two for the last few days Trapped in an ill chosen vacation destination that resembles the ugly suburb sprawl of Hannington in Kavan's first novel A Perfect Circle our nameless protagonist seeks some outlet to the countryside But unlike in the novel no transit options exist and she is drawn instead towards a mysterious sunken landmark at the town center Imbued in eerie mystery with suggestions of conspiracy and doom and then suddenly a surge of brutal beauty And actually pretty uniue for Kavan in its sudden burst of activityChristmas Wishes isolated and dreamlike and so rather ironically titled like an account of the holidays from a lost bit of Sleep Has His HouseA Visit to the Sleepmaster when modern consumeristsocietal manipulation has taken over even our most basic rightsLonely Unholy Shore vivid Pacific island travelogue supplanted by less interesting expat dialogueAll Saints poetic stream of concious diary ing perhaps Apparently Kavan destroyed most of her diaries before death except for one stretch of some months which she doctored somewhat apparently and set aside Have these been published somewhere yet Will they ever PleaseNew and Splendid the longest story by far a kind of high anxiety conflation of the first chapter of Kafka's Amerika with Metropolis and her own Asylum Piece as a kind of dystopianutopian sci fi with dazzling cityscape description

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Read Bright Green Field ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB õ [EPUB] ✼ Bright Green Field Author Anna Kavan – Admirers of Kavan's work will not be disappointed The title story is allegorical writing at its best and bears the stamp of the author's compulsive power Other stories show her grasp of the conflictBears the stamp of the author's compulsive power Other stories show her grasp of the conflict between d. After searching for anything by Anna Kavan for months this finally turned up Strange beautiful and lonely her writing often reminded me of a cross between Jane Bowles Leonora Carrington and a fever nightmare A sleeping sense of blurriness unable to hold onto anything long enough to make sense of it Can't wait to read a full length novel