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Download Burning Bridges Retrievers #4 Ebook Ü 384 pages Æ Laura anne gilman ´ ➳ [Reading] ➶ Burning Bridges Retrievers #4 By Laura Anne Gilman ➩ – Wren Valere used to be almost invisible But now she's not only being seen she's getting involvedRecenActed by internal power struggles Wren is guilted into stepping up as spokesperson for the fragilely united Fatae and lonejack communitiesAnd because the cosmos deems her without enough complications her partner lover Sergei is drowning in turning into a big fantasy series instead of a fun mystery adventure where's the actual retrieving?

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His own problems But not only can't she help him she's the causeWith lives on the line including her own Wren is going to have to break the lonejack credo ditch her long cherished invisibility and take a standBut burning bridges can be dead It was entertaining and well written I would definitely read another in the series

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Burning Bridges Retrievers #4Wren Valere used to be almost invisible But now she's not only being seen she's getting involvedRecent attacks against nonhuman Fatae have escalated into hate crimes against magic users in general humans included With the Mage Council distr Weakest in the series so far this book changes to format and shakes up the characters The changes are nice to see but they don't always work wellFor one thing the actual retrieval in the book is handled almost completely off camera and takes place between a couple of chapters in the middle It doesn't really add much other than a reason for Valere and Sergei to meet a couple of times A marked and uite acceptable change in the formula but having it there at all just confuses reader expectations The larger plot of vigilantes against fatae magical creatures is the center of the book While each book has made the conceit that fatae are a secret and almost no one even the super secret and super effective group The Silence knew about them the numbers of people interacting with this plotline and the ease with which they get seated and served in restaraunts makes that disbelief harder to suspend The revelation about the source of the attacks and the motivation behind them while completely predictable are well handled and move the story and the series nicely especially the reactions of the various major player Valere and Sergei of course but also the Council the Lonejacks and Andre Sergei's old boss in The Silence There is some contrived action to prevent Sergei from actually performing any real violence for some reason but Valere gets to get into some action during a grand 200 person melee between our side and the vigilantes Gilman writes the retrieval scenes very well She gives us what Valere is thinking what she is doing and builds the tension of the hunt Unfortunately she doesn't do as well with larger fight scenes even four or five people The climactic battle is just a mess until Valere separates and fights one on one against a group of Talented opponents It's a little hard to follow why it's one on one and there is some confusion in th text about thei relative power levels but it's a good scene and the simultaneous and separate situations between her and Sergei puts PB in a great bindSpeaking of which the growing understanding of the PB relationship is nice to see and well handled I think that has some great potential for the series Similarly KimAnne Howe the dangerous head of the Mage Council has a larger role in this book and her appearance in future books should be a whopper A powerful character holding all the cards is a good foil but a powerful character working her way up from the shadows is interesting As you can expect things get decidedly political on her endWhich leaves only the relationship between Valere and Sergei Nothing unexpected happens but it is handled passably well and bodes well for the next books as they deal with and alter their partnership Two bits of clean up 1 This book continues the relieving trend of not increasing Valere's magical power She picked up a new trick in the book before but not one she can use at will and never wants to risk again Most series in this genre would have her increasing in power regularly It's unnecessary she's effective as she is She has extended and practiced her trick from book one making cages for artifacts but that doesn't seem the same2 She resolves the excellent background story about the horse Old Sally I like that story a lot and her obsession with it added character I really hope it comes backOverall it's a good book but not as strong as