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review The Map author David Murrow Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Map Author David Murrow – A map written in code and hidden in the gospel of Matthew reveals a truth so explosive it could rock the foundations of Christianity—or lead to its rebirthA cleric appears out of the rainA map written in code and hidden in the gospel of Matthew reveals a truth so explosive it could rock the foundations of Christianity or lead to its rebirthA cleric appears out of the rain spattered darkness bearing a mysterious message A long lost map with the power to transform men is on the ver. Fantastic book it really made me think and was really revealing first let me address the thing i'd want to know about the most why all the low ratings for this book i think there's only one real reason for this about a third of this book is a novella which serves as a parable for the book's message i can understand if people who liked Murrow's previous hit Why Men Hate Going To Church would balk at this choice and really the novella is not too bad but it's not amazing you can speed read it and get the picture when i read it the first thing i thought of was something along the lines of The Da Vinci Code and Murrow humorously pokes fun at this i'm not going to give it away but when you read it your hunch will be right that's all i'll say next is it as good as his previous book i have to say yes it's different in theme somewhat his previous book was on the effeminization of the Church while this is of a biblical analysis of the journey of male discipleship as shown by Jesus by way of the book of Matthew now let me also say that though this is geared towards men i honestly think this is universal to both sexes and that it's really about discipleship than anything else for that reason this is a jewel of a book that is able to point men in the right direction while still being able to impart wisdom to the ladies this book is so illuminating that the last time i was asked to preach at my church last week i had to talk about some of the themes and topics of this book it really is an incredible book another thing i absolutely love about Murrow's writing style is that he switches gears from preaching the ideas to talking about practicality and gives numerous tips and ideas that you can use or implement in your journey of discipleship or discipling others he also has resources through his website which i believe is wwwthethreejourneyscom if that's not it the correct one is in the book while i havent yet looked at his resources i will this book is a necessary read for every man who feels stagnated in their walk with Christ who need to be mentored men who love Wild At Heart but ask What next men who may be too sensitive or passive wusses or men who have a desire to disciple others but don't know how to go about it

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Ge of being discovered Thrown headlong into a global chase author David Murrow must race to find the map before it falls into the wrong hands and disappears forever The Map which  begins as an action thriller and then transitions into a modern day parable reveals the path every great man – inc. Kind of interesting in the way that this book is set upbut I ended up really liking it The book is divided into two sections; a fictional short story that gives a current context to some of the points that Murrow makes in the second part of the book which is non fiction and takes the reader through the code or map that Murrow believes is embedded in the gospel of MatthewSo what is this map It is a path that all men can follow that helps them become the man that God wants each of us to become To not only learn how to submit to God but to be strong and even aggressive for what is right and ultimately sacrificial so that we will pass along what we have learned to the next generationWhile I am skeptical of new things that are discovered in the Bible I do think that the visualization techniue of the map and the related passages can help men understand some of the difficulties that we often find when addressing what it means to be a man and to be Christlike when some of the things seem to contradict Overall I found this to not only be an interesting and easily consumed book it only took me two days to read it but I also found it to have some great points and insights that I will not only hang onto for myself but use as conversation points with others It also is making me re look at the gospel of Matthew through the lens of what he wrote to see things in a different manner than I may have in the past I would definitely suggest this book to any guy as a great book to read and as a good book to make you think intentionally about your spiritual growth

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The Map author David MurrLuding Christ himself – has walkedIn this dynamic follow up to the best selling Why Men Hate Going to Church Murrow cleverly translates the masculine spiritual life into an actual ink on paper map Then he shows men where to find the map in the New Testament and how to walk its ancient paths tod. I do not read a lot of fiction As a general rule I simply do not enjoy it However I do have an appreciation for its value As a communicator the best way to make a point or teach a lesson is often through the use of a well told – or written – story The Map 2010 Thomas Nelson by David Murrow is a uniue blend of fiction and non fiction In the first part of the book Murrow tries to write an adventure story This story serves as an illustration that will be explained in the second part I commend Murrow for his creativity and novelty and it almost works Part of the problem is that the fictional story is only pretty good I realize the blurbs and book descriptions on the back cover of the paperback are there to help sell books That being said the uote from Robert Lewis founder of Men’s Fraternity only sets the reader up for disappointment “the spiritual punch of CS Lewis written in the style of a Jason Bourne thriller” Let’s just say it’s a bit of over kill That is not to say the book is bad Actually it is uite good The Map is a follow up to Why Men Hate Going to Church and provides some much needed balance The second half of the book is all about the path men should take to spiritual maturityWith the understanding that many if not most men need visual cues to help them learn Murrow lays out the journey to maturity in the form of a map Reaching spiritual maturity is like climbing a mountain and Murrow’s map is designed to help get us there To draw this map Murrow took cues from major sections of Matthew’s gospel In analyzing the book of Matthew Murrow saw three journeys Jesus made Matthew 1 7 Jesus is mostly humble meek and submissive His life and teachings reflect a classic feminine pattern the journey of submission Matthew 8 25 Jesus is mostly powerful bold and outspoken His life and teachings reflect a classic masculine pattern the journey of strength Matthew 26 28 Jesus is mostly meek passive and sacrificial His life once again reflects a classic feminine pattern the journey of sacrificeMurrow understands that everyone—men and women—have personalities that include both masculine and feminine traits When he uses the terms masculine and feminine he makes in meaning and intent clear—and I appreciate that“Before we go any further let’s not run aground on the words masculine and feminine I’m not saying that strength is manly and submission is womanly I’m simply pointing out that throughout the literature of a thousand cultures attributes such as strength aggression goal orientation competitiveness and conflict are most often identified as male On the other hand love communication family nurturing and harmony are regularly understood as female Even modern bestsellers such as Men Are from Mars Women Are from Venus follow this Line“So please don’t judge me when I use feminine to describe the soft virtues and masculine to describe the hard ones The purpose of this book is not to stereotype Nor am I assigning certain traits to males and others to females uite the opposite My prayer is that men and women will develop both sides of their personalities I’m pleading with women to be strong and with men to embrace weakness My labels may not be PC but they’re instantly understandable “After introducing the concept of the three journeys Murrow spends three chapters examining and describing them in greater detail He does a good job of continuing the metaphor of map and mountain as he describes these journeys He also offers biblical examples of men on these journeys highlighting their successes as well as failures The last few chapters were the most helpful to me personally In Chapter 16 Murrow identifies seven points where men “get lost on the mountain” I found this encouraging Some of these are points I have been stuck or have seen other men stuck It was encouraging to see that my experience is not isolated and that it is possible to get unstuck and continue on the journeyThe remainder of The Map is devoted to incredibly important but often forgotten or neglected task of applying what you have learned to your life andor ministry context Please do not miss this step Murrow good advice in this arena The reality is that as men we are on these journeys The uestion is whether we will realize this and allow the journeys to grow shape and mold us into the men God has designed us to be—and calls us to beI started reading The Map almost hoping not to like it I wanted to take what could be called an elitist or condescending view of a simplistic purely pragmatic Christian “how to” book Alas I cannot It is a good book with simple but rich insights into a journey to biblical manhood Murrow writes in a style that is easy to read which would make The Map easy to hand out to men you know I would recommend this book to anyone who finds this an important topic Church leaders including lay leaders may find it particularly helpful as they provide ministry opportunities with and for men For reviews visit wwwwjcollier3wordpresscom