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Text Ý Alice Miranda at School Ó Jacqueline Harvey All Some girls are mean and spoiled like Alethea Goldsworthy Can Alice Miranda defeat Alethea in one of three difficult tests she must pass to remain at school? Will she discover Winchesterfield Downsfordvale's big secret and make things right? Well if anyone can it's spunky Alice Miranda I am not sure how to write about this book It is so utterly unbelievable it is like a fairy tale cloaked in a realistic story Or maybe it is a parody of British boarding schools The repetition in the story reminds me of beginning chapter books for emerging readers grades 2 3 but the bullying seems older and the narrator is a first grader who sounds mature than most adults She is a genius but developmentally too advanced for her age So let the fairy tale beginOnce upon a time there was a 7 year old who had the wisdom and vocabulary of a 70 year old She called a boarding school because she wanted to go there and was accepted even though her parents weren't ready and sobbed when they dropped her off While walking around the school she met three adults all having problems and unhappy with their work situations Like the good witch in Oz she waved her wand figuratively and fixed their problems using mummy and daddy's money When she meets the class bully she can't seem to fix her but she handles her with self control and the maturity of an adult The headmistress is also unhappy and takes issue with the little poppet that grows happiness around her like a field of poppies The headmistress makes the smiling 7 year old girl go through a series of unfair tests a 3 hour SAT type test which she does with the smile and joy of a saint Will the poppet pass the tests and charm Miss Grimm the headmistress like she has everyone else?Everything in the plot is unbelievable So much so it is funny It reminded me of the Willoughby's but not as extreme or with as many references to literature which is why I'm not sure if the author intended it that way or not I think so Maybe if I was British I would see connections or of a savvy readerThe writing uses repetition of plot elements that will help a young reader but the vocabulary is higher than normally found in this type of book It might be good for a high reader in grades 2 or 3 but the target audience is grade 4 The setting is in England with English vocabulary such as poppet I love that word The adults use that word when referring to Alice Miranda the 7 year old who works her magic on those around her making them happyThe characters don't change internally Alice Miranda is always good and always says the right thing the bully is one dimensional and bosses everyone around because she's rich and thinks she owns everything at the boarding school Alice Miranda does wonder why she is this way but the reader never finds out The headmistress changes internally There is no great depth to the characters' thoughts and the plot is predictable I actually enjoyed of the outrageous and imaginative plot twists because they were so out there Make sure to park disbelief on the table before picking up this bookDiscussions can surround themes of how to deal with being rich dealing with bulllies and sinning people over with compliments The happy ending is going to please most young readersReading Level 46

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Alice Miranda at School Mobi Î 288 pages Å Gymapparel ☆ [Reading] ➸ Alice Miranda at School ➮ Jacqueline Harvey – Move over Matilda and step aside Madeline there’s a new charming miniature heroine about to make her markAlice Miranda Highton Smith Kennigton Jones can't wait to Move over Matilda and step aside Madeline there’s a new charming miniature heroine about to make her markAlice Miranda Highton Smith Kennigton Jones can't wait to start boarding school When she arrives at Winchesterfield Downsfordvale Academy for Proper Young Ladies the adventure begins My rating 1 starChild's rating 1 starI hated this book from the end of the first paragraph I hated every single paragraph from then on apart from about 4 brief paragraphs about 910ths of the way through they were ok Who needs endurance training when you can read this?? I must admit to an underlying agitation because we have Book 2 in the house and i just don't feel at ease being in the same house as Book 2 just not sure I'd survive another one Alice Miranda must be the most annoyingly egotistical in an 'i'm not egotistical i'm in it for the greater good of humanity' kinda way you know like most kids are prone to be?? child ever written down She is exactly 7 14 which is only a few days older than my daughter was when I started reading it to her so I must admit I'm comparing and my child wins hands down mine may throw a ripper tantrum but at least she's not a pretentious prat Alice Miranda talks like an adult uses language like an adult and sits and contemplates the big issues of life over a cup of tea ??? like an old adult and when it all becomes too much she calls mummy and daddy for a bit of a helping hand and brings in their gardener cook and their helicopter that actually has a name and I thought that only happened in Thomas the Tank Engine?? It just didn't gel with her age and even from a reading point of view the language is aimed older than 7 and yet I doubt many children older than 7 are interested in reading about 7 year olds particularly when they're as mind numbingly boring and egotistical and incessantly annoying and precocious as she is However there are two main upsides to reading this This book made me feel something it may have been passionate hatred but that's an emotion that I don't feel very often and this book took me there each and every night The other key upside is that I appreciate my own children that little bit Even when they are at their most painfully annoying and i'm at my wits end and I'm tearing my hair out they ain't got nothing on this annoying little kid

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Alice Miranda at SchoolOnly not uite as Alice Miranda expects The minute she sets foot on the school's manicured grounds she senses that something is wrong Miss Grimm the headmistress is nowhere to be seen the gardens have no flowers and a mysterious stranger seems to be hiding out on the premises But that's not I read this book when I was little It was one of the very first books I LOVED My parents know almost everything about it because I would talk and talk about it for hours These books are perfect for young readers There is massive difference between this book and the books I read now 🤣